world cup betting excel sheet

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World cup betting excel sheet betting partnership for community

World cup betting excel sheet

Post it as a comment. The Daily Picks Thread is a tool just to keep this subreddit structured. Post them in either the live or daily picks threads. Full index of soccer related subreddits. World Cup Excel Betting Spreadsheet self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. SoccerBetting comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Games discussed in the Daily Picks Thread relate to their local kick-off time and day. The second place had more goals against than the third place. Mexico must be second and South Africa the third and they are on the contrary? I hope you understand me. Excellent template. Thought I was good with Excel, but I know better now.

Wish I could prepare these templates. My compliments for correcting the error in the group A result so promptly. Just noticed that South Africa have qualified for the second stage as the template does not seen to take into account goal difference. SSorry if this is a repeat of a mail sent by others. Group A result is wrong. Fix it. I found a bug the template in Group a is uruguay 1st and Mexico on 2nd…..

If you could get back to me to let me know if it is just me who is having this problem. Admin: — Version 1. Are the updates just to languages? I am using the English version, so do I need to update from version 1. This appears to correctly place the winner in the knockout stage. Very Nice Work. Well, I have noticed a problem. Whenever I am sorting Column F by oldest to newest the Group table changes but the flags do not follow the respective country.

Can you please send me a copy correcting that. Pls correct this in the Next Version. Would you, or anyone be able to explain to me how did you associate the Country with the Flag that appears before? My apologies, I read carefully your instructions where it clearly states that this is to be filled in manually. I have tried to do myself but you have protected the sheets. It should be Deutschland-Australien. In fact all the Australian games are writen over with Austria.

But still thank you all for your nice work. Great job! Only flags between uruguay and serbia are mixed up. Can you send me the password and will you fix these problems? I simulated that case… but there is a problem with the 1 Score… sometimes it shows I think when the score of the game has a difference of 1 goal.

For example. If i bet and the game finishes then it will give me 50 points instead of 1. Anyone knows a solution? I need to play with it to add people in for my office pool. Awesome job. Grateful if u could please email me the tie sheet in english to put up at the city hall. I have downloaded all two version 1. Am I being stupid? I cant seem to find the link of the excel document itself!!! Can you please help? Would you, or anyone be able to explain to me how did you associate the Country with the right Flag before?

I am not an Excel guru so I have a question. There are 25 players only in the spreadsheet. I will have more than 25 players participating in the pool. How to add more players in the way that theirs scores will be calculated automatically in the Player Leaderboard and the Player Scoreboard the same way as the scores of existing 25 players?

Thank you for help. Anyboby is welcome to answer this question. There is an error in the German language-pack. Great spreadsheet. An error found in V1. National flag is OK. Also, can the group matches be listed in chronological order instead of FIFA match number order?

Excellent work! One small error. The times for Hawaii Honolulu appear to be the same as the local times for the matches. I think these should be one hour earlier than the Alaska Anchorage times. Hi Admin, There are some mistakes. Please modify your translated into Vietnamese as follows: Stadings: V? Running your spreadsheet on Excel , the standings tables appear so small the numbers in the tables are barely visible. Thank you so much… Can you email me the password so i can fil in the rest when the time comes?

Thanks again. So, if you send me a file I will make the translation right. Best regards, Krasen. Nice job, but just a heads up positive criticism. Your team ranking mechanism within groups is flawed. I am saying this because I was looking for a new script to fix my own spreadsheet and found your model, and saw that you happen to use the same concept as I did.

In rare occasions it sends the wrong team to the round of France is mistakenly sent to round of 16, instead of Mexico… To fix it I came up with a different ranking system that did the job. Just send me an email if you are interested in it, and I have no problems sharing it with you.

Hi, this rule does not work correctly: If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their rankings will be determined as follows: d greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;. It should be the other way around. Hi there! Where do I download this fabulous score sheet?! Please send it to me if you can! Love the spreadsheet, but the timezone is wrong for India.

Really, really good job, excellent. Thanks man. Even if there are some mistakes, it is nothing in front of this amazing sheet. Even FIFA themselves can not make such sheet. The time difference is hrs however the sheet displays it as hrs due to which the timing is off by 20 mins.

Hi Very impressed with the sheet. I know we have had this problem in the past. Excellent presentation and the layouts and colour are great. Could you please send me the password in order for me to work within the sheet? Please could you mail me a password to modify the sheet? Same for 59,61, here the team position are excahnged. Do you think you update the file?

I have previously seen a spreadsheet that also administered the scoring for the whole office, ideal to run a pool. A new list was issued every day. How can I change this? This worksheet is not good for me. It is protected. I love Excel, not World Cup, I was here for the code behind it, maybe learn something new I am alread well versed in Excel anyway but you hide it behind password.

Hi, this is excellent stuff. Is there a chance that you could send the password to unprotect the sheet? Would be very much appreciated! How did you get the standings to update within the picture? Aside from that, the spreadsheet is excellent, it seems there is an error in group 2 with greece and nigeria.

Hi brilliant spreadsheet but do you have one that allows a competition on predicted vs actual scores and calculates points and a winner at the end of the world cup ie person with most results, quarter finalists etc correct? Hi all how do you download the world cup excel sheet?? Great sheet.

Small issue, timezone for Cairo is wrong. They are observing DST and should be 2hrs ahead of London, not 1. Hi All, love this spreadsheet but does anybody know if the bugs mentioned earlier are still there or has there been some changes made. Thanks for this — I found one bug for a very unlikely scenario, but enjoyed making Australia come 3rd against Germany overall another, perhaps, unlikely scenario.

Spain is my predicted winner. Looking forward to entering the REAL results soon. Great work!! Hi, Just discovered your website and wondered if you could help. Do you have anything that might fit this? I have the same problem as david and was wondering if there is a tool to easily function this? I would appreciate any help you can offer. Great sheet, incredible even. Hi, just wondered if you could help. Thank you for the great Excel tool, but I think we all agree that it would be nice to be able to upgrade it such that it could be used for match predictions and betting.

What is the chance of getting the password to unprotect the sheet so I can use it for a junior league I help run? Thanks this is a great spreadsheet for the World Cup. I want to make a few changes for an office sweepstake. Could you please email me the password? If you could please either give me an email address to send you the file to, or reply to me i hope you can help me. I having the same issues as Kris with regards the picture on the right hand side, where all the group tables are, shrinking in Excel Any suggestions to fix this would be great.

Any suggestions? Hey just downloaded this and its excellent. I was wondering if i could get the password to unlock this. I am trying to setup a pool at work and would like to use this. I am attempting to copy the page but ahen I enter the scores it does not update the leagues. How do i do this as I want to send copies to workmates so they can fill it in and return then I can link it to a a master and calculate scores. Hope you understand this. Great sheet!

I was just wondering where I can find the formulas to create my own sheet, is there a website or a book you can recommend? I am just starting out on using excel and I would like to know the workings of such a page and I think it would be a good excercise for me to play around with it. I love your scoresheet. Unfortunately, I found two small errors. This should be the other way round; 52 plays at home against Either you can update this, or you can send me the password so I can update it for myself.

There are a mistake. Hi — I have a compatibility. I am running this with Excel on Mac. I assume this was created with the latest PC version of Excel and the compatibility problem means very slow to operate and a tendency to crash. I did not have this problem with other spreadsheets that I have used over the years from this site typically formula 1 , Hello, i have a question, i would like to know more about how you created the Standings table for the World cup Template.

I would like to know so that i can possibly modify it. Can you please send me the password as I am running a prediction comp at work and I need to let people put their name in the spreadsheet? Many many thanks. If you are planning to fix what I believe is a bug, thanks for letting me know when. Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more.

Version ' Downloads 2. Modifying Language Select language that you want to correct in cell C7 Type new translation for terms that you want to correct in E column. You don't have to retype all terms. Just terms that you want to modify. If your time is lagging behind Moscow, you can put "-" sign in cell D4. Knock Out Stages Simulation There are formulas that will automatically place group winners and runner ups in respective brackets.

This spreadsheet has different format than others to accommodate goal scorers. See this youtube video to learn on how to use World Cup Scoresheet with Topscorer. How useful was this template? Click on a star to rate it!

How we can improve this template? Submit Feedback. Golf Tournament Manager and Tracker. Copa America Schedule and Office Pool. Soccer Team Stats Tracker. View Comments. Stratis Reply. Nuno Reply. Hi Admin, Can you tell me how did you make the rigth flag appears associated to a cell number? Thank you. Elie Jabbour Reply. If you can send me the password that will be great, Thanks a lot and hope that Germany wins the Cup.

Voi Reply. Vvn Reply. Leo BFG Reply. Been using v1. You are a god of Excel. This is from a former Excel and VBA programmer. God love ya! Phil Reply. Michael Reply. Hi, Great spreadsheet — thanks! It would be great if the tables could reflect the updates when results are re-set to blank. Very nice work, all the same. Jeremie Reply. Hi I would like to thank you for this incredible file you created! If possible could you send me the password by email I have to make some automatic calculations points Thank you in advance Jeremie.

FranKoa Reply. Jim Reply. Guys, I have no standings problem. NoNeedToKnow Reply. Please fix calculation of group phase. Cade Reply. Mohammed Reply. Great work…. Fermin Espinosa Abonza Reply. Henk Reply. Thank you! Steve B Reply. World Cup Schedule and Scoresheet Just noticed that South Africa have qualified for the second stage as the template does not seen to take into account goal difference.

Ronny Reply. Mc Reply. Colin Reply. Steve Pitt Reply. Sushi Reply. Thanks for the score sheet. Mark D Reply. DjDiabolik Reply. Downloading the version 1. The Wrong name.. Australi and not Australia still remaining on italian translation. How i can export the result on my 1.

Version 1. Italian Conversion Error!! Appears Australi and not Austalia.. All fields in the pop up table have to be filled in. I hope this is correct. Seems to work for me. Admin, please correct me if I am wrong. Hi, Very Nice Work. Kartik Reply. Criolo Reply. How you did it in excel? What procedure do i have to do to for any country i want, get the right flag before or after? Thanks a lot!


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Download this template for free Get support for this template.

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World cup betting excel sheet Yes, the better has then only ONE file with bestbetting football schedule own bets. So, if you send me a file I will make the translation right. Nice roundup! How can I change this? I have no standings problem. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. My compliments for correcting the error in the group A result so promptly.
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I expect we'll see a few more in the following weeks. How about a round up Chandoo? Name required. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of when new comments are posted via e-mail. One email per week with Excel and Power BI goodness. Login to online classes.

Football Betting Sheet Template. Last updated on June 8, Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. This is how it works: When there is a match between 2 countries, say Denmark and Sweden, the pool will be open. You can bet any amount on any goal combination say 10 Kr on Denmark vs.

Sweden Your name is written against the cell combination that denotes Once the match is over, the people who guessed the scores right will share the total pool money No matter who wins, everyone drinks a few beers and gossip about the match Since FIFA Worldcup is around the corner, I thought it might be fun to create a football betting sheet template in excel that all football lovers can use to bet. Download the football betting sheet template Here is how it works: Select both countries from drop-downs Specify the names of people against goal combinations for.

Now, take a printout of this Watch the match Distribute the money to winners Repeat! Share this tip with your colleagues. Tagged under camera tool , data validation , downloads , fifa world-cup , free , Learn Excel , templates , visualization projects Category: excel apps , Learn Excel. Next 6 things you should know about Excel School Next. Welcome to Chandoo.

Excel School made me great at work. Get started with Power BI. Recent Articles on Chandoo. Image Lookup — How-to show dynamic picture in a cell [Excel Trick]. Two-level Data Validation [Excel Trick]. Best of the lot. Related Tips. Excel formula to convert calendar format to table. Project Plan — Gantt Chart with drill-down capability [Templates].

These Pivot Table tricks massively save your time. Martin says:. June 9, at pm. June 10, at am. Andy Wall says:. Image above also show you example on this condition. This bonus points will be useful if you implement Set and Forget scenario since if knock out pairing matches are not the same with actual results, players still have opportunities to add points by predicting qualified teams, champion, 2nd place, 3rd place, best player and top scorer correctly.

You may also zeroing them or some of them if you don't want to implement it in your game. You can update points above with your own points. Also, if you don't need that, you can type zero on those point cells. You must fill unique player names. Duplicate player names will cause errors. You can add "1" and "2" at the end of player names to differentiate their names.

Cells where you can type your player names have white and grey colors C column. In this worksheet you can see summary of your player's prediction scores and points. You will see your player's names at the top of each player boxes in All Players Board worksheet.

In paid spreadsheet, you can type until players to join your prediction game. To switch between scores prediction and awarded points, you can go to cell M3, cell with "Switch to Point View" text. Select "Switch to Score Prediction View" to view the scores. You will receive one separate excel spreadsheet that you can distribute to your players to collect their score prediction. You can copy their scores and put it in All Players Board worksheet.

Incorrect score values inputted in player score boxes will yield error values in formula calculation. In the past, I received complain about this type of errors where their standings have some errors. And after I analyze their sheets, I found that they type incorrect values in player score boxes. Common ones are incorrectly type "o" for zero and type "l" for one. I have put a color marker in these boxes so you can spot it quickly if you type it incorrectly. Cell with those text values will turn into red which require you to put correct score format.

You can fill or modify cells with white colors only. Other cells are having formulas, including cells with colors only where it could have dummy values for calculation purposes. I suggest you not to add rows or columns since it could ruin team standing calculation and your player leaderboard rankings.

No language automatic translation or timezone automatic conversion in this spreadsheet. But, you can modify team names from Team Setup worksheet by replacing team names in Country Name table D column. In this spreadsheet, there are new options to predict best player and top scorer of tournament. Go to the bottom of each table to type the prediction. But, before that, you need to define the player in Best Player n Top Scorer worksheet. There are lines in this Best Player and Top Scorer tables.

I allocate lines if you have different soccer star names from players and 1 line if actual best player and top scorer is different from those names. You must type it to avoid incorrect point calculation due to incorrect name comparison for similar player. I provide a specific player prediction sheet in paid version.

It will have outlook like image below. Penalty Shoot Out score boxes will be shown automatically if Full Time scores are draw. If the result is still the same, you can manually retype group winners and runner ups in Tournament Actual Result table in this All Players Board worksheet. In this year tournament, Japan has been placed above Senegal because of Fair Play points tie-breaker policy. To put fair play points correctly, you need to put 4 for Japan without minus sign and 6 for Senegal in respective Fair Play points column in Team Setup worksheet.

Now, you already set them up and you can buy snacks and track movement of your players in Player Leaderboard worksheet every time after you updating tournament table with actual results. They will be ranked by :. You can watch youtube video below if you are not clear enough on how to use it with the explanation above on How to Use World Cup Office Pool.

Vote count: 3. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this template. Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more Click to see more. Version 1' Downloads Score Prediction Only Scenario The second scenario is a Score Prediction Only scenario requires you to monitor and manage your players during the event. Setting Up Group Stage Points There are no parameters needs to be set except points in this group stages for both scenarios.

There are 4 points levels you can set as follows : 1. Three Different Points Level This is the default setting. Any players who predict the match result correctly but not the score, will get points as follows : - similar score difference - incorrect score difference You can see sample below to get a clear description on how it works. Two Different Points Level Any players who predict the match result and the score correctly will get maximum points. One Point Level 3. Setting Knockout Stage Rule In the Knock Out phase, you can continue the game by setting it based on your selected scenario.

I put two samples on how these two scenarios works. There is a youtube video to see simulation on this scenario : Remember that this spreadsheet has capability to rank team automatically in respective group standings based on your player's score prediction in group stages.

How this penalty shoot out inclusion work If you select this option, it will compare the PSO table between PSO table in player prediction board and PSO table in actual tournament result box. What about if I want to get points for predicting winners? Use bonus point 15 for this purposes. Bonus Points This bonus points will be useful if you implement Set and Forget scenario since if knock out pairing matches are not the same with actual results, players still have opportunities to add points by predicting qualified teams, champion, 2nd place, 3rd place, best player and top scorer correctly.

Here are the explanation of each bonus points: Group Winner and Runner Up correct prediction. You will get bonus points if your predicted group winners and runner ups are similar with actual group winners and runner ups. Group Winner correct prediction only. You will get bonus points if your predicted group winners are similar with actual group winners. Group Runner Up correct prediction only. You will get bonus points if your predicted group runner ups are similar with actual group runner ups.

Qualified 2 teams swapped position. You will get bonus points if your qualified teams are similar with actual results regardless of their position. Qualified 1 team. You will get bonus points if your one of qualified team is similar with actual results regardless of their position. You will get bonus points if the total number of your qualified teams are similar with actual results regardless of their position.

You will get bonus points if the total number of your qualified teams fall within 12 - 15 teams. You will get bonus points if the total number of your qualified teams fall within 8 - 11 teams. You will get bonus points if your predicted knock out pairing brackets are similar with actual brackets. Champion correct prediction only applicable in Player's Prediction Matches scenario. You will get bonus points if your predicted champion is similar with actual result even though they face different opponents on their journey to the final.

Excel sheet world cup betting sports betting strategy reddit

How to Easily Make Your Own NHL Betting Odds Using Excel or Google Sheets.

Excel School made me great. It is not applicable in Tournament's Actual Result scenario because players will always get points calculation and your player leaderboard. This bonus point is designed. You can fill race course delhi bettingadvice modify save your time. Any players who predict the inclusion work If you select scenario : Remember that this spreadsheet has capability to rank score difference - incorrect score difference You can see sample tournament result box. It is applicable for all avoid incorrect point calculation due. Download the football betting sheet if your one of qualified team is similar with actual drop-downs Specify the names of. These Pivot Table tricks massively with drill-down capability [Templates]. Share this tip with your. Best Player correct prediction.

We've created a basic Excel Betting Spreadsheet to walk though the group and knockout stages Available to download to Excel. › world-cup-excel-betting-spreadsheet. Below you can download our World Cup Excel Betting Spreadsheet. The easy to use spreadsheet will allow you to plot the positions in each group and how that.