pari mutuel betting spreadsheet

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Pari mutuel betting spreadsheet overbetting strategy implementation

Pari mutuel betting spreadsheet

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We live in Kentucky, so of course we love the Kentucky Derby!

Buy tf2 items with bitcoins for free Not sure if this is what you are looking for. Race - select the Race. I'm honest and you can count on me to send you the dough if you cash. This is awesome! I could tell you stories, lol. To remove a bet, find the Bettor in the drop-down list box, select their bet in the list box below and click the Remove Bet button.
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Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Looking for a Pari-mutuel Spreadsheet. Thread starter sjgmoney Start date May 2, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software Windows. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Apr 28, 0 0. Having a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday and I think it would be fun to have our own little betting pool.

Thanks in advance for help. Where are all the gamblers out there!!!! What's wrong with you people, don't you know that money won is better than money earned!!!! Seriously, any help here? Jul 18, 5, 0 0. Good luck finding what you need. I have a feeling that someone that knows their way around Excel could probably do it in about 10 minutes.

Problem is I am not that guy!!!!! My buddy uses a program he wrote for a golf tourney we have every year, we place some friendly win or place wagers on the various teams and create our own odds. Unfortunately he is out of the country so I can't get hold of him to have him send me the program. Any other creative people out there? I've googled it etc, but most of the results are blocked by the filtering software my company uses to keep us away from certain sites so I can't tell if it's what I want.

I'm honest and you can count on me to send you the dough if you cash. Drakkon Diamond Member. Aug 14, 8, 1 0. All the numbers are based off the ammount put into the pool and the different combinations of bets being placed. You're right Drakkon, I just want something simple, just maybe win and place bets. The reason I don't want to put the money in a hat or do it by hand so to speak is because I thought it would be fun to have the program up and running on a laptop, that way people could look at the changing odds and make their wagers accordingly.

As the odds change, some of the longer shots might attract some money to balance things out a little, otherwise I'm afraid everone will just wager on the top 2 or 3 favorites and it might be a little boring. Cmon you Excel hounds, give it a try!!!! If you pay out at though you better have a grip of cash on hand cause the house might have to pay out BIG.

I'm thinking too big i guess I've worked behind the scenes before and it just seems too complicated to run a small time operation but i guess it wouldn't be too bad if you get the thoery down properly. I plan on paying out whatever comes in, so I'm just looking for a spreadsheet that shows the odds. Homestretch Golf created a more accessible wagering experience where players could review odds for a longer period of time than an in-person wagering experience from the comfort of their own mobile device.

Homestretch Golf simplifies everything and lets you enjoy more of the event and not get stuck with the administration details. My favorite thing about Homestretch Golf is how it made the entire process digital and allowed us to get rid of paper!

My players also loved seeing live odds and the ease of placing wagers from their phones. They loved having the opportunity to participate in something like this. Everyone thought Homestretch Golf was a great addition to our event. Easy to use, easy to set up, I would easily recommend it.

I loved that Homestretch Golf did most of the work for me and allowed me to tend to my event. Homestretch Golf was there to assist me throughout the entire process. I thought it was great, especially the post tournament process. Loved putting the stickers on the envelopes and filling with the cash. Nice and simple. Homestretch Golf saves a ton of time on both ends, especially doing all of the payouts. As the person responsible for the betting for our golf trip, I loved that Homestretch Golf did the work for me and eliminated the time I usually spend managing the entire betting process!

Anyone who is wagering in a tournament or trip should use Homestretch Golf. Allowing people to bet remotely allowed us to keep the crowds down and the betting up, providing our members a safe experience during COVID. I would highly recommend using Homestretch Golf. It was easy to use, saved admin time and made payouts easy. From an administrative standpoint I really liked how Homestretch Golf automated the whole process and required very minimal time commitment on my part.

Use Homestretch Golf during an opening night party to allow participants to predict flight winners as well, and be sure to confirm these wagers at the party so odds to win start populating! Our Pros are seeing more overall wagering action when bets are confirmed the night prior to round 1 play, and furthermore, additional wagers can be confirmed prior to round 1 play in the morning. Whether you run stroke play or match play championships, allowing participants to wager before play starts adds a fun component to these major events.

Tie breaking procedures need to be defined ex. For your match play championships, our Pros are offering win-only wagering to allow participants to predict bracket champs! Spice up your scrambles with Homestretch Golf! Sure, scrambles are usually on the casual side of the tournament spectrum, but our participants love trying to predict the winning team prior to the shotgun start! USA vs. Heck, any team vs. Kick off the event with a team putting contest, and while teams are putting give them an hour pre-round to place wagers.

Pros have offered wagering opportunities to predict overall point totals for each side, daily point totals for each side, as well as total number of halved singles matches on the final day. Club vs. Club events are an awesome form of golf competition with varying formats that lend well to pre-competition wagering. Amateurs love playing and participating with their Pro in Pro-Am tournaments, and they also love betting on their team to win it all!

Pros can display player handicaps on Homestretch Golf so participants can strategically decide which teams they believe will play well given any Pro-Am tournament format. Setup your fundraising charity tournament in Homestretch Golf and allow players to wager on who they think will win the tournament. Homestretch Golf is proud to donate a portion of our fee to the American Cancer Society, so be proud that any event you run on Homestretch Golf helps raise money for a great cause.

Golf trips can bring the best of many worlds together: travel, friends, food, new cultures, great golf courses, romance, drinks, camaraderie…and of course, many possible wagering opportunities! Assign one trusted person to run all your wagering offerings using Homestretch Golf, and our automatic digital receipts and notifications of winning wagers will take care of the rest.

Golf trips come in many different sizes, durations and formats of play — get creative and if you have a group that likes a lot of betting action, be sure to offer a Homestretch Golf wagering opportunity daily prior to the first ball in the air!

Set aside a portion of the tournament entry fee to allow teams to wager on the tournament outcome! This creative approach has proven to yield a fun tournament experience and is a foolproof way to guarantee sufficient wagering action because there is no out-of-pocket expenses for the participants!

Want to get your members invested in your season-long points race at the club? All of the incorrect wagers will fund payouts for all of the correct wagers.