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Well, she hasn't shown any interest in Junghan yet! I'd really say that's a poor measure for his attraction towards him Given the facts we know of him and Dillon back in the days he at least was physically attracted to him. That weird Well, he is apparently straight but yince you mentioned Junghan Or the guy next door Ah, enough people who're not totally after Gary's smex yet As for today Zii's getting jealous, possible.

And is an easy bribe. Well, he already got into her pants, so Is it just me, or in Zii's face in the last panel can you practically see the phrase 'Hey, character development sucks! That's just an "oh crap" face, for Christ's sake. I have no idea what zone Gary is in Oh they're just laying it on so think right now. I don't even know what to say about this.

It feels like set-up for something, which I hope it is. Because if it's just "hey look how popular Gary is isn't that great guys? I suspect Senna's presence is there to help or provoke Yuki's psychosis. I think they're just transitioning to a more traditional harem comedy. Instead of Gary being surrounded by beautiful women that he wants but can't get any of, he's surrounded by beautiful women who want him but won't ever get any of. It's the new status quo, like New Coke.

I'm actually more fond of the current status quo than the old one. The characters are actually being more decent to each other, DiDi actually seems reasonably more realistic what with sexual frustration, and Zii is being more realistic. Yeah, I can totally stand behind that. If it goes like this, I may actually start liking the comic. Funny, because I'm completely the other way. Speaking as someone who could easily identify with the old Gary, excluding the thing where he was living with two babes, turning this into a harem story will kill a lot of the appeal.

I can understand that, being a genuinely nice guy and with known sexual prowess, he'd attract the attention of the people he knew at least. I could see a rivalry between Yuki, Kiley and maybe Amber on the side. That's no good. It breaks my suspension of disbelief.

It jumps the shark. Or maybe not, I never got what that actually meant. My point is, it'll turn bad. Not to try to be anti-PC, but People who would be willing to have sex with her would be far between, model or not. I am aware that this is a webcomic and not real life, but your comment seem to be based in real life. While there is some validity to your point, and I hadn't fully considered that, I am confused as to why finding a lover would be harder in this comic than in real life?

I'd say that the opposite is more likely, given that it's what the comic is essentially about. That wasn't your point, though, and I admit that her body will put off a few. I still think my point holds, though; there should be a sufficient amount of people who wants to take a walk on the wild side in the model industry to satisfy her. I already assumed it might be well on the way of doing so when the comic of Amber and Chanelle came about, thinking Chanelle might end up pursuing Gary as well hopefully not though, at least not until some others get off his tail.

Well, that wasn't really long ago, was it? Or i Chanelle not who I think she is? It's rather different from before, alas, but so far I'm still pleased with the comic. Also: So, we see Kiley again, cute as ever. I wonder how frequently psychologists frequent psychologists in real life And whether the next patient and Kiley will get involved somehow. Another terrible 'oops, wrong name' moment incoming? Nope, Chanelle only appeared once, about As to your wonderment, I don't know that many psychology students who do so can't say anything about actual psychologists , though I've met and dated one for a short time who did so very frequently.

That seem right to you? I freaking love the way this bald dude looks. Psychoanalyzing people by day, kicking criminal ass at night. Truly, he is the hero we need. I'm asking, because the comic is steadily going in that direction. Imagine if someone manages to crossbreed it with Butt's disease Here you go. It's perfectly common. Under British Law, Trauma Councellors That is, medically licensed Therapists rather than self-appointed or 'lifestyle consultants' and anyone who undertakes the mental rehabilitation of someone who has experienced traumatic events are required to see a Therapist of their own at scheduled intervals.

The idea is that they come across a lot of distressing stories and damaged people in their line of work, and they themselves have to work out any ill effects from the empathy that they need to have for their patients. Certain Social Workers and branches of the Police also, I believe. Is it just me, or is Yuki incredibly cute with her hair down? Yes, she is. Her state of undress helps immensely as well.

You know, I cannot honestly see how this is going to fall out- I'm familiar with the character's respective personalities, but they've not really interacted with each other until now. I guess Didi is going to aggressively make some sort of claim on Gary- and Yuki doesn't seem like the sort to allow anyone to come between her and her obessions partners.

Cue catfight and poor Gary having to deal with a long cold war between the two. Yes, yes she is :smallbiggrin: You know, I cannot honestly see how this is going to fall out- I'm familiar with the character's respective personalities, but they've not really interacted with each other until now. Last year or so I'd have said they will have a nice talk, Yuki will freak out probably, not even sure Don't know. I don't expect a wet, soapy cat fight but I dunno, I got the impression that Didi is screwing up her courage to ask for a favor of yuki.

I just need one good night of screaming orgasms and he seems like he can deliver. Oddly enough i'm kinda seeing this scene play out like that Hitchcock movie, where the woman gets stabbed in the shower by the usual psycho killer.

I hear it's somewhat famous for that scene. And iunno, i'm kinda liking the regular haircut better. Wear pants. I've a feeling that if the fight does get physical, Yuki might actually have an advantage. DiDi might be freakishly strong, but she doesn't seem aggressive in a physical sense, whereas Yuki is vicious.

Which is 25 years ago. Damn I feel old It's not like they would cover up any of her prominent features anyway She'll go for the tits. Standard Video Game Boss logic: aim for the most prominent thing. Why am I getting sudden flashes of Shadow of the Colossus? It would mean having to climb up all the way to I'll be in my bunk :smallredface:.

Guys, really What would you even do to her? Gary is in for some adventure now. And that, children, is the story of the first Christmas. Amber wants another Swirly from Gary. Amber thinks Dillon has the hots for Gary, and doesn't want to hurt him. Amber and her friend get Dillon's her permission to receive swirlies from Gary. Swirlies makes me think about ice-cream.

I will now imagine that all this is about ice-cream. Mmm, delicious ice-cream. I'm not really sure what Giz is doing here. Did she actually have to pull an hitherto unknown porn star into this? I've made my stance clear above, so I'll just hiss disappointingly for the time being. That said, I still think that even if the comic does turn harem, it'll be subverted sooner rather than later. A feeling of dread looms over it. If this ends with Yuki heartbroken and worse off than ever, something inside of me will die.

All of you are now imagining savoring ice-cream out of willing porn starlets, with your unrequited man-crush climbin a foot-Frenchwoman in the back. Admit it. Give that hiss your all. Make that hiss count and pierce the heavens. Hiss, like a cat in heat! Hiss like a god!

Let all your hatred vent as you so hiss your challenge to the heavens. Sorry for getting anal about typos, is what I'm saying here. I already had that moment when Kiley walked away. Of all the contenders she was the best one for Gary, and they got so close.

Yuki I have never cared for. If Gary gets blindfolded again in the presence of Amber and her friend, my headdesk is probably going to break my table. I definitely agree; of the girls getting close to Gary, Kiley is my favorite. I still believe Yuki deserves a shot at happiness or a penis in her life. As opposed to many girls into Gary who seem only to want him for objectifying sexual reasons Hey, wait a minute The worst part is, that there are now a couple ladies in the running who are aware of exactly what gary is actually capable of.

Didi has jumped to the conclusion that gary is a viking in the sack, yuki has no idea, kiley seems to have a bit of a hangup on him but is dealing so far, sorta and now we have two porn stars who know its an oral technique and want thier gary fix. Before they got involved I figured it would be a massive train wreck where yuki finds out in the worst way possible that gary slept with her friend and neither of them said anything, while didi tries to seal the deal only for gary to misfire and she takes off in a rage before he can explain what he does that works so well.

Perhaps have it revealed by kiley when she finally snaps and tries to run back to gary for one more ride. Now im picturing a cat fight over gary that yuki walks in on and she flips out after learning the secret. Y'know, now I feel really bad for Zii. I was hoping Sonya wouldna get to torture her even more. I figure panels while she figures out how to send a clear and precise message to planet Yukichan. Eh, I've just started to like Zii more since she's started to settle into a new kind of character, so I feel she doesn't deserve this so much.

And as always, Yuki misunderstands things! This is almost starting to look like my last relationship. You can't really blame Yuki for misunderstanding this one. Didi never did bother to try and set the record straight after leaping into the hallway and telling Yuki to do with her body as she pleased. If Yuki can hook up with DiDi, then not only may she get DiDi off Gary's case, but Yuki and Gary will kind of be equal in terms of side dishes I'm aware that's not how it works, but still. It'd also be interesting to see how DiDi reacts to real lesbian, who knows how to lez out properly.

I don't think Yuki will take DiDi's offer Not sure if DiDi will have the guts to clear things up I suspect the answer is no but we will see. Yuki x DiDi As for Zii I like her but I don't mind some hijinks. Yuki is such a caring soul. I mean, beyond the fact that Didi could beat him up, he's way too non-confrontational to ever do that, even if Didi was trying to steal his girlfriend.

Honestly, we don't know that. A lot has changed for Gary in recent times. He might have changed himself as well. It's these kind of comic that makes you wonder if the occasional psychotic violence directed at my crotch wouldnt be worth it Yes, Giz. This is perfect manga material. And don't forget to include gratuitious naked shots. Oh, Zii, you so predictable. Though, it is kind of strange that the test was getting eaten out. I mean, most people can probably do that.

Test seems to be getting eaten out so as to test your vocal range. I just like how it took a second read through for me to get the joke in that last panel. Perfect band name choice there. Zii is really trying to avoid the whole sexual relationship she had with her isnt she? One thing I don't understand, is why Zii is being so shy around Sonya while Eric is here. I know that she's totally into Eric now, but that doesn't mean she's not allowed to have had previous sexual encounters and must hide them from him, right?

Heck, she was 5 feet away when he was being humped into a coma by Didi and had to evacuate the building to escape from the noise, so it's not as though he is too hung up about this not being their first relationship The only thing I can think of, is that despite her original plan of just seducing Sonya to scratch an itch and then move on to the next conquest, Zii actually has some residual feelings for Sonya, too, and doesn't know what to do with herself now that she's trapped between both objects of her affection.

Am I missing something, or is Ma3 in danger of turning Gary into a many-partnered stud and Zii into someone afraid of taking a risk on any kind of relationship because she always feels out of her depth if you see what I did there? A good point, but so far Sonya isn't doing that. She has otherwise been quite well behaved at least, compared to some of her other antics around couples Hu, I thought Zii was afraid Admittedly, Sonya is totally not a lesbian but that doesn't mean Eric can't possibly fall for her anyway.

That was my take on the whole thing, anyway. The last few times Zii and Sonya have been in the same place at the same time, Sonya has been pretty creepy and clingy and wanting to hook up with Zii again, despite the fact that several of those times were while Zii was trying to get her to hook up with Gary. So Zii doesn't want her around and is certainly not comfortable with the idea of being in a band with her where she'd be around constantly. At the same time she does want to have a band again, and Eric is being so generous and helpful, and Sonya seems so excited, that she's having trouble bringing herself to stop the train at the moment.

Anyone else thinking that Yuki has the leap-to-conclusions-like-a-monk gift that Miko had? I noticed it before, but now it seems so blatantly She's always been portrayed as somewhat hyperactive and excitable, this isn't much different. Still, it turns out that any crazy fool can be a psychiatrist even without training. Kiley took on Yuki as a patient without qualifications, now Yuki is taking on Didi even without training To whom is Didi going to end up as Agony Aunt, I wonder?

I'm guessing Amber-Amber, intimidated by an 'amateur' even more gorgeous than she is Well, as long as everyone stays naked during all of this We need a beach arc But yeah, Yuki's mind seems to be racing in weird directions I guess she's intoxicated by Pun intended?

Anyway, it seems DiDi is taken another step closer to the comics titular sexual constellation by Yuki's fawning over Zii's prowess Oh wait, DiDi is not a bisexuelle Just as Sonya is not a lesbian, eh? Actually, I believe her. She has tried it and didn't like it, after all. I don't know that I'd say that. They didn't quite make it to actually trying anything because there's no foreplay in the Ma3 universe, and both girls were new at it and too nervous to go that last few inches cold turkey, as it were.

You pair Didi up with someone experienced who won't hesitate to start things off, and she might have a whole different perspective on it before long. She never said she really was attracted to women except slightly towards Sandra and only after Zii put weird thoughts in her had.

I wouldn't put it beyond her but I'd say DiDi would have shown some stronger signs if she was interested in females. Come on, Di, it's not like you'll get any less because Yuki gets some more. Though I'm sure both Yuki and Gary might get kind of lucky soon-ish Though, I really wonder what's going on in Yuki's head. I think this sort of confirms that DiDi has no concept of oral sex that would have gotten around her problems years ago, and she is setting herself up for massive disappointment since Gary has no game otherwise.

It's kind of weird. I used to like DiDi, but she's been so irritating lately I'm enjoying watching her not get her way. Going back a bit, but, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Senna a pre-op transsexual? How the heck bound heckles cakes of heck does she hide that fact in those swimsuits? Tucking an only go so far. She's really good at it, I guess. Also apparently plastic surgery is an advanced science in this 'verse.

Psychotherapy, not so much. If you spoke Quebec French, that was one vulgar comic. It's on, bitch. I think the big thing with this one is Yuki. Look at panel 3. Her eyes went swirly and she entered the tentacle haze, but then she took the hot dog and began to channel the rage. That's some real progress there. And still loving how expressive Didi is. Use your aggresive feelings. Let the hate flow through you. Real progress indeed.

I'm somewhat worried by those eyes in the last panel, but at least she's determined. If "take a bite" is her reaction to the danglieness I'm still not really sure where this is going. I'm leaning towards Yuki establishing herself as alpha-female in the flock some time real soon.

Well, it's not wild uncontrolled rage. She's cognizant of the fact that she's raging. Now that she's capable of controlling her actions which will still likely be no different but what they were before, but at least she now knows what she's doing she can eventually get to the point of deciding what her actions will be. Plus, funny. Guys, like I said earlier; it's going to turn into a Shadow of the Colossus boss fight between Yuki and Didi. The question is then going to be Gary's reaction: Close the door quietly then run for his life Get a nose bleed and pass out or otherwise get knocked unconscious by flailing limbs Stand there in stunned amazement and fail to run away before they start interrogating him Ask if he can join in I'm guessing 3 or 2.

Okay guys, get the popcorn: The fun is beginning. Now I just wish it would happen faster than twelve panels a week So: Psycho ninja-wannabe or beserker frankish amazon? The only thing I really don't want to see is this ending with Yuki walking out on Gary After all, all Asians know martial arts.

I think its been established that yuki is a capable fighter before now hasnt it? And anyway, thats just silly saying all asians know martial arts. We all know every last person from japan is a ninja of some sort. Pretty sure its a law there or something. That's silly. If everyone in Japan was a ninja, it would appear to be an uninhabited island because no one could see them. You might have a point if she wasn't executing what looks like a classic jujitsu throw. Yuki has been established as knowing martial arts for a while now.

This is not "all Asians know martial arts". This is "characters who have been established as knowing martial arts know martial arts". That's why you only see samurais. Ok, so I think it's definitely best if Yuki does not find out about Gary and Kiley ever. She'd tear the poor little thing apart I'm thinking DiDi is definitely not out after this. She looks more surprised in p3 than actually hurt from the punch. Which looks like it hit slightly below the plexus.

Dangerously close. The gauntlet has been thrown. I'm sure there's a trope for that. Like this one? Told you. I actually think it's pretty badass of Yuki to not use any exclamation marks in that whole exchange. Yuki has been established as a martial artist of some kind. I mean, she walks around with nunchucks, presumably for practical reasons. DiDi certainly isn't KO. She's fit and supernaturally strong.

I just can't decide if DiDi will rise in world-wrecking glory or if she'll just take the hint and scoot off. After all, she's not here to fight. Of course she is! She is fighting for the most precious thing to a woman: An orgasm! No way a simple throw will make her back out. I demand torn clothing and makeup sex!

I thought that looked more like a judo throw, but I'm not very familiar with either style. The initial punch was for surprise, so in that respect it worked, but with regard to damage on the Frankish Amazon I think the shirt pull did more. By the way, is Yuki putting her shoulder under Didi's breast for leverage in panel 4? Close enough. It's still martial arts. Though jujitsu is generally more brutal than judo. Looks like DiDi is might be getting a pounding, though not of the type she so desires!

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Afterall, he wouldn't really just randomly send Chuck in with a gun, would he? The reason? Doc has figured out that the dinosaur headquarters was built where NASA used to be. Doc is intentionally putting Chuck in harm's way on the gamble that the second a dino hits him, the last of the Nasaghasts is going to pop out and start wrecking stuff to protect him. That is my thought as well. Hmm, nice theory, it does sound very likely. Which means It won't happen, This is Mc.

Ninja Were talking about! However, Its not only Increadably likely, but also super special Awesome, so It probably will happen. Either way, awesomeness ensues. Very nice speech. So, how old do you think the good Dr is? Obviously, he is more than 32, but only just going by 20 years having past and Gordito's "I'm almost as old as you now". Possibly 36 by now, but probably not.

Oooh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok I'm actually a bit disappointed today. I hoped to see shocked dinosaur faces. And for me, this is an awesome page. The pov works well, really shows the awesomeness, and some butts are going to be kicked. I still hope to see the dinosaur's expression in later pages though. I'm worried about the lumberjack in the background, the one that's kneeling and clutching its chest; is it not transforming properly or something? Oh hey, didn't notice the tiny hat.

That's probably what's going on, then. But Bunyan Army splash page is awesome. I just have to say it: This comic is awesome. Mcninja as a whole has really grabbed me, but with this story arc, I've really begun to appreciate it. And who knows? We may get the chance to see some shocked dinosaur faces. I do hope that there's more up the Doc's sleeve than this, though. Not that it isn't a good start or anything. That was the girl. How many lumberjacks have girl parts? That'd be the last thing I'm concerned about with this whole scene.

Oh man. This is going to be epic. I thought that was pretty obvious from the beginning of the story. Man, and here I was expecting them to grab brachiosaurs by their necks. Suddenly that seems so quaint. Holly ninja jesus! If you remember the first colored mcninja comic, the good dr must get on top of a multistoried building to get in place for the jump toward their face. See, they should've kept the giant blue ox and tamed it for situations like these!

Nope, I had completly forgotten. Now I find myself on a weird complete tengeant, wondering if the cop in the next strip is somewhere among the crowd of revolutionaries or if he refused because he "doesn't do dinosaurs. And this is why I love Dr. No unnecessary exposition. Straight from giant lumberjacks to dino-punching :smallbiggrin:.

Though I still wonder to this day why they dyed their dinner blue, that would just make it look unappetising. The good Doctor did it to freak Gordito out. Well thats why they sold it to the circus. Yeah, but I meant keep it for themselves. Maybe they stayed in contact with the circus so they ask them to send the giant ox whenever their enemies become too big to fight normally? Doc: "Judy, we need help! Send the MegazordOx. They drew that too, now.

Since we appear to be blessed with wishes for gratifying violence coming true, I'm still interested in all different kinds of polearm-dinosaur interaction. In particular, it'd be really neat to see a juvenile T-rex or a raptor try to handle one in a scuffle with some normal-sized human. I bet there's some fantasy drawing for that somewhere. Seems he'd be pretty useful in a fight like this. Though I suppose he might have been killed soon after the dinosaurs arrived, given that he could come fight them on their own terms size wise.

That would make him a pretty likely casualty if he got in a lot of fights. I think I just found a dangling plot thread that I'd totally forgotten about that is going to be picked up at some stage. Mary, whose superpower was the ability to create "miracles". If that ain't a callback waiting to happen, I don't know what is. But I'm going to be somewhat surprised if she never is heard from again.

Hey, I'm the one who thought she was the girl at his parent's house that turned out to be a new character :smallbiggrin: I've been waiting for that dangle to get cleared up for a while. Or Mimes! That way we will have packs, Lazors, and air helmets to avoid brain damage and we will be able to fight the dinosours on equal level!

You have to like how Gordito don't just roll in though the flat part of the breach but goes immediatly for somme gratuitous ramp jumping. New comic. First off, is anyone else getting a reall, really low res version of the comic? Probably just me, but blah. And he was good while he lasted.

At least he got his wish. On the "just me? He was a polearm-packing man and a half Polearm Guy! I swear to you Chris, if you take Potato Guy as well I will never forgive you. Polearm Guy. Panel 6, Page 51 - Panel 5, Page 59 His dream will live on in all of us. Is it just me, or does last friday's comic have blurry text? It was mentioned last page, but this low-res version is due to San Diego Comic Con somehow , and Hastings has put a little note below the comic saying he'll fix it shortly.

Todays comic is the same quality. Now we know why doc keeps wearing his highly visible labcoat: it hinders his stealth just enough to confuse and frighten his targets. It's also useful to show people that he is also, in fact, a doctor. It's also his second to last nine of defense. Also giant robots, uh Dracumechas, Radimechas, Franz reinmecha, Ronald mac mecha?

I say that sounds like somme plot thread for later. I say that sound like somme plot thread for later. One wouldn't have indicated the waiting and making sure that no more dinosaurs were about to appear. Why did he have to do three blank panels? Wouldn't one be enough?

Scott Mcloud actually once wrote an interesting thing about this. There are kinds of panel transition. But the thing is, mainstream american comic book only mostly used two things, action-to-action panel transition, and scene-to-scene panel transition. There are other kinds of panel transition. Like this one, where it's used for pacing and to show how time passes, or to show silence. Webcomics also less limited in space I guess, so he can afford having those empty panels.

New comic is up How on earth was this not abused in the first scene that we saw dark smoke puncher fighting? Iguess he could have used it to get in, but still. The first scene where we saw Sean fighting in the Dinotopian future he was, y'know, already fighting.

His cover'd been blown already, if he'd been using it. Really can't say anything else. This is really an epic all-out no holds barred fight we have. Ok, so, what was Doc's plan again? Give Chuck a useless gun, assure him that it will all be fine Did Doc just leave Chuck to get mauled by a raptor, or what? The theory I saw earlier was that the dinosaur base used to be NASA, so if Chuck gets hurt, the Nasaghasts pop up and start fighting dinosaurs.

Aye, that's what I think as well. Judging from that dead dinosaur, I think the return of the Nasaghast is imminent. You're right. That's got to be it. McNinja, I wonder if this will be the time when Dr. Actually, i think the flashback was meant to show why Sean might be safe. Even though Sean tried to kill the Doc and Chuck he truly knew that they were never in any harm. Seems like the real reason Doc asked because he was worried about that Sean would be targeted for trying to kill Chuck granted though, there is one thing we did get wrong.

The nasaghast will kill an who ever tries to harm an asronaut no matter where they are in the world. You mean I could die anywhere in the world just for thinking about harming an astronaut? You never wondered why NASA is so powerful and influential? Seems like the real reason Doc asked because he was worried about that Sean would be targeted for trying to kill Chuck Hmmm, that's a really good point. I forgot, was it future chuck who told doc about nasaghast?

I was wondering, does the other alternate universes have nasaghast. I remember nasaghast came from a particular accident, but I wonder if it only happened in our doc's universe. Yes, it was Future Chuck. Well, if Chuck gets the bright idea to go and provoke dinosaurs into attacking him or just go all Astro Rambo , he'll be a win button for Chuck at least.

The ultimate personal weapon! Psh, who need guns. This must be where the whole invading dinosaur plot thing went wrong. Chuck didn't have to go into space to kill the dinosaur scout, he just needed to train everyone on Earth to be astronauts. As a side-bonus, most of them already had the suits for it thanks to zombie apocalypse line Chuck. Huh, nasaghasts can talk now. It may think he's been punished enough already; or on the other hand that the dinosaurs are a more pressing concern at the moment.

Or it came to a realization what Doc was trying to do, and that it messed things up since it was so focused on its 'mission'. The dinosaurs present an immediate threat to Chuck, while Doc's assault on an astronaut occurred years ago by the Nasaghast's reckoning. Also, Doc can defend himself. I think it's a matter of prioritizing. I'm trying to think of what's running through his mind, and I think it's "Thank god this space suit has a built-in toilet Because you're lucky I just came in after reading the comic, or I would be sooooooo pissed at you right now.

Really, sean You could have change disguise. Am I the only one thinking of Ninja Ducks now? Not anymore. Or ever again. I like it. Since it's specified as Geneo 2 I'm thinking maybe it's a second Horrorsaurus. Someone was asking for the lumberjack to grab a brachiosaur's neck?

Well, I hope he's happy now. You know, I really am. It's going to be Mungo or his genes spliced with a Dino. Wouldn't it make more sense to sick them on the Mac Ninja then? Besides I don't think so. The alpha raptor said something about Geneo being made for siege situation. He's still young as the scientist said. Also: if the scientist says, that it's too early to use an experimental secret weapon, you should listen - it never goes well. I"m actually rather disappointed. Not at what the creature is, but at its presentation.

Come on Chris, I know you can make a more dramatic presentation! I agree. The thing is pretty scary for a drawing of something so absurd. It's really par for the course and not in a bad way. Ahah, I though I had seen somme succion cups in that last comic. I'm not even gonna ask.

This one looks different. I thought the other horrorsaurus was just a really big T-Rex. I just checked the three comics it was in and all you see is the head and insides so yeah, apparently this is what they looked like. Also, ooh yeah, called it.

I think that's what we all assumed, though I noticed the multiple eyes and the weird jaws on the first one. Having a flying mass of writhing tentacles for a body, though, was new to me. Where does it say that? Surprisingly enough, ninjas.

Maybe it's an upgrade? Frankly, we've only seen the head and stomach of the first one, so it might have been a flying tentacle monster as well. Horrorsaurus could just be a term that they use to describe any huge dinosaur that has obviously been changed by science to become enhanced.

Like how a helicopter is called a helicopter even though there are many different types of helicopters. I was also under the impression that the first Horrorsaurus wasn't a tentacle creature but a giant T-Rex. We need horrorcopters in here, stat! That was my initial impression too, but when I looked back, there was indeed no visuals of anything past its head, so I can just as easily accept it being a tentacle monster.

So I found this comic a few years back but never really got around to liking it, do you guys think I should give it another go? I know you guys are awesome enough to try to give unbiased answers though.

I'm tired of seeing that Tvtropes picture with the guard thinking to himself and wondering where that came from. There's a lot of good things to say about it though there are some bad things to say as well The McNinjas are a little hard to tell from one another at times. Sure, father McNinja has a mustache and Dr. McNinja has a lab coat but other than that? Sean and his mother get to wear the generic Ninja outfits. You may skip it without regret. This story was the lowpoint of the McNinja franchise and its the story that introduced us to one of the main characters!

In point of fact there's nothing about Dr. McNinja's sidekick in it which seems a shame. Also, in recent storylines there was very little doctoring in the story, just various Ninja antics. We need a bit of that back imo. Well those are my three biggest gripes. Other than that, it is the most surreally strange webcomic.

That's my favourite bit. In order to step on it first, he needs Karl. Vertex coinciding with vertex F of the Rosolini II concession: corresponding to the SW corner of the northern building of the Masseria Valenti wall complex;. Vertex at the beginning of the little path leading to the top of the hill and the Mammanelli property;.

By that date, it will be essential to have carried out this information and training action jointly, and to ensure that the three market components work together - namely industry, commercial distribution and, above all, the sector forming the vertex of this triangle, the consumers.

Auxiliary vertex 1.