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Bet on kentucky derby online free

TwinSpires is a tremendous option for the Kentucky Derby as well. While TwinSpires might not be as user-friendly as TVG, it has up-to-the-minute odds and a wide selection of betting options. Horse racing falls under different legislation than typical sports betting in most states. Betting the Kentucky Derby online is easy, even for the inexperienced horse racing bettor. TVG and TwinSpires list the horse in order of their odds.

Figuring out how much each horse pays out is simple. The first number listed pays out on a bet of the second number. For example, the favorite, Tiz The Law, is going off at odds. Each of the following sites is headquartered in the US and operates in compliance with all federal and state laws.

The availability of the major horse racing betting sites varies by state, but readers can see the following map for more information. Blue states permit online racing betting and red states do not. Select any state below for more information. Nebraska Betting Law New Hampshire no longer has any active racetracks but state residents may bet online at: www. State residents may bet online at: www. Alaska Betting Law Georgia does not have any racetracks and parimutuel wagering is outlawed.

Georgia Betting Law There are no racetracks in Hawaii and state law forbids racing betting. Hawaii Betting Law Maryland is home to four thoroughbred racetracks and two harness racing tracks. Mississippi Betting Law Nevada does not have any active racetracks at this time and online racing betting is prohibited. The only races that occur with any regularity in Nevada are those held during the White Pines Horse Races event each year in Ely. Nevada Betting Law North Carolina does not have any dedicated horse racing tracks and parimutuel wagering is outlawed.

Racing fans can check out the annual Queens Cup Steeplechase for live racing action. Parimutuel and online betting are not allowed in South Carolina. South Carolina Betting Law Utah has a couple of minor racetracks that hold races only a few days a year.

There is not much of a horse racing industry to speak of and all racing betting is outlawed. Utah Racing Law Colonial Downs is the only racetrack in Virginia and state residents may bet online at: www. Arizona Betting Law Iowa is home to one horse racing track and one greyhound racetrack.

Missouri Betting Law Vermont no longer has any horse racing tracks. State residents may bet on races held elsewhere online at: www. Texas Betting Law Kentucky Derby Odds and Contenders At the next Kentucky Derby approaches and more is learned about upcoming runners, horse racing observers will begin putting out projected odds and adjusting them over time.

BettingUSA will update this page with updated odds periodically until race day. The official morning line odds will be published after the post position draw the week of the Kentucky Derby. Once the morning line odds are live, OTBs and horse racing betting sites will begin taking wagers on the Kentucky Derby.

The events surrounding the Kentucky Derby and lack of fans were anything but normal, but the race itself went off without a hitch. In the end, Authentic emerged victorious after getting off to an early lead that he never relinquished to give trainer Bob Baffert his sixth Kentucky Derby victory. The vast majority of wagers placed on major races such as the Kentucky Derby are simple enough that anyone can get started with a little guidance.

Ultimately, the goal with every wager is to pick a horse that will finish either in first place or very close to first. The following wagers are the most common types that most casual race fans can pick up and run with in no time. Horse racing fans can read more about these wagers and others at the BettingUSA horse racing betting guide. There, fans can read about all the wagers described above plus other options such as boxing and keying horses.

The payout odds on each horse are calculated based on current betting action. As money comes in before the race, the odds are updated in real time or as close as possible to real time. The odds posted publicly are subject to change dramatically as more wagers come in but generally provide an accurate representation of which horses are favorites and which are long shots.

Tracks take all the money that comes in, collect a fee off the top and then distribute the remainder to the winners. Long shot horses pay the most in this system because fewer people bet on long shots, so there are fewer people to split the pool with. Horses perceived as strong pay less because more people bet on the favorites, and this results in more winners splitting the pool when that horse wins.

The actual process of calculating the odds is quite complex due to there being so many different types and sizes of wagers that will need to be paid off at the end of the race. But generally speaking, it all comes down to how much action is put on each horse. Placing any of the above wagers begins with choosing a betting site see our recommendations above and then making a real money deposit. Horse racing betting sites provide several methods customers may use to fund their accounts.

In most cases, users may fund their accounts via credit card, debit card, electronic bank transfer, and even cash via prepaid betting vouchers. Read more about the various deposit methods here:. Note: You may want to consider making a deposit sooner rather than later. Some deposit methods take a few days to get everything set up before your first deposit. Kentucky Derby futures allow horse racing fans to place wagers well in advance of the race, even before the final runners have been selected.

Futures are usually the domain of traditional sports betting in which wagers are placed against the house, but Churchill Downs offers parimutuel Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pools each year that allow fans to get their bets in on the winners very early. Kentucky Derby futures are fraught with uncertainty being so far out from race day but offer payouts that are potentially much larger.

Horse racing fans should be aware that futures are not refundable; once the bet is placed, there it remains even if the chosen horse withdraws. Each year, Churchill Downs hosts four futures Kentucky Derby future pools. The first actually begins at the end of the previous year while the next three occur in intervals over the run-up to race day. Kentucky Derby prospects get exactly one chance in their lives to take a crack at the Kentucky Derby due it being open to three-year-olds only.

A total of twenty slots are available, so competition to even earn an appearance at the starting gate is fierce. Most horses vie for one of the twenty slots through a series of 35 prep races called the Road to the Kentucky Derby, beginning in the fall of the year preceding the race.

The top four finishers in each prep race earn points for their performances and move their way up the leaderboard that will ultimately determine who gets to run in the Kentucky Derby. The number of points up for grabs in each race varies as some races along the way are worth more than others. Early prep races, for example, may award 10 points for a first place finish, 4 points for a second place finish, 2 points for a third place finish and 1 point for a fourth place finish.

Some of the higher profile races award significantly more points and are therefore highly anticipated as key races to watch for potential Kentucky Derby standouts. The Belmont Stakes , for instance, issues points for the first four finishers respectively. After the final race in the series is completed, the top 18 horses with the most points plus the winners of the Japan and European roads are invited to run in the Kentucky Derby.

Fans can track point totals and look for potential contenders each year here. The Kentucky Derby is a 1. This race is open to 3-year-old Thoroughbreds only. This means that if a horse qualifies to run the derby, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for that horse. Out of all the racing events in the world, the Kentucky Derby is the most prestigious. The first Kentucky Derby was hosted in and has been run every year since then.

This year will be the th running of the event. Today, the Kentucky Derby is open to exactly 20 horses. To qualify, horses must run the Road to the Kentucky Derby, which is a series of 35 races hosted around the world. Points are awarded for first through fourth place finishes in reach race. The 20 horses with the most points at the end of the road earn a spot in the starting gate.

With an average attendance of ,, the Kentucky Derby is the most-spectated horse race in the United States. The tradition of betting on the race is as old as the Kentucky Derby itself. Many people are happy to bet just for the sake of having a stake on the outcome, but some people take Kentucky Derby betting very seriously.

There are numerous resources that serious gamblers can use for research and planning. Skip to content. It is officially Kentucky Derby betting season. Review Play Now. Table of Contents.


Although sports betting is only legal in some states and mobile sports betting is in even fewer places, you can bet on the Kentucky Derby online in most states. There are multiple race books where users can place wagers, but these sites differ from most sportsbooks. TVG is the No. TVG is the best of the best. It only makes sense to go with the best for the biggest horse race of the year.

TwinSpires is a tremendous option for the Kentucky Derby as well. While TwinSpires might not be as user-friendly as TVG, it has up-to-the-minute odds and a wide selection of betting options. Horse racing falls under different legislation than typical sports betting in most states. BetAmerica is another top choice for horse racing. BetAmerica has free live horse race video streaming and handicapping information and tools along with contests and rewards programs not available when betting at a casino or race and sportsbook.

When you bet on a horse to win, simply locate the track listing at Churchill Downs and the race number of the Kentucky Derby and select the horse number. Add it to your bet slip and confirm the amount of the win wager. The odds can change right up to post time of the Kentucky Derby. For added or multiple bets like exacta and trifecta, add all the selections to your betting slip and confirm the amount you want to wager and all combinations.

For more details on the different types of Kentucky Derby bets, check out our complete betting guide. Signing up for a wagering account to bet the Kentucky Derby is easy. FairwayJay is a leading national sports and gaming analyst and is recognized as one of the sports industry's most insightful professionals.

Jay has pursued his passions and maintained a pulse on the sports, gaming and poker industries while living in Las Vegas for nearly two decades.

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Try the 7 Day Free Trial by clicking the banner below. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Built for longer races, this accomplished colt is the clear favorite and deservedly so. Honor A. A fan of longer races, Honor A. With the best odds of upsetting Tiz the Law, you can expect to see Honor A. Authentic is the third-favorite heading into the start of the Kentucky Derby and will line-up on the outside in Gate Any Bob Baffert-trained horse is certainly one to keep an eye on.

You must be a new user and create a new account. After the three favorites on the three outside gates, the odds start to drop heavily. The next biggest favorite is Thousand Words coming in at Bet on any number of hoses to cross the finish line in any order.

A quinella is essentially a boxed exacta, where the two horses you pick can finish or When you place a boxed trifecta, your three horses can finish , , , , , or The more horses you add, the more different winning combinations there are. You have the option of betting on all these horses as a single group. A coupled entry for all these horses to show would have been a winning bet as long as any of the four had finished in the top three — which is exactly what happened when Danza came in third.

Bet on the winners of three or four consecutive races on the same card, with the races chosen by the racebook. The Kentucky Derby is one of a dozen or so races on the Derby Day card; the standard Pick 3 includes the two races before the Derby, including the Grade 1 Turf Classic. Whilst there has to be one winner at the end of the 2-minute race, who this winner will be, depends on various factors.

Many horses have tried to do what seemed like a one of a kind win like Apollo but none have been successful so far. These principles and tips will offer you a solid foundation in how to bet on the Kentucky Derby Online. As exciting as the occasion is, do not get carried away with your bets. BeGambleAware GameCare. We use a self-learning algorithm which predicts outcomes of football games with high accuracy.


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