buying points betting college basketball

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Buying points betting college basketball exacta horse betting calculator win

Buying points betting college basketball

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A full-point buy, then, would result in a payout, and so on. Most books limit the number of points available for purchase to three. Not all spreads are created equal, however. In the NFL, 3- and 7-point spreads are much more important than others since many games finish around those margins, so buying onto or off of those numbers is going to cost you a bit extra.

Oddsmakers are well aware of the probabilities of every final-score margin, and therefore price half points accordingly and even unfairly at times. The following table is from , and compares the results of betting every NFL game since at the closing key-number spread against the half-point improved one.

While the winning percentage obviously improves, the total loss in terms of units , and therefore money actually increases as a result of the premium price paid for each half point — a price that oddsmakers have set just high enough to ensure a long-term edge while still attracting bettors.

Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Patrick Mahomes. Danny Donahue. Download App. Table of Contents 1. What Does Buying Points Mean? The Cost of Buying a Half Point 3. Should You Buy Points? Written by Steve Finch on June 25, Thanks for contacting us, We will call you shortly. Points cannot be purchased on money lines or half time point spreads. When you buy points, you move the point spread by half a point in the direction you want, either for the favorite or underdog.

In the NFL and NCAA Football, the cost of buying half a point depends on the point you are buying into and whether the odds are standard or off-standard e. You can only buy half a point onto a flat number only e. The cost remains at a total of. Similarly, if the Temple Owls are 3.

Off-Standard Odds With off-standard odds, the cost of buying half a point depends on whether the odds are greater than or less than If the odds are positive or greater than , a charge is applied to bring the odds to before the. If the odds are less than , the charge of. Rules The following rules apply when you buy points. Wagers must be placed on the outcome of a single event or game, and all standard rules apply.

The team you wager on must win by the point spread you have bought. The maximum number of points you can buy is one half. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Older post. Newer post. Recent Post. Madden NFL Odds. Madden 20 Tournament Winner. First Division. UFC Lines. USA Election Odds. US Presidential Elections. Golf Odds. Golf Specials. Betting Lines. Live Betting.

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One of these methods to winning a wager involves buying points to secure a betting line that is one you feel very good about coming out on your correct side. The process of buying points is not a new one; it goes back quite a ways, as sportsbooks allow bettors to get in on this for a price. Exactly how buying points works to the advantage or disadvantage of a player in cases is explained here, including going down the list of some of the biggest sports and leagues in which buying points is a popular fad.

The most important aspect that ExplainBettingOdds wants our readers to come away with is the understanding on how buying points actually works, and why you would want to use it. The notion of buying points on a betting line is just like it sounds. This relates only to the point spread of a game, in which oddsmakers have established a favorite and an underdog with a specific spread on the game line.

From here, bettors have the option to lay down a wager on that point spread, or change it to either push it in their favor, or away from their favor. The process involved in buying points would go something like this. Say for example you are looking at betting on an NFL game, and the betting line is set at 4 points.

That means for the favorite to cover, they would need to win by five points or more. On the flip side, the underdog can cover the spread with a loss by a field goal or less. If a bettor wants to move the line close together to take the favorite because they think that the line can be covered more easily, then the option to buy points to shrink the line can be enforced. If the bettor wants to move the line further apart, the same processed is involved though it would move towards the favorite having to cover more points.

The question here is why someone would want to buy points to move the line in the first place? What is the advantage in doing so? Why not just take the line that oddsmakers give you? Well, many times a point spread set down by oddsmakers might not sit right with a bettor, and to move to one they like, they can simply buy the points. But the key factor here lies in how the payouts are affected, which is what we get into in the next section.

The process of buying points has a big effect on the payouts to the bettors. The more the spread shrinks in favor of the bettor, the less the payout. The further away it goes from the way a bettor wants to wager, the more the payout. For example, if a point spread is This allows for the house to accept your action but take on less risk. But, a bettor could want to shift the line and give points as well. Sacrifice a point on the spread will have the odds increase to even or in the positives.

This opposite approach makes that spread harder to cover, but the reward is bigger on the payout. Alternate lines are an excellent option as well, as they have preestablished line and odd changes for your choosing. When dealing with NFL betting, sportsbooks will allow bettors to buy points in increments of half points. The general rule of thumb is that each half-point bought will cost the bettor 10 cents on the dollar. In the NFL, sportsbooks and bettors focus on the number three.

This is because most NFL games are decided around a field goal total. The other important number is seven, obviously relating to a touchdown. Bettors can get a lot of value in buying a three-point betting line up to a 3. The same notion in the NFL towards buying points is applied to college football, though there can be some more variance because of the disparity in some of the matchups that are decided. But the point here is that oddsmakers do their research and are quite close many times.

As a result, buying the point total up or down by a half-point can prove to be the difference. Points are bought by the half-point here as well. The NBA is a much higher-scoring sport than the NFL or any other sport, but the spreads remain relatively consistent to these sports. As a result, half-points can be bought one way or another on the spread. Therefore, the consensus open and eventually closing line is a great way to measure your skills as a bettor or handicapper.

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If you need to discuss this issue further, please contact us at. No considering the difference between and is 2. In deciding whether to purchase another half-point, you might assume: we covered that in the previous example; the change from Notice the difference is now 1. We already calculated in our previous example that going from Obvious here buying the next half-point is a no brainer.

I just showed how going from This is a paradigm many new sports bettors struggle to understand. Once you get into the double digits the push probabilities on each point range from 3. Remember when going from to the needed increased win rate is 2. Considering all half point buys move on or off a push, that 3. To learn more about purchasing half points you can read my article on NBA teasers where a similar concept is applied.

To really grasp this concept, read my guide to teaser betting strategy which mostly covers football, but has a ton of value that can easily be applied basketball betting. As a reminder Online Gambling is one of only a few websites on the net that actually help sports bettors win. There are thousands of other articles elsewhere with senseless babble about buying half points that are of little help; where obviously our article here has substance. If you appreciate our advice, please help support our site.

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