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Blog do mauro betting palmeiras

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There are no rules. AP: You cover only Palmeiras or other topics as well? DL: Normally, only Palmeiras. But on special occasions I might be transferred to other places to help out. At mega-events like these, we all chip in, helping each other out. You are in addition quite active in various social media, interacting with supporters. In your point of view, does this help you in your job? DL: Thanks for the compliment! I work hard to obtain respect. I seek respect and credibility.

Interacting in social media helps me a lot, as it puts me in direct contact with my readers. I learn where there are doubts in regard to a specific topic, where perhaps my texts could be clearer. This then creates added value to my texts. Only the rude ones I leave behind. I believe this interaction, my clarification will never be harmful, as long as I keep in mind that I cannot always please. Sometimes, the news are bad. DL: No! What happens is that there is more information on Palmeiras due to the inside political struggle that constantly harms the club.

Palmeiras are more exposed and there is indeed more news on the behind-the-scenes at Palmeiras than in other clubs. Of course there are exceptions, but these journalists, my clarification disappear over time or never advance, as they lose credibility. But there are, as I said, bad exceptions everywhere. Another example: much has been written about the cost-benefit of Valdivia, but almost nothing of the sort is to be found regarding Adriano or Luis Fabiano.

DL: Seriously, I think it all boils down to phases. Palmeiras are on a bad run, even victories are coming slim, ugly. Cost-benefit of Valdivia turns into headlines. Both teams are contenders to the title. The difference in relation to Valdivia is also that he has played but is not finding his rhythm, while the other two have not even stepped on the pitch this interview was made shortly before Luis Fabiano made his first appearance.

If they come on and early are injured again, surely they will generate headlines. As I said: there are always exceptions, but one cannot make a general statement. AP: You think a sports journalist should at all costs avoid revealing which team he supports, or does it matter less if the fellow is competent and has integrity? DL: I understand those who do not tell. I try not to, but let it slip sometimes.

You know, supporters think with their hearts a lot. Even if a journalist has integrity, he might suffer from suspicion of supporters in case they know his preferences. For these reasons, I understand those who keep it private. AP: And what about you, Danilo: are you comfortable sharing with us what team is to be found in your heart? DL: In my heart? Sociedade Esportiva Jornalismo! AP: Nice one, Houdini. DL: Finally, Palmeiras will have the Arena. I believe that the Arena is the single factor that can put Palmeiras back on a winning path.

If left to the war of egos within the club, the team will go nowhere. AP: Danilo, thank you for your time and good luck in the future! And clearly nobody knows if there are still great performances to come. For this to happen, the team will need to make progress in the World Cup.

We're not at a critical point, but it's worrying nonetheless. Normally the media and the fans would be discussing the poor performances of Scolari's Boys, right? Instead, the possible emotional instability of the players is on the agenda. The anthem, which used to be used as additional fuel, has now become a potential issue. The technical and tactical crisis gets less airtime. But we're not obliged to focus on this. Tactical changes, going over new or specific plays; there was none of that on show.

But during the course of the week other training sessions took place, and other conversations. There are surprises in store. We're waiting for the next match. Cameroon are the weakest team in the group and this game offers the Brazilians their last chance to play with freedom and against a beatable opponent. It would be a good time to play well, test out some new tactics, win possibly even by a clear margin and change the entire outlook. Who wants to bet that if Brazil play well on Monday nobody will sing the anthem again?

They won't need to any longer. Skip to navigation. Is there too much emotion in the national anthem? PSG's Neymar: I'll never stop partying. Players, president die in Brazilian plane crash. Brazilian club condemn fans for bus attack.

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