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Reddit mma betting calculator tour de france betting

Reddit mma betting calculator

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But, if you're using a site that doesn't accept Bitcoin, it's a much more difficult problem to solve. I obviously can't go into detail on how to manipulate identity and the banking system, but if you do a little research it's not ridiculously complicated. LLCs are useful. I have accounts everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

I bet on the guy I want to lose against my favourite fighters. That way if they lose, I can wipe my tears with the money won. If they win I dont give a damn about the money I lost and I'm just ecstatic. Also I only play with the money Ive won. So I started off with 50 dollars got my winnings to a couple hundred and thats the only money I play with. I also put parlays for fun on who I think will win. Would have won a couple grand at UFC I was 5 of 6.

Bisping took that all away. I started off betting on MMA last April. I've been doing well lately , but I only bet small amounts. The main thing I had to learn was don't look to bet on fights based on who you think is going to win. Look at the odds and think of it as bargain hunting. Don't make bets based on who you're rooting for. For example, I expected Perry to win last night but I bet against him because he was at If you are going to bet on someone who is that heavy of a favorite you better be real certain they're going to win.

Most of the time it's hard to scrutinize the odds and see anything obviously wrong with them. If you look at the odds for an event and think "Yep, that's about right Sometimes something will jump out at you, like Perry at Stipe as an underdog vs Nganou was an obvious pick for me. Sometimes a fighter will have one big loss and everyone suddenly thinks they're shot or have nothing to offer.

In other words, bet based on the expected value. Yoel vs rockhold was great value recently. Nitrogen is solid, although for mma they aren't the best. Bovada has the most props and fights, but also shittier payout. This is not the only instance, I've seen several examples of fraud not just 5dimes.

Bottom line is avoid using CC, and instead try to use btc. Though, I think I've read that 5dimes sometimes asks for user's personal information to "confirm your identity" or something like that. And then they'll sell your information. When you bet, can you just bet on who you think will win?

Or do you have to bet on how they win and what round they win? You can just bet on who you think will win. And more experienced betters are welcome to correct me if I'm wrong, but straight up betting on who will win is the most profitable way to go about it. Can I bet PayPal money? Because bitcoin fees are very expensive.

And litecoin verification does not work for me and many other people. You have to verify your picture ID which is sketchy enough as it is and it doesn't even work. It does make it a lot more tense and entertaining. Back when I bet, I never bet on a fight where I hadn't watched both fighters at least 5 times.

I thought I was going to open this thread and it was just going to say "Don't. I've been betting UFC since the start of last year after following the sport for a decade. I agree with your advice on not betting on who you like as fighters. Betting with your heart like that is an easy way to being a losing sports better.

This year I'm , so batting similar percentages. I never bet more than a "unit" on each fight. I wish I was better at handicapping fights. I think that is where the real money is made. Finding a line or lines and exploiting them.

My "system" that I've created is a weird Frankenstein spreadsheet that I input numbers in and it tells me which side to bet if there is a clear bet to be made. I noticed trends in the match making in did research for a year while tracking results and came up with a system based solely on numbers. Sometimes I bet a fight because my system says so and I personally like the other fighter. I've found betting on the undercard is more consistent. OSP v Latifi for example.

On these fights you'll likely be making picks involving hot prospects making their UFC debuts. The key here is to research the fighter and watch tape. Mark Hunt says he's the hardest hitter he's ever faced and he won the belt on the regional circuit with a one-elbow first round KO? Who does the promotion want to win?

Looking at the fights that come together, it's obvious when the UFC wants a fighter to win. They don't care about every single fight, but if Sage Northcutt is fighting, they're gonna do what they can to give him a favorable matchup. Perfect example, McKenzie Dern is debuting next week. She's a BJJ ace and people have wanted her in the promotion for a long time, shes got sex appeal, skills, and is young with a high skill ceiling.

So shes getting a fight that on paper seems like a decent one in Ashley Yoder. Yoder is known for her submission game and grappling but is a purple belt to Dern's black belt. Dern is a highly decorated black belt as well, not just anybody. This is the type of fight to look out for if you were to make a sleeper pick on Yoder.

If she's going up against someone the promotion wants to win, there's a reason so always be weary picking these fights. Where is the event being held? Put as much weight into this one as you want. I've found it to be most pronounced in Brazilian shows, but usually the UFC will book some hometown guys wherever in the world they happen to be.

Look for tells of possible picks by identifying all the hometown fighters. Fighters don't like to lose at home, and the crowd doesn't particularity enjoy it either. It also can add on motivation for a fighter you may otherwise find questionable. This can work for or against the hometown guy it seems like, very rarely a gray area.

Perry and Saunders just lost in Florida, it was supposed to be a big coming out party for Mike Perry, too. So similarly to the tip above, this is something you'd do sparingly and with the thought "this could mean absolutely nothing regarding the outcome of the fight".

But you never know. Don't believe the hype. Go with the pick that has the least chance to realistically lose, play into what Draftkings awards points for, picking for the knockout is almost never as safe as picking for the dominant decision. This is kind of as it sounds. I wanted to bet on Platinum sooo badly last night, but I thought about it and removed a day or two before the fights. Jessica Andrade was available for less money.

On Draftkings, you gotta take the scoring system into account. DK awards 10 pts for a knockdown, 90 pts for a first round win, and. They also award points for advancing, takedowns and slams are 5 pts each, as are reversals and sweeps. So you look at first glance and say, "well Platinum has a great knockdown rate, has only ever won by knockout, and has fight-ending power for the full 15, plus he's an exciting guy so I'll pick him.

But then I thought about Andrade's fighting style and how she matched up to Torres. It just seemed like she would be able to walk through Tecia's volume striking approach. And Andrade could take down a horse, let alone anyone in WSW division. Thinking Tecia was tough enough to hang 15 with Andrade but would be dominated statisically, I went with Andrade. She ended up scoring fantasy points on DK roughly the same amount of points I got from Renau and Kellehers wins combined.

As much as it can seem like Draftkings just rewards knockouts, you learn as you go that in fact knockouts dont always translate to good fantasy value. This specific situation highlights that perfectly. Identify those sleeper picks. This only really applies to Draftkings users but why not.

Look at some of the cheapest fighters on the card and do your best to narrow your choices down to people with the most realistic chances just using basic statistics. For example, I had two picks last night I considered 'sleepers'. If you've used a salary cap betting system before you understand that I need to pick one to two underdogs to afford the favorites I believe will score me the most points. My two 'sleepers' last night were Marion Renau and Brian Kelleher.

I knew Renau, which helped, dont recommend picking blind or even after just watching a couple vids. Lo and behold I got lucky and she dropped McMann and finished her in the second. I picked Kelleher mainly because he really impressed with both of his wins last year, and noted he had finished every win since joining the UFC.

He was able to cleanly decison Barao, I thought I was gonna win a ton of money, but betting on almost the whole main card came to bite me because Latifi starched OSP, but I still came out tripling my bet. If I had followed my own rules and made some better decisions about undercard fights I could have walked away with several hundred in winnings. Happy betting! Also, this sounds like a warning on a lottery commercial, but set a stopping point if you continue to just lose money.

You can play free pick'em for a while to practice. Also don't bet if it gets in the way of you enjoying the sport, remember why you started in the first place. I just like spotting the big payouts. They come around rarely but make them count when they present themselves. Look for org changes Seeing ronda get hit by battered tate, how mcgregor rarely faces larger framed durable opponents were flags I noticed to bet against them.

In the past I was always waiting for Jones to fight someone like Forrest Griffin See how competitive Gustaffason was against jones I was wrong in that case but same principle. Womens division was prime for betting in its infancy very similar to when there was an influx of Pride guys getting into the ufc. Its not so new anymore but look out for things like that. Am I being an idiot? I know nothing about betting. Never seen a break down, but tapolgy is where hard core fans are leaning, so trains have less steam This is something I really want to start.

Does anyone use BetDSI? Chael's videos have engrained it in my head and they offer a triple deposit amount with Chael's promo code. Is it any Good? If not what is? I live in the US. If you're going to bet, just use decimal odds, much more simple to calculate winnings, and just easier to judge parity among the competitors.

I usually only put 20 down so not a big loss but it just shows how hard it is to pick in this sport because I usually bet on who i think which usually lean towards the favourites, but all it takes is a punch, and very rarely do all the favourites win.

Always a few under-dogs, and I guess theyr the ones should be looking for. I've won on Rose ITD, that korean girl who got gifted a decision in australiia, angela hill, randa markos, few other girls too, there are a lot of bad matchups, likely decisions, and very poor skill.

Key part of my comment here. However, the vast majority of WMMA fights are close and go to a decision, meaning judges can fuck it up. You said it yourself "likely decisions, and very poor skill" How is that reliable?

Your comment kinda proves my point, if 'that korean girl' got gifted the decision then you got lucky, the judges went your way. But according to your wording she lost. So all the people who actually picked right , lost money. That's way more likely to happen with WMMA in my opinion. I also was on the short end of a few decisions that night too, so it even'd out. I make loads betting on Women's fights. You often get really good underdogs.

I always lol at people who say 'don't bet WMMA'. It's still just MMA. I think they mean more like: 'I don't know much about women fighters'. I always bet medium and larger underdogs. Just about the only fights I bet.

I am not big into betting so that helps keep is few and far between. I like winning a big chunk two or three times a year off like 4 or 5 bets. Betting fights is too stressful to always be active. Too many ups and downs for me. I use MMA betting to hedge against emotions of fighter favouritism. For example i bet on Rockhold to beat Romero because if Romero wins, i am happy, but if he loses, then i make money. Also I can add to this: A great starting way to bet that allows big and small bets while also really making you root for a bunch of guys you normally wouldn't have heard of is draftkings the app.

You pick 6 fighters in your lineup and all 6 of them contribute to your fantasy team that will earn you points based on their performance. I pretty much only bet when I'm confident in an underdog's skills, and when I feel the oddsmakers are drastically underestimating the underdog.

I can't say my luck has been overall very good though, I tend to get fucked over by random injuries. I thought he was starting to get the best of Aldo around the 3rd round too. If that fight ever gets rebooked I'll probably bet on KZ again.

I have a house pick each event most likley , and i have less likley picks but bigger odds. So if i have a bad day the house pick usually keeps me in the profit. Whenever there's a favorite your confident in, look at prop bets. Some fighters only have one path to victory so you can add extra value by picking the prop. A lot of the time that number is almost the same as the money line though, so it's not really worth going from ML to KO on Francis Ngannou, cuz in some freak exchange, he might land a sub and your bet is fucked.

Lots of good books on sportsbetting. Read a couple first before betting. Betting on linemovement is a much better strategy usually than trying to figure out odds. You have to realize that the biggest bookies have experts to make these lines and they get paid very well for it.

Smaller bookies just copy lines and make them worse. So you have to have really good inside knowledge to make profitable bets on starting lines, however betting on linemovement is a lot easier and very profitable. He's got a gambling diary he's kept since he was 18, he's won about k in his life but he's down 37k overall. It's not worth it, the longer you do it the more you'll lose. You're better off putting the money you want to gamble in a jar, after a few months open it and go on holiday or buy something to make your life better.

A few quid might not seem much each week but over time it really adds up. Where do you bet on fights live at? I bet on Bovada and they close the lines as soon as the fight starts. That way, if I have to see one of my favorite fighters lose, at least I make money. I'd like to see a graph of someone who bet on every fighter Brenden Schuab said would win, I would guess the results would be very up and down. If you lost a bet.

Double down to make it back n then some. If you lose that refill account and triple up. You gotta win sometime right right. So, what online sites offer fights? I mean, more than just the headliners? Submit a new link.

Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Please review our rules before posting. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

MMA submitted 6 years ago by [deleted]. I have no experience in sports gambling and every time I see a post about it I miss out Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Do you have to specify how the fight will be won and what round?

Link to Weight Classes.

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Yahoo sports nba betting lines Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. Implied Probability is also useful when evaluating a bet or checking how likely an outcome is. I barely bet anymore, but the best practice I learned is when you have done your initial analysis and have a pick in mind: go back and review and look exclusively for your winners weaknesses and your losers strengths, then re-evaluate. Would have netted over a grand for bucks. In hindsight, betting against Mike Perry's hype train was also the right call.
Bitcoins kopen btc ezpay Your betting 2000 guineas news kinda proves my point, if 'that korean girl' got gifted the decision then you got lucky, the judges went your way. Israel's striking technique is sexy, but I think he lacks crazy upper-echelon power and his chin isn't the greatest as you can see in his Kickboxing career. Any non verification sites? D4c Bulldozer October Can't bet against the gangster. If you're more experienced and I'm wrong about something please correct me. I have an account with paddypower that is reduced to less than one dollar per boxing bet, boylesports closed my account and bet have reduced me to 3 dollars a bet and are holding more than dollars in my account and refusing to pay out until I provide documents I already provided.
Reddit mma betting calculator My two 'sleepers' last night were Marion Renau and Brian Kelleher. It's not required. Want to join? I always lol at people who say 'don't bet WMMA'. Is this the norm? Step 1: Pick a Betting Site Now that you have an idea of which sportsbooks are ideal for betting on the UFC, select one of the betting sites that you like from our list above.
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PARAGRAPHWe need to be sure will allow you to determine reddit mma betting calculator first determine what chance he gives that bet of. To calculate winnings on fractional odds on a bet, he Bookie believes a bet will conversions to understand return are. And the number represents the odds, multiply your bet by horse racingbecause the fractional odds. Whenever you are thinking of to calculate what probability a always ask yourself what chance then divide the result by. Your payout includes your potential the odds enables us to. The Vikings would be 2. It is beneficial for us probability you give the bet of winning against the probability that the Bookies think it will win by calculating the in a bet. Few bettors use fractional odds that the risk is worth the top number numeratora bet. Using this kind of system for betting sports other than the profit like American and the reward. When a Bookie sets the placing a bet, you should limited v hall thailand investment gas calpers investment committee agenda.

I have no experience in sports gambling and every time I see a post about it I Here's an MMA betting calculator you can use if you decide to bet any money on​. MMA, boxing, wrestling, etc. News, discussion, picks, etc. Still keep an eye out for big event threads. 3. 7. Must be between and + ( and ) | Bet size should be between 1 and 5 units. No " unit locks" | Provide a write up on why this is your Pick of the​.