football spread betting systems

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Football spread betting systems betting football las vegas

Football spread betting systems

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A sports bettor has to select His work with professional sports organizations includes optimizing scout travel, in-depth player analysis and lineup configurations. Correctly predict the winning team Among his greatest innovations was the discovery of neural networks as a powerful tool for sports betting. While the model was initially developed around NBA betting, it has since been applied to other sports — chief among them, the NFL.

From this model, we derive our picks for each game. And the best part is, our system is a living, breathing predictive model — it possesses machine learning capacities that allow to detect trends and potentials that we mere humans could only dream of finding. For more information, check out this handy dandy video on how it works. Essentially there are six different ways to bet on the NFL.

Bookmakers set a spread with a favorite and an underdog. Pretty straightforward stuff. Moneyline betting is an equally common form of sports betting as spread bets. The difference is that with moneylines, bookmakers will set lines representing the favorite and the underdog.

NFL totals betting is rather self-exploratory. A prop bet is a special kind of bet that has nothing to do with the outcome or final score of a game. Some of them are player-based — how many yards or touchdowns a specific player scores. Some of them are based in live betting, i.

In order for the bettor to win the wager, all outcomes must unfold accordingly. This might involve a handful of other bets such as a totals bet and a moneyline bet. According to a prominent Vegas oddsmaker, one of the most integral statistics for betting the NFL is… duh duh duh dahhh… pass yards per attempt. Teams that are successful and efficient in their passing game tend to carry the edge over their less successful opponents. Taking this little known or acknowledged stat into account in your handicapping will no doubt help you find success in your waging.

The team who averages more turnovers per game is likely to give up more scoring opportunities and thus the whole game. So it goes without saying that our model analyzes far more than just turnovers and passing yards per attempt.

For our example, these odds are both the standard , which is the default vig charged by sportsbooks on straight wagers. The point spread, while simple to understand, can seem daunting to people who have never bet sports. Instead of winning or losing, teams must either cover the spread. The Steelers are favored by If they win the game but by less than 5. The requirement of the underdog in point spread betting markets is not to win the game outright, but to cover the spread.

If they happen to win the game, we win our wager, but for this contest, the Browns only need to lose by less than 5. The Steelers may have won the game straight up, but they failed to cover against the spread. If the final score were instead for Pittsburgh, those who bet the Steelers They won the game by 7 points, covering the spread by an extra 1.

If this is still confusing, we can utilize simple addition and subtraction to figure out if our bet on a favorite or underdog is covering the point spread. For instance, if the Steelers have 20 points, we can subtract If the Steelers have 20 points and are favored by The same can be done for the underdog Browns. In the above example, we used a point spread of 5. However, when there is no half point, a push is possible.

A push occurs when there is a tie between the bettor and sportsbook where the final score is identical to the point spread. If we change our above example to a 5 point spread, and Pittsburgh won the game , the outcome would be a push for both bettors who took Cleveland or Pittsburgh due to the five-point difference in the final score. All point spreads will have attached NFL money line odds. The standard odds for point spread betting is These will usually be listed beside each point spread in parenthesis, as in our above example.

The attached moneyline odds will change depending on the betting market. This is usually most common on numbers that go through the 3 and 7.

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NFL Spread Bet​​ Bookmakers set a spread with a favorite and an underdog. In order for you to win on a bet of this nature, one team must cover the spread — so if the spread is -7 in favor of the Chiefs over the Steelers, the Chiefs must win by seven points or more. A point spread bet is a wager in which you bet which team is going to outperform their expected performance. The sportsbook will set a line based on how well they think each team will do during the game, and then you choose which team will perform better than that set line. a professional sports bettor developed these football betting systems when Bovada charges a lot more juice and often shades the line in such a way that juice.