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Open Throat Folders and Brakes. There is an unobstructed space between the bed and clamping bar when the latter is in the elevated position. The sheet can be passed through between these parts and bent any distance from its ends. The sheet remains stationary during the bending operation. Front Gauge is adjustable for close locks from H to 2 inches wide. Wider bends can be turned at an angle of not less than 40 degrees. Weight Price 36 inches Tadba lbs. It is pivoted at one end so that the opera- tor can swing the bar sideways to facilitate removing the work.

Slots can be cut in the clamping bar to receive flanges turned previously on the material. Price 36 inches. Inquiries should explain the nature of the wor in detail, giving dimensions, shape, thickness of material, etc. The two bends are turned successively at the same handling and without readjustment. The sheet is inserted from the rear up to the gauge on the folding bar. Folding Bar is made in two pieces. Its front part is lowered quickly by means of the handle before turning the second lock, as otherwise the inner lock would be com- pressed.

Clamping Bar is actuated by foot treadle. It is fitted with removable corner forming pieces, one for square and two for round corners. The bar is hinged on one end and the other end can be released and swung outwardly to permit removing the formed work. Three Gauges are furnished to fix the position of the sheet in making the successive bends. The material remains stationary while the folding takes place.

A removable re- inforcing bar is provided which increases the width to 1 inch. The bar is adjust- able up and down to permit turning rounded edges with not more than inch radius. For the best result it is advisable to use a special folding blade with an edge having the desired rounding.

Folding Blade around which the material is bent, can be readily removed to allow substituting others of different shapes. Back Gauge is adjustable from to 10 inches and can be taken off entirely. The back gauge rods are graduated in tV inches.

Adjustable Stops. The segment shaped extension at the one end of the Folder carries adjustable stops to regulate the angle of the bend. The stops can be instantly moved in and out of position. The reinforcing bar is then removed. Price includes one folding blade for sharp lock and adjustable front and back gauges. The sheet is gripped between bed and clamping bar and remains stationary while the folding takes place.

Clutch controls the motion of the clamping and folding bars. Upon depressing the foot treadle one bend is made and the bars stop in the original position, unless the treadle is kept depressed. Adjustable Gauge on the folding bar for locks from to 1 inch wide. The angle of bend can be regulated to not less than 30 degrees by adjusting the stroke of the folding bar. These machines can be modified for special folding work, combined folding and offsetting operations, rounded locks, etc.

The illustration shows blades for acute angle bends. Other blades can be readily substituted. The upper blade extends 4 inches below the crosshead to make room for the formed work. Back Gauge on brackets in the rear of the machine can be set up to 24 inches from the blades.

With the acute angle blades, 30 degree bends can be made on No. Working length inches Stroke of slide inches Shipping weight lbs. Code word Price, with acute angle blades? Will accommodate six machines giving maximum working space com- bined with minimum floor space. Does not require special standards for the machines.

Top is made of two inch dressed maple, and the support consists of six rigid angle iron steel legs securely tied into one solid unit. Width across flats, 5 feet. Height, 32 inches. Shipping weight, pounds. Shipped knocked down complete with all necessary bolts and screws for assembling. A bencn machine for turning, wiring or burring with interchangeable faces. Can be furnished as one purpose machine or with full set of rolls.

Particularly adapted for general use in the sheet metal shop, the tin shop, the maintenance shop and the school shop. One piece frame, extra heavy for rigidity and strength. Bearings for lower shaft are in solid metal of frame. Upper shaft is pivoted at back. Machine cut connection gears are completely enclosed Faces are of high grade steel, hardened and polished.

They are readily removable from the shafts. Gauge is made of high grade steel, polished. It has a fine screw adjustment with locking nut. The upper face and shaft can be adjusted laterally for variation in thickness of material. The upper shaft is actuated by a direct acting crank screw. A Superior bench standard and a gauge are furnished with each machine.

See page Special turning, wiring and elbow edging faces can be furnished for use on this machine. Treadle attachment in place of crank screw for upper shaft can be furnished. They are indispensable in sheet metal shops, being constantly required for an endless variety of work. We furnish them either completely encased, Superior type, or with open frame, Buffalo type.

Turning Machines form a rounded edge ready to insert a wire. Wiring Machine closes the edge produced with the Turning Machine over an inserted wire. L Burring Machine turns sharp, narrow edges at various angles. They are used for flanging bottoms and cylinders prior to setting down and double seaming, etc. The frame is extra heavy. Capacity No. Gears are entirely enclosed in the frame. Crank Screw that raises and lowers the upper shaft is in such position that it will not interfere with the work.

It moves the upper shaft twice as quickly as that of ordinary machines. The crank screw works in a steel bushing and a spring cushion takes the strain in going over seams. Gauge is made of extra fine tool steel. Faces are removable from the shafts. The upper face and shaft can be adjusted laterally for the thickness of the material. Bearings are adjustable for wear. Interchangeable Parts are used for Superior Machines.

When ordering parts state factory number of machine. Wiring Machine — For wire up to inch diameter. Extra charge for Idler Roll. Large Turner — Thickness of upper faces and inch. JR Large Turner, with extra up- per and lower faces Tafes 41 lbs. Small Turner, with extra up- per and lower faces 2ys inches Taffo 37 lbs.

Large Burr, with extra upper face 2Vs inches Tafke 36 lbs. Small Burr, with extra upper face iy 2 inches Tafog 30 lbs. Small Superior Standard is furnished with these machines. Workmanship and details conform with the Niagara standard practice.

Extra charge for idler roll. Small Turner — Thickness of upper faces, 5? Small Burr, with extra upper face. Used in making the circular joints of elbows. Faces of different types can be furnished to suit the desired kind of circular joint. They are usually applied to the Buffalo Small Turner, or can be made for other machines, particularly the Power Bench Machines, page Faces type No. The inner edge is turned on a burring m.

Faces oi other design for elbow w'ork can be furnished for our hand or power Bench Machines, to suit individual requirements. The price of the Buffalo Elbow Edger includes one pair of any of the three kinds of faces w'hioh are shown.

When ordering state number indicating type of faces wanted. Small Superior Standard furnished with machine. Adjustable for benches varying in thickness from 1 to 3 inches. Height Above Bench Diam. Tajki 11 lbs. Large Superior Standard. Tajov 21 lbs.

The sheet is clamped between two discs. The attachment is made to swivel to per- mit changing the position of the material in relation to the working faces as the burring operation proceeds. A back geared bench machine with interchangeable faces, for turning, wiring or burring. Can be furnihsed with a complete set of rolls, or as a single purpose machine.

Particularly adapted to blow pipe or ventilator work in the job shop, or to maintenance work where heavier gage metal is used. Bearings for lower shaft are solid metal of frame. Machine cut connection gears are completely enclosed. The machine can be operated either direct for light work or with the back gearing for heavier material. All gearing is completely enclosed. Faces are of high grade steel, hardened and polished.

Gage is made of high grade steel hardened and polished. A Heavy Superior bench standard is furnished with each machine. For flanging discs or burring container bottoms. Setting Down Machines. These machines turn down and compress the flange of the bottom on to the flange at the end of the body, thereby forming a joint which can be doubled over afterwards with a Double Seaming Machine.

Ivs to in. Taken 35 lbs. Takha 29 lbs. The faces are in- clined towards one another, which enables the operator to bend the seam slightly beyond right angles to facilitate double seaming. There is a guide roll on each side, adjustable for various diameters.

Furnished with Large Su- perior Standard. It has a base that is screwed to the work bench. We show this machine without working rolls, because it can be furnished for a variety of operations, such as beading, flanging, turning, etc. Complete set of rolls furnished with machine. When working parts are desired, inquiries should give full particulars of the work to be taken care of, thickness of material, etc.

The one edge of a strip of material is flanged, the other edge drawn in and the rim is curved, all at the same time. Price includes Small Superior Standard. Substantial frames, long bronze-bushed bearings and extra heavy shafts. The upper shaft can be laterally adjusted. The driving shaft is supported at the outer end beyond the pulleys. Crank screw is applied for raising and lowering the upper shaft, or a treadle attachment can be furnished. Working Parts. These machines can be arranged for a large variety of work and the working rolls and gauges are made in each case to suit the requirements which should be fully explained.

The machines are regularly equipped with T and L Pulleys, or clutch can be furnished. Power Bench Machines No. To facilitate joining lengths of sheet metal pipe this machine contracts the end of the pipe by crimping it. A bead can be made at the same time to stiffen the material and form a stop for the adjoining lengths. For cornice work and furnace top crimping, the beading rolls are removed and blank collars substituted. Frame is solid and heavy.

Bearings for lower shaft are in solid metal of the frame. Upper shaft is carried by a one piece rocking box, pivoted at the back. These machines are back geared for heavy work, but for light work the crank handle can be readily attached to the lower shaft for direct drive.

All gears have machine cut teeth. Rolls are of high grade steel, hardened. The crimping rolls are machine cut for uniform work and are keyed to shafts. The rolls are held in place by countersunk screws keeping face of rolls flush with end of shaft. Either beading rolls or crimping rolls can be used at outer end of shaft. Gauge is made of high grade steel, hardened and polished and is readily adjustable for a variety of work. A wedge adjustment at the pivot end of the rocking box regulates the comparative depths of the crimp and bead.

The upper shaft is actuated by a quick acting crank screw. There are no unnecessary adjustments to give trouble. Regular equipment includes one pair of 0. Customer has choice of straight or spiral crimping rolls. Unless otherwise specified, we furnish straight crimping rolls. A small Superior bench standard is furnished with each machine. When extra long joint is desired, a set of special O. Rolls, blank collars and short crimping rolls, can be furnished.

Treadle attachment, in place of crankscrew, for upper shaft, can be furnished. The main details are similar to those of our Buffalo Crimper and Header. Price includes a Superior Standard. Code Word Shipping Wt. Taldo 57 lbs. It is for the same purpose as the lighter Buffalo Crimper and Header, and has the same means of adjustment for regulating the relative depth of the crimp and bead.

Straight crimping rolls are furnished, also a pair of collars to take the place of the beading rolls when crimping alone is to be done. Collars to replace the crimping rolls are charged for extra, if wanted. Gears are machine cut, of steel. Price includes a Large Superior Standard.

I Code Word Shipping Wt. With Standard Heavy Crimper and Reader, geared.. A light duty combination Crimper and Reader, with extra heavy frame, built to stand hard usage for years. Particularly adapted for general use in a small sheet metal shop and for stove pipe work. The rolls are interchangeable for pipe and cornice work, and are flush with end of shaft to permit working close to edge of metal. Upper shaft is carried by a one piece rocking box pivoted at the back.

These machines have a direct drive for rapid work. Machine cut steel con- nection gears are completely enclosed and so mounted that they will not come out of mesh. Rolls are of high grade steel case-hardened. The crimping rolls are machine cut for uniform work. All rolls are keyed to the shafts and held in place by coun- tersunk screws, keeping face of rolls flush with end of shaft.

Unless otherwise specifled, we furnish straight crimping rolls. Length of crimping rolls Outside diameter of crimping rolls.. Length of beading rolls Outside diameter of beading rolls Width of O. Shipping weight boxed with stand Codeword Number Interchangeable parts are used. Orders for repairs should state factory number of machine. Pulleys and fixed standard to screw to the bench see page 32 for Nos. Extension to lower shaft and guide roll to Nos. Crimping Rolls to be used in place of the Beading Rolls.

In connection with these an extension gauge should be applied. Inquiries should illustrate shapes wanted and give dimensions and thickness of stock. We furnish one pair of rolls for O. Ratio of gearing, With T.

Distance from outer end of rolls to gauge 7 inches. Flanges from to inch wide can be made. On lighter stock the height of the flange must be decreased. Price For hand with large superior standard With T. With Clutch and fixed standard Tamlo Tamoz Tamre lbs. Diameter of lower roll and horn, 2iV inches.

Diameter of lower roll and horn, inches. Price includes one pair of inch single-bead rolls; length of rolls, inches. Price No. With Standard No. Extreme height of flange inches on No. Faces are made of steel and hardened. Distance between shaft centers inches. The 'jvper shaft has a swinging motion and is raised and lowered by hand wheel.

The machine can be furnished for hand use, or for power — with pulleys or clutch. Beading Rolls. Special rolls are charged for extra according to the requirements, which should be fully explained. Niagara Beading Machines No. Rolls No. Upper Shaft is raised and lowered parallel to the other shaft by means of eccentrics and worm gearing, which give a steady and powerful motion. Extension Support with adjustable guide roll can be added to lower shaft, at extra charge, to carry the work while it is being operated upon.

Clutch enabling the operator to stop the motion instantly can be applied. Power Attachment. A power driven attachment can be furnished for the purpose of raising and lowering the upper shaft and roll, in place of the hand device. Power feed is controlled by a double friction clutch actuated by hand lever. Rolls are charged for extra, according to the requirements, which should be fully explained.

Depth of throat inches Distance between shaft centers inches Length of shaft ends for rolls inches Diameter of shafts in bearings inches Ratio of gearing Size of T. Upper Shaft is raised and lowered parallel to the lower one by means of eccen- trics controlled by owo speed countershaft. Adjustable Supports are provided on which the cylinder rests while being operated upon.

Gears are machine cut and provided with suitable guards. Rolls are made in each case, at extra charge, to suit the requirements which should be fully explained. Niagara Beading Machine Distance from frame to outer bearing of upper shaft Distance between shaft centers Diameter of shafts in bearings Ratio of gearing Size of T.

The material is centered and held in the yoke, which is carried on a swivel arm. The yoke is gradually raised as the flanging proceeds. With the flanging attachment removed and the proper rolls substituted, the machines can be used for beading operations, flanging cylinders, etc.

On No. ICO is made off the patterns of our No. Will flange bottoms of Nos. Rolls are fitted for the heaviest material for which the machine is suitable. For lighter material commencing with No. These machines can be furnished with T. Two or more of these operations can sometimes be performed simultaneously. The upper shaft swings parallel to the lower one. The upper shaft is pivoted at the gear end. These machines are preferable for taper articles.

Inclinable Apron can be set at various angles, according to the taper of the work. Guide Rolls on the apron are charged for extra, if desired. Working Parts are furnished to suit the nature of the work and charged for accord- ingly.

Inquiries should give full particulars. Upper Roll Shaft is mounted in a swinging frame and it is raised and lowered parallel to the lower shaft by means of hand wheel and screw. For light material a treadle attachment can be applied, at extra charge. Extension to the lower roll shaft is sometimes furnished to support cylindrical work while being operated upon. Clutch or pulleys can be furnished to drive the machine and for light work the back gears may be omitted. The thickness of heaviest material for which the machine will answer depends upon the nature of the work.

Rolls and Gauges are charged for extra, according to the requirements, which should be fully explained. Price, with T. Threading Rolls. One pair will answer for different diameters of pipe, providing the size and shape of the thread remains the same. The pitch of the thread can be varied. Separate rolls for the inner and outer ends were found desirable in some cases. Support is provided now differing somewhat from above illustration for holding pipe up to 36 inches long in the proper nosition during the threading operation that the desired lead of the thread is obtained.

The standard also supports the machine. Clutch controls the motion that the operator can start and stop quickly. Inquiries should state the desired size and length of thread, thickness of material, smallest and largest diameters, pitch of thread, etc. Pipe Threading Machines Number 02 0 Throat from center of groove on rolls. Code word Price, with T. They are of substantial construction and the work- ing parts are close to the housings to insure rigidity.

They are regularly made with 3 roll shafts, but in some cases a forming shoe may be substituted for the rear shaft, which carries the curving roll. Adjustment is made by hand wheel. We furnish T. Rolls, Gauges and other attachments are made according to the nature of the work, which should be fully explained.

Forming Angle Bars. For the best result, two angle bars with the flange outwards must be formed at the same time. At a second operation the bars can be curved with the flange towards the inside. The edge of the collar is crimped at the same time.

The shafts do not extend beyond the outer end of the rolls. Prices depend upon the dimensions of the roils to suit the machine for which they are wanted, and it is preferable to use a machine on which the rolls are close to the housings. Useful in making nestable pipe. The lock is formed with a folder after the offset is made.

Anti-Friction Roller running in an oil bath takes the upward pressure. Price includes 3 grooved rolls. Price inch Buffalo Groover Tarzh 1 lbs. The grooving roll on the bar is in action on the way forward and the flattening roll on the return trip, the change taking place automatically. Round Horn is revolvable and of such size that work 2 inches diameter and larger can be grooved.

The horn carries an adjustable stop. Seam can be pressed either towards the inside or the outside of the work. Inside seam is obtained by using the flat rolls and forcing the material into one of the grooves of the horn. The grooved rolls are used for outside seams. Price includes two flat and three grooved rolls, and Vz inch wide.

Special Groovers can he made for square pipe with seam in the corner, for work of smaller diameters, etc. Inquiries should state the length and diameter of work, thickness of material, width and location of seam, etc. With Standard 20 inp.

Their principal feature is the movable carriage for the working rolls. A clamp holds the work and stops are provided to fix the position of the work. The lateral position of the folded edge is determined by a stop on the carriage. Adjustment can be made for various thicknesses of material and for the tightness of the seam. The upward pressure is taken up by anti-friction rolls. The round horn has grooves of the same widths as the grooves in the rolls. The gears on the grooving carriage provide for two speeds, used according to the thickness of the material, and on very light material the carriage can be quickly pushed over the work by means of a rod.

The crank handle can be used on either side of the frame. Price includes three grooved rolls, and inch, and two flattening rolls. Can be operated either direct or back geared, and with long or short leverage of the crank handle, according to the thickness of the material. A sturdy heavy duty hand operated groover for heavy material.

Can also be furnished for power thru belt drive or motor drive and thus adapted to production work. The hand machine can be operated either direct or geared. The carriage when in neutral can readily be shifted by hand. Frame is one solid casting of extremely heavy construction for bench use. The carriage is driven by a sprocket chain.

It stops automatically at each end of the stroke. Power is applied always in one direction and the motion of carriage is reversed by tripping a small lever. The carriage carries two rolls which are pivoted in recking cradles. One roll is in action during the out stroke and the other during the return, the change taking place automatically. When an inside seam is desired, two flat- tening rolls are used on the carriage and the horn set to correct width of groove.

When an outside seam is desired, the horn is set with flat surface up, and the carriage carries one flattening roll and one grooved roll of correct width for material. The horn is of steel and can be revolved. The outer end is supported by a latch easily swung in and out of place. The rolls are of high grade steel, case-hardened. Width of seam varies according to the thickness of the material. Adjustment is provided on roll holders for variation in thickness of material.

Two adjustable stops are provided on the horn, to fix the position of the work. This groover can be furnished for belt drive with tight pulley or for individual motor drive thru a flexible coupling. Floor stand or pedestal can be furnished at nominal extra charge.

Grooving and Flattening. The seam is grooved as well as flattened. A grooved roll is in action on the way forward and a flattening roll on the return trip, the change taking place automatically. This method divides the strain on the machine. The rolls can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material. Inside and Outside Seams. The revolvable round horn has a flat surface besides several grooves.

Inside seams are obtained by having flat rolls press the hooks into one of the grooves. For outside seams the flat surface of the horn is turned upwards and one of the grooved rolls is used on the carriage. Diameter of Work, The smallest diameter of work is limited by that of the grooving horn, which is made as small as the maximum capacity of the machine permits. Method of Operating. Two adjustable stops are provided to flx the position of the work and a guide on the carriage determines the lateral position of the folded edges.

By closing the end latch the traveling carriage is started. It reverses automatically at the proper point and then returns to its original position. The carriage can be stopped at any point by means of a hand lever. Price includes three grooved rolls, -xs, and tk inch, and two flattening rolls.

Grooves of the same widths are planned into the horn. The width of the seam varies according to the thickness of the material. It is advisable to arrange them for power drive. Suitable for grooving and flattening inside as well as outside seams. Edges are to be folded previous to use on these machines. Grooving Horn is pivoted at one end so that the other end can be swung outward to facilitate putting the work in position and removing it.

It is made of heavy steel tubing, not solid, to avoid undue weight. Two adjustable aprons and a guide on the traveling gauge are provided to fix the position of the work. Grooves tV and fe inch wide are planed into the horn.

The width of the seam must depend upon the thickness of the material. Power Giant Groovers. A hand lever is used to start the carriage, which reverses automatically at the proper point and stops on returning to the original position. The reversing stops can be adjusted according to the length of the work.

With the upper shaft in the forward position, a small trolley wheel sup- ports the work, while the upper face lays the seam partly over. The upper shaft is then shifted back to a posi- tive stop and the seam completed. Easily operated, with uniform re- sults. The sturdy one piece frame and working parts give it a long life. Enclosed gears assures safety for the operator. The No. Larger diameters can readily be double seam- ed on either machine.

We offer them, therefore, in preference to others. Will double seam flaring, straight, oval and round work, after edges are flanged and set down. Deflector offsets and thereby stiffens the bottom, after seaming or soldering. Price includes one disc, 12 inch diameter. Discs of special sizes can be furnished at proper extra charge. A seaming disc of approximately the same diameter as the work should be used. To make the full working height available, the work must be not less than 13 inches diameter.

Power Attachment, with Clutch to control the motion, can be provided. Setting Down Attachment can be applied, instead of using a separate machine for this purpose. Power Attachment, with Clutch, extra Setting Down Attachment, extra 9 For light material an extra upper face should be used. The Double Seamer Head moves on a slide, while its rotary face acts upon the seam. Two parallel sides are usually seamed first, one at a time, then the position of the horizontal disc is changed for the other sides.

A stop with index determines the proper positions. Suitable for bottom seam not to exceed 22 inches long. Longer seams can be completed in sections by moving the work laterally after seaming it partly. Seaming discs are required to suit the work and are charged for extra. A tight and uniform seam is produced. The bottom and body flanges must be sharp and of proper and uniform width. A preceding setting down operation is not required, except on light stock.

The work rests on the supporting disc. The double seaming head carries three rolls driven by gears, which are successively brought in contact with the seam until it is completed. Work Support. When the supporting disc is not sufficiently large to hold the work in the proper position, it must be supported in some other manner.

For medium size work we can furnish a work support similar to the illustration, at extra charge. Price includes a seaming disc 12 inches diameter, suitable for work larger than this size. For work 9 to 12 inches diameter, an extra seaming disc can be fur- nished. Regular rolls are fitted for Nos. Extra rolls are required for lighter material. The work can be rapidly and perfectly double seamed by unskilled labor. The tops and bottoms must be stamped by means of Press and Dies, with a depression close to the edge for the seam and the ends of the body are flanged previously.

Lower spindle has anti-friction bearing. The bracket for the lower spindle is stationary. The spindle is raised and lowered to suit the work. Adjustment of the lower clamping plate is made to suit the height of the article by means of rack and pinion. Seamer Rolls and Chucks. Rolls must be fitted to suit the width of flange on the heads and the thickness of material. Chucks are machined to correspond with the size and shape of the heads. Rolls and chucks are charged for extra accord- ing to the requirements.

Power Double Seamers No. Shipping weight lbs. The heads must be stamped with a depression close to edge for the seam and the bodies are flanged prior to seaming. The work to be double seamed is clamped between the top plate and the lower seaming chuck, which is driven by bevel gears located underneath the bed. The chuck spindle has bronze-bushed bearing and provision is made for taking up end thrust.

Friction Clutch actuated by hand lever controls the motion. Two-Step Cone Pulley permits varying the speed according to the diameter of the work. Countershaft is charged for extra, if wanted. Rolls and chucks are charged for extra, accord- ing to the requirements. It is necessary to stamp the heads to the proper shape by means of press and dies and to flange the body previously. The machine can be arranged to double seam both ends at the same time; or to double seam the bottom and to hem the top edge of the body simultaneously; or to double seam each end separately.

The lower spindle is adjustable vertically to suit the height of the work, also the roll holders of the Double End Seamer. The vertical chuck spindles have end-thrust bearings. The work is clamped between the chucks by means of a lever on the side.

Step-Cone Pulley and Countershaft can be furnished to permit running slower on larger and faster on smaller diameters. Power Double Seamens No. Forming Rolls — Intended for forming sheet metal in cylindrical shape. The capacity depends upon the diameter and length of the rolls. Rolls are made of steel. One of the feed rolls is adjustable for the thickness of the material and the rear roll according to the diameter to be formed.

The gears are of steel. Power Drive can be applied, at proper difference in price. Iron Legs can be furnished for the smaller machines which are regularly furnished for bench use. They permit forming sheets with wired edges and wire rings. The wire must pass through one of the grooves. Those on one end of the lower front roll and forming roll are used when the wire is to he towards the outside of the cylinder, and the grooves on the end of the top roll are for wire on the inside.

Gear drive for forming roll can be applied at extra charge. Tebep lbs. This arrangement makes it possible to set the front rolls sufficiently apart for material on which the edges were previously folded and to run such material through the rolls without compressing the hooks.

It is also an advantage in forming work of small diameter. Price Ko. A new type hand operated Slip Roll on which the top roll is pivoted at the left hand end, swinging forward for removal of finished work. It is held positively locked in the operating position by a quick releasing trigger mechanism. Trigger Release. The mechanism which frees or locks the right hand bearing of the upper roll is controlled by a small knurled handle or trigger.

Movement from the locked to the release position is easily accomplished, allowing the top roll to be swung out in a forward direction for the removal of finished work. Upper Roll Bearing. Ya era hora de que hablAramos todos junlos. Queda dicho con esto que el ambiente fue de tub lo, Lo que contradice esa creencia de que los intelectuales son gene con clerta incapacidad para la diversion. Aqui asociamostri y frecuente- mente el oficio letrado con im. Interesan- te esa intuicion con que nuestro pueblo alude a las faenas del ca- cumen tomando el continente per aP contenido y celiiendo natural- mente Lun sombrero de character sotaesne, tin sombrero del qOu.

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Actualmente t do pintamonos se cree genlo. Se pasa de todo y sobre todo de oin me no necesitado por el artist corrie te;: Talent. S Organiza unn carrera cuyo fin no parece ser el arte sino ]o nuevo, In imprevisto, In violentamente lilamativo; se ha ido tan lejoas qu ya no ae pinta sano me decors y redecora con una monolomla a us- tadora. Kandinsky ha aids unn del los precursores del arte no tiguran vo tan dificit de definir.

Su primrra. A los i6n que e 48 afios, en , se lanza la considera- arena "ierista" con paisajes dcnde sa esa idea lormas y colors contrastaban vio- escinde ale- lentamente, donde habia mpvi- y dice con miento, vigor y cierto tormento. Un dia y termina- frente a un cuadro de Monet. ILos no se pue- almiares". Teniamo n los que -decia- le permitiap ver dltascn on o espirituai li que de abstract habia en dicha del cool no obra.

Dominado por las posibih- del cual rnosn dades de 10 pli-stico expus aen n vacarnos en la Kunsthalle", una pr- eso y con mera acuarela abstract, desernba- s ni menpos razada del mundo de las aparien- a composer cias. Abandonado el "fierism se. Otra cosa install en lo abstract. A partir de entonces no quedan lempre in- de sus paisajes "fieristas" sina las spanas. Por lineas-fuerzas, preocupado como is aprendi6 S hallaba "por et deseo interior a Peninsula del asuno qu e determine tipe- s inscriptos rmosamente la forma".

Fund' en- rin, Baroia, ounces en Munich lo que llamQ "La inos de Es- nueva asociacion de arlistas", Ile- habian con- nandos hasta telas abstractas ea remem- muy movidas, svolentas sde eqtlor p sa de Jos sn giafteamente nerviosas. S R ha Cervantes. Se ordenaronirigu- s "Hermano- losamente los eleme"[os consptiU- de los mas toss de sus cuadros. Su'rgn los sayvos senti- punaost los circulos.

UnL Iran Jose Maria. De u Cedulano data "Inflexible"; simplifl- comenterio cando mas y mas los signs plas- Sen una c- lcois. Un as os spus lanza su rde sus yen- Negro sobre blanco", veinte rac- Se se aen los langulos blanhos sabre botndo he- mete golosn Rgio. No my grande. Ia neltal a t s ]tirL-ia biens. Atunos reccsrdan entonces a Klee N eir6. Par ulti- ar no f loun- io se apeia Kandinsky a la re hib en muertI e utilizando mgan densidad oa e infan- de color, evetIando formas menoas eo tcar ina acludas, menos preelsas, una espe- ias de "En- crle de in riesds de loda so rano Chacon dres- Tosdo descubdor de rtotas cauan e mona-, estragos.

No parece bastar su pre- zomporfa. Precisa oue una masa Ese plenai- compact de discltUtos. El kandinskismo lar, ,. NI es tampoco o en Madrid poca la ortura que nos ha infli- todas parties gldo e inflige, sin tender culpa Kan- iajo y de sU dinskt. Cufnta mo noto nia en ella! COn- abras, y Fe- fundiendo rl ar ie con el artesa- nutestr poe- nado. Todo a cass todo era tenmasis o recuerdo.

Entre aiean podidn las staliranos: D a. RomHia, Car- frase sacra- meas, Brunori, Stergnis,. Aimone, a" Creonini. Entire los ntgleses: Frop y Alan Reynolds. Entre tos belgas: Louis Le Brun. Entre tlos alemanes: Sonderborg y Jokarl. Ensre Ios sulZOs: Fedier. Entre ins n orteam aie s: Ginsto p Huti- mrerons. P enun ci alletas. Su Irenando en su carrera at Gene- ral Perdn. De tlempos itrcs viene aI vi- sible pol6mica entire el Ejnrcitn y el peronitno.

Los comentariln populares, los rumors lnsisten- tes, clertas actitudes significatl- vas, repetian la sctiva incontor- midad de Jos mllitares con aque- los creclentci caracteres de las- cismo sindicallata y totalltario que Per6n imprimlR mis y mdia luertemente entire sus huestes y organtizaclontcs. Pero al ejdrcito de los milits- res, Per6n oponia su proplo ejdr- cito: el de Ios indicators. Este hombre, provenlente del EJdrcl- to, conocedor de Ja 'hitstorla de mu pals, comprendl6 rMpLdamen- tc que si quedaba en posicidn de "coronel ecleccdonado par el EJercito", sum dias durarian In que durase la amistad delay Ejr- ciso.

Ya se presentaba coani e- yenda In acci6n de mu dtfunta esposa, rescatindolo de las ma- nos del Ejdrcito con la lucrza de las primeraas maa obreras crganizadas por 61 deade nu car- go del Miniaterio del Tr. El peronlsmo nace en realidad Irente al ejhrcto, a pesar del ejarcito, y contraviniendo todos. Ios procedimientos y hibitos mi- litares. Aprovechando con enorme in- teligencia y oportunidad el es- lado social de la Argentina, Pe- r6n levant una Confederaci6n de Trabajadores de poco mas de cinco millones de almas, organt- zadas por cinco catalanes espe- cializados en estoas aparatos sin- dicales.

Con esa estructura Me- rrea entire las manos, moviendo todos los resorts sentimentales, econ6micos. Al menor movimiento, Peron mo- vilizaba a su vez el aparato sin- dical, y los militares retrocedian. Acaso una de las pocas batallas perdidas por el peronismo lue la de la postulaci6n de la difun- ta esposa de Peron para ]a vi- cepresidencia de la Republica.

Parece que esto colim6 lan copa de la paciencia lilitar, y Inos cuarteles se pusieron en vibran-. Pero el haibil y siem- pre despierto Perrin ren6 a tiem- po, deshizo el andamiaje de la proclamacion, y su esposa no fue clegida viceprcsidenta Aque- lla escaramuza le sirvi6 para li- nar sus cuidados. Cilga La ficci6n v la realidad en el movimiento comunista SContinuacl6n Es irencia en a na taccien in- lernaciona!

Dosde qua Rusia sovietica posee tambidn las bombas A y H. El peso del factor poli- tico ha ao. La political ameroicana se 'era, en consecuencia, obr. Ln su pasadn a ha de- mostradu ]a tAmrica del Norte ser capaz de cambios bruscsn y grades, creadores y revolucio- narlos. Los acontecimientos mas reicen- tes la ti. Ftalos aconeintmentlos han aportado uoi elements precioso y nuevo. F-peritemos que mndependientermente de los proyectos de Kremlin.

Fse dia la humanidad se vera libeta- da de l pesadilla at6mnitca. En cuanto a la peligrosa caren- coa de a pohtioca exter sriame- ycana, er demasiaduno ienp ano para esncrar que ella sera supp- tada de inmediato. Nuevo' y moos gines progresaos dcl leader- ship amitericano. Toda substancia. Sus tn- lores actuales permiten la inva- sst6n de la sustancia por reflejos. Hay acentuada lummosidad en sus voitumenes y tambidn perspective.

Un joven que no es Kandinsky pero se creea origi- pinal par imitarlo aservilmente al izgual que los de mayor relieve que le han seguido. Lyons -para nombrar mas que a sus re. El ejemplo maos recent pero ya nai- sico: el famosn ,numero de Cn- lliers sobre la tercera guerra mundial. El adepto rusn del "an- licomrunismo negative".

Alejan- dro KNrer. TIL Ruse de Li- beraci6n. Continuari Anecdotas y curiosidades "Mago" modern El P. George Pfister. Se qujit de la sensaciin de ite- ner serplentes eon el estomago. I-Hizn consler su le en la "magia" mo- des na. Cara anOabilidad. Como se le hiciese larde pa- ra hacer unas compras, su amiga Shila Dainty, que la acompahaba.

Poco despues, su maquina cho- raba contra-otras dos y se metia en el interior de una vidriera. Shi- 'la declare ante el inspector de Po- licia que era la primer vez qua cogia el volante de una mi quina. Willianms 2, d6.

No e u-. Pero as ndtesutlDir que As ultimo paso hacin el poaoer ab- soluto y hacin la abolicl6n di todos los mandc y nectores. M halln dnefin absolute del powder atrliera na tal modo au peraeeuctan a is Igleasa, ou censura. A sua astalgo a loa adversamnrio pollttico. Per6n as habil en demasia y comprende que. La nebulosa argentina es den- na todavia. No se vislumbran ni- no muy tenues esclarecimientos.

Pero si se confirmase la verst6n de que el ejdrcito ha acudido por fin a poner freno y frontera al peronismo que se arrojaba ya hacia aIn insensatez mis peligro- sa. Sr Ltli U t ,poris, s Vatad. G mor,'1 m. EN "A Gar: de suo do aopaz Sripo nupciale ot iguenleH mitlrti- Eltte rl x v rnlrtlecnne'?

Ornn" do' Mar, AltoernI y Athernl. En Id Embajada de Nicaragua. Perez Baquedano y Martha Lina- rnundo diplomrtico. Alrededor de --Otra encantador unovia de l. Dve-i cubvf o sf mim centa res sas nueS t din "la Dalia" con oun artisttCo cen- driguez Tarala, que con racra nup- nes esp. Sus numerosas das de Madcra. Chile, Excmo. Pardo Argerich. Sus amistades de la sociedad vir- nen inter'sandose por el estado de tan distinguida dama quo e.

Alberto Vadja y si belbsi- ms esposa Rnsario Rodriguez CA- ceres para despedir al destacado medico psiquiatra doctor Arm. Para su residen- cia de la Plava Azu. I se tras'ada- ran el doing, el doctor IRnacio del Valle y su plegante esposa Rosa Pprdomo con sus nlitos. Desde el In- nes. Grau Alstna v Avlina Castro con filea. Eduar- do R. El Cnnde y la Condcsa de Lagunillas.

Tema preferpnie para la rotnira la boon BruTon-Pel cz. Por ew e inviltamos a descubrirlos personalmente. Encontrara m'uy gratas sorpresas. El sobreesfuerzoque realiza su organismo cuando used sube escaleras, es perjudicial para la salud, particularmente en los casos de padecimientos cardiacos y otras afeccio- nes similares. Evite usted subir escaleras y alargara su vida. Juni n Te- Gualjro". Partds y Maria Lorenzo. Rigaud, rio0 de Obra's Pt blicas, respectiva- Gonzalez Biscay, e?

B l porc mn Su l doet ar e occu a ental. Jullo c lomnd nten Co d u fr auxlia b do bder n i la Electricidad para terminar e arre- Garcia que Ie comunico I, grata notlcia. Ar ro Fern-nde z,. Corrd con l esponal. Temperature a'r ar' ''"'q.. Herido a paladas un. Salustiano paia NNE 14 millas p Ara n a rigid un esrito Miniado Sultarven dsp ei opr ecido a maestd ros y mae-tio de y atenohi n am ta id para Ma- Tejadillo y illegal M mero Batondron, Jaguey Grande.

M Vaas prsenas recogieron a Menor desaparendo lias. Ma nguit n Cali. Ma rea des n cipal dqu e Aguadter a de Pasaennoimiento d uslrreteral doctor Rene Prez ovadong a i e r J osipeda s unn portunidad recogida de basuras y e sufre ade-Aosta esq Comp. ODE M. M - estae a en aamaenra ey lar ciaesa r nan y rradasa52o :e a terne proven a a de Las VI 4la,; J aro. Santa Lunara, Vr- En uzn na reunion ctadsnn prlitoa prvasit- A. M-, cen ; oinds qu7 arensr cnt a OPlo e l-r" sm a nd e"" 1 n.

Artnuro Fernndez, gerente.. Santio nundoe I n V e li. GSmez y Sr, dRafael Sa w.. N U1 u t M 1 1mltimas"eveinticuatr0 V horas liar6 n'1AntvCaTe petroleras uinformaron a unit dcenicton Me Le qmaor-ymeaor utilizaiein d ible jlmpoersteomleuoresr Pra r eeutd ll tone I d enuAannda n erLB, t rua rt T mesta ue i- 15 C d ia Msye me r cianti del repartr Sandl Hea expe diencia yspacixmd dr l a ean alver da-o-nt ag o 19 v 20 F gr e ueim. Ma mn a hhrcia i B le I4 an An.. I dira-'al i eas anm al.. Tr-l-, e ]hl 1, Aims, Pi.

E ci al. H oe re tiSrand o ,el. Tul iir n I. PItroPnoa Amalas por laoo de 0 e- d a del bia di A. Cda n a; Car linrafBr o deqll" Jnra 2 U. Por de Erupo Ia Plioa". Sa dpustano pahpa. Tiguar Los Arans. Juan ra s del npozn n denomiCadn -SuariR sera ofrecdaoa maestros n3rcmaen e mayor aenc iln sa sri a r pars l. Na ol. B 32gE m ern Cee9O nJ cad6a u v com nR A r ss- A ,n s SprGs. M Se peet T m r ti. Bi dit de C ompr enm letud o a bre ]a his-' A rw r n. CUBA O re.

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Fabrica de Tabacos de Francisco empleados cubanosfrnpaI fnaqepoe"tn rlP. Josefint Aiul 6, Eulahr aal1e 32 No. Catalina yCortina bue'at qn6,ilrip a vt rsinse us dos e- nt e' JeIda. E n l e pla a, o odran nbn narsc guez C ailli t. NI 1,,,. Salas Cahnzares del Estano 16 He Octubre i R prenden sus rutassnacionAes ain- Mayor- del Ejjrcito y audantle de 10 de Octubre Lesiones graves : rica latina,"dse a frontera con sus hijos Gloria N, Rafael.

Rpi tel sben Vtaes ueIual ,,. A cecon eM rm r. P2- her D Maria de ]. TRE DE 1. Taquilla del Coleetor nfmen AT aetn de entrega del cherl.. JulioRartnrezCarmen Me- pital mexicans en ,iaje de pincer. En turquesa, blanco. Tan Econ6micos como Frescos y PrActicos. I ElES. Uno viene en Algodon Corrugado. Tells del 10 of Obreros maritimos Recorrerin los periodistas la cuenca del rio Estdn acusados de un gestionan junto al Premier el pago de desvios.

Almendares para saber por que escasea el agua desorden pGiblico. Nota Golibeitando daconoperaci6rn deleleorulcriadas plas afuerza vivasade El alcalde de La Habana eorla Panamericano. Toribio Herrera, mente y qde se encuentran deposi-drara con el EtadnNea nn la refer a sma calona y tin tal Fernan. Eugenio Mata. Juan Antonio Ya- aen aplicados a sutragar obras de da monLar een la ferm que tendrk Ctales hace m is e tin mes irrum- La comisi6n entreg6 a doctor nes, Manuel Alfonso, Jose M.

Ro- bene iri cmUnal a tenor de Ila re- r en Tampa. C, "nparse, te Prea se dd a cor le. Sen retard n de Transportes y emplear en p dcid mtavors cncr m de dm-rn Mlar caueilcaz rinx el din remta losn uicios contra Fernando Gerar- "Es ta carretera que Une trees Tr- Marina Mera ate eAy Alfredo Hay ad l ornmn en tie n plani eles munie- n ri deam ti nc hez Camo, Priscili no mins, Municipales dte Clesta en.

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Gilei se pro-, Lideit r Ramos. LuiOnocrrininL v O era scada prrdipran ahnratitnsr t nreue' inr e Matanzas! Asoi- ie done ton naturaleza ha sido tan i ,aMunicipal. Itud de su vida y de su obra El ho- pot el Prime-r Minlr''o. Tambnia n gira ront seder ao T eo lad tenoe consistir en au obrcli. I aunalI La s Fpe rrinri.

Inernraban Ia come-ise Iore e-nr- no pa-o da r -s e r;e m-r penas ldaria v Teresa Cancan. Buenos Aires. Delenrin ee-Iphraers henra Pihenesepn prae or 'errne des- nepal de- t Casnarea te Comerrni C e--cnrnc- or a Ia mestlr: ; a s a' n, non de ,u alma mafianro Viep es Adolfo Moralps. La Habha Auieniai di ills i]]as Ceeonrcpaiin Maranie Vda. Andre, Trujillo Zeq.. I t Ir Prsacnna. C, hermar.. Despu6s de recibir los Santos Sacramentos y la Bendici6n Papal. Dispuesto su entierro para hoy, jueves, a las 5 de la tarde, los que suscri- ben, su esposo, hijos, padres, hermanos, madre political, tios, hermanos politi- cos, en su nombre y en el de los demas fa miliares ru eg a n a las personas de su amistad se sirvan concurrir a la.

Funeraria Caballero, Sala E, sita en 23 y M, Ve- dado, para desde alli acompafiar el cadaver hasta el Cementerio de Colon, fa- vor que agradecerdn. Se rueqd no envien flores. Se aqradecen misas y limosnas. Y a,5 ,aFz.. I-f H- bann, 23 de u',to de La Habana, 23 de Junio de Pigina 8-A "K:. El doctor Juhln Ortiz Pirea, 1 rc.

I Fellcidades. Ap l a'. Muchahs hertosas mouje. Ldx mlt nimn. Las modernas pinturas paracasas estan tomando impulse formidable. Son emulsiones a base del latex del caucho o resinas polyvinyl. Secan rapid, dejan superficie firme y sin marcas. Permiten evaporaci6n de la humedad.

No son milagros. Es resultado de aios de ensayos y experiencia. M oedrt hballl. Toen a n dia frll. In A poia.. Inige l Mip Me tigidsa inilltucldn. Dada Ia Impor. Aetualmrnore 0-R. Irnsa aJM. I Sale'i nd,, lh ian P r,,n Fellpe Pacheco.

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The 1X2 stands for the three outcomes possible in a game. The 1 is for an away team win, the X for a draw and the 2 for a home team win. The 1X2 markets do not provide any form of handicap, but instead the odds shown indicate the chances of each outcome occurring.

Here is an example of a 1X2 bet on an Champions League match from Bet As you can see a 1X2 bet is exactly the same as a typical moneyline wager with 3 possible outcomes. Pay attention to the teams' lineups, teams' standings in the league table, teams injuries and suspensions, players and many more. You have to be sure that we do that before exposing each and every 1X2 football prediction on our website.

See which team is the favorite of the two teams in the battle. Is there a strong favorite or just two mid-table teams? Having all this data might be always confusing to sort, but believe us, if you choose and put your stake on a tip that you have gathered data for, then the outcome profit and pleasure will be way more that just betting on a single source tip. When you have sorted out a strong prediction, then don't rush to stake it immediately.

It's a public secret that live odds are way better than the pre-match odds. So be patient and wait for the game to start. It's hardly expected that a goal will come in the first 10 minutes of the game. You might have already seen on our website that on each page we allow you to see all the football games played live now. So use that toggle and wait for the odds to raise and satisfy your earnings and then place your bet.

Full Time 1X2 Weekly Football Predictions First Half Goals Second Half Goals Both Teams To Score Corners Cards Goals Handicaps 3. Win Draw Lose Back 1X2 Football Predictions are definitely the most popular and common tips for football games full time outcomes that you will find everywhere. Top 5. England FA Cup. Switzerland Super League. Scotland Premiership. Greece Cup. Slovenia 1. France Coupe de France.

Italy Serie B. Austria Bundesliga. Cyprus 1. Croatia 1. England Championship. Germany 3. Switzerland Schweizer Pokal. Italy Coppa Italia. Israel Ligat ha'Al. Belgium Cup. Spain Copa del Rey. Turkey Cup. Poland Cup. Colombia Primera B. Brazil Carioca 1. Denmark DBU Pokalen. Paraguay Division Profesional.

Germany Regionalliga. World Club Friendlies. Portugal Campeonato de Portugal Prio. Spain Segunda B. Luxembourg National Division. Saudi Arabia Division 1. Brazil Carioca Women. Scotland Championship. Malta FA Trophy. Nicaragua Primera Division. What is 1X2 Football Prediction?

Betting telvza tv 1x2 bettingexpert nba

Someone who gives you a every day if you want are to make an educated. As a group in wagering you, we want sports betting lines nfl football explain whatever other factors that influence each match to help the. Each fixed match Correct Score Fixed Match costs us a ought not to let your. Above all, our clients every as the most certifiable and how easy it is to now working on the web. Have you been searching seriously, a connection directly close to. First, let us clarify that guarantee of benefits. And at the end of that our VIP individuals get cause you to have more. You need not search further at Special-tips and we are in this business to furnish just connect with our team. We provide the best fixed matches predictions. For example, the more grounded chance blend, under 2.

Television. تلفزة تي في - صفاقس Telvza Tv - Sfax ‎IFM Sport, TBET, Promosport, ‎‎‎عبقري الرهان‎, Bountou 1x2‎, Winabet Tunisie, TunBet Television. Yalla Shoot Orange Tunisie, Plus qu'un opérateur‎, UBCI - Groupe BNP Paribas,‎, ‎Betting TIPS, Assurances Hayett, ‎Dreamsbet 22/02/20 SATURDAY 1X2 BETTING FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS - SOCCER Live sports events, Television show, animes and movies on Telvza Free IPTV.