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Joining a Facebook group for Supply Chain has also been identified as one of the simplest things to do in contributing quickly to your professional growth where professionals share top career tips , useful YouTube videos , supply chain guides , and supply chain courses. Below are the key 8 benefits of joining dedicated SCM Facebook groups. You can attain invaluable results from using Groups as committees for bringing professionals together.

Following up on offline meetings around your area and in-person chats cab can aid expand your professional views quickly! Please do watch his interview to get awesome career tips. A significant part of going to events is the buzz that follows from hanging out with leading SCM professionals. Facebook group for Supply Chain will allow you to continue that buzz, converse, learn, and inspire others. Even though I play part roles in several seminars, I have helped provide useful information to my social media Groups.

The use of Facebook group makes it all super easy to stay in touch about any event. The ease of using Facebook Groups makes them a cost-effective alternative to introducing latest niche specific ideas. In addition to networking and finding new prospects in Facebook Group for Supply Chain, you are also getting good source for useful discussions and information.

Some extremely informational groups are only relevant when typical problems of interest are discussed. You also get periods of free invites to virtual events and other considerably great opportunities to get free information. Facebook group for Supply Chain works well if you seek mentoring. Such groups provide an excellent way for members to connect, inspire, and seek opportunities to communicate with International professionals. Catch-ups and regular updates are regularly discussed, so you can be rewarded daily with inspirations and ideas.

We should watch till the end to see the best questions. Creating reliable networks as a professional is very important. Nowadays, networking involves more than just physical interaction. Online networking may not seem traditional but works effectively as well. Most Facebook group for Supply Chain, offer various guidelines suited to ensure you find professionals with similar interests. These make collaboration and networking easy and keeps user active with relevant posts.

With dedicated Facebook groups, there is an accompanied ease of connection amongst like-minded professionals, thus boosts the sharing of new prospects. These prospects could serve as career boost or stare up your interests in venturing into something new.

Facebook groups are typically setup for like-minded professionals to share free resources, job postings, speaking opportunities, and so much more. I know there may be several postings a day, but you gain a lot more from being active. The use of Facebook group for Supply Chain can be lovable and great for brainstorming new concepts. Sharing of views on Facebook groups works well and have achieved excellent results.

A simple search of what interest you start by using the Facebook search bar. Several groups will pop up, but most groups tend to be closed, and you are expected to request to join. It is the only guaranteed way they become entirely beneficial. Most times, there is always something to interact about as several members have a thing or two to contribute daily.

Please click on the heading to open a link to join the group. This Facebook group, with over members, is entirely about Supply Chain Management and its related fields. Built solely for individuals with interest in Supply Chain Management, you only get added when you show real interest in SCM. Members are only allowed to post and engage all contents relating to SCM. Contributions concerning SCM are highly appreciated. Also, posting questions relating to SCM are answered accordingly.

This group provides insightful knowledge and opinion from different experts with a variety of perspective. Dedicated to helping logistics, procurement, purchasing, and supply chain professionals to achieve better career potential, this SCM group is amongst the leading Facebook group for sharing and finding Jobs, Network, Business Info, Career contacts, and Posts globally. The group features a network of professionals ranging from Entry to Senior Level Professionals.

This Facebook group for Supply Chain intends to promote and grow high standards among professionals in terms of ability, integrity, and skill sets. Open to various professionals engaged in purchase and supply chain management, the CIPS is intended to assist individuals, organizations, and professionals as a whole. The primary interest of this Facebook group for Supply Chain is to offer effective and efficient methods in funds usage for public and project procurement management.

The public group with 1. Not only has the market evolved to what it is today, the group aims to provide future forecast, identify strategic inflection points, assist in attaining greater efficiency and control. By becoming a member of this Facebook group for Supply Chain, you get to enjoy a lively network of global professionals helping others find jobs, mutual sharing, care, and great ideas.

The group is moderated by top professionals who intend to share their experience and best practice in Logistics and SCM. This Facebook group for Supply Chain is a global group intended for sharing of supply chain management job vacancies, career development advice, and networking. The Facebook group is open to all members as a platform for exchanging ideas, opinions, information, enhance friendship, and foster a transparent working relationship internationally.

Participation is encouraged for every member with insight and access to knowledge of the supply chain industry. All global supply chains carry some element of risk, but working with third-party logistics providers, with transparency in full effect, can help you achieve the best risk management outcome.

Larger container ships pose new risks and liabilities Peel Group invests in oil and gas business while European interests dry up Scientists raise concerns about Nicaragua canal environmental impact. Enabling a holistic, integrated approach to managing global supplier risks allows companies to minimize risks, protect brand integrity, and reduce supply chain costs.

And, the Top Logistics Technology Providers list celebrates best-in-class innovators that are helping shippers revolutionize their supply chains. Companies doing business globally are learning to be more flexible to adapt quickly to uncertainty without sacrificing economy, speed and service.

Port of Beirut plan for transshipment expansion irks truckers; New treaty greenlights Ghent—Terneuzen Canal lock upgrade; China-Europe rail development continues with UTi and Changjiu partnership; Global suppliers still laggard when it comes to environmental mitigation; Hong Kong looks to ease industrial real estate regs to create more warehouse capacity.

Globalization has a dramatic impact on strategic sourcing, logistics excellence, and supply chain management. Shifting global dynamics and internal business process changes are compelling manufacturers and retailers to challenge the status quo and reinvent their supply chains. Lauren Corbett, program assistant, acquisitions and logistics at International Relief and Development, secures donated supplies, and makes sure they get to people in need.

Lawrence system; Changing political relations between the United States and Cuba could signal new trade opportunities; UK faces a truck driver shortage among younger people; Panama approves new port development. Global trade management GTM solutions help coordinate trade compliance, and allow trading partners to share data.

Order volumes in Western economies have grown significantly, but momentum may be slowing, finds a new report. Most freight forwarders doubt they can handle changes to the United Kingdom's trading relationship in with the Brexit transition, including new customs documentation and procedures. Logistics , Technology , Supply Chain Management. Logistics , Supply Chain , Technology.

Whether you're looking for an enlightening read in the sun or taking your book-reading indoors this summer, this logistics and supply chain reading guide will help you catch the latest wave of discussions. Freight forwarders and shippers can book sea, land, and air cargo shipments to and from anywhere in the world with the rollout of DP World's online logistics tools and services.

Education , Logistics , Supply Chain. Learn about the terms and phrases popping up in the latest logistics conversations and hot topics. Global Logistics , Global Trade Management. With the daunting task of navigating the rapidly changing global trade landscape, where should shippers begin? Actionable global trade data is your lifeline for supply chain resilience.

Global trade intelligence solutions can help businesses swiftly find alternative suppliers in a concise three-step process: Identify potential sources, analyze costs, and vet potential trading partners. Global Logistics , Insurance , Risk Management. With the right risk-management plan, shippers can better understand the risks facing their supply chain operations and make sure their business is prepared by protecting the value of goods shipped globally.

Global Logistics , Ports , Rail. Logistics providers in Alaska are on top of the world, literally and figuratively. They are a special breed prepared for every challenge the Last Frontier poses. Education , Logistics. Ever heard of an "always responder"? Take a look at the latest logistics terms and phrases in our lexicon.

Logistics , Supply Chain. With a bustling airport, booming ports, and ample highways and railroads, the Peach State is a sweet spot for international logistics. Global trade management systems GTMs can help organizations comply with trade regulations and tariffs, automate transactions, and gain visibility into their supply chains.

By leveraging the information captured by the GTM, organizations also can improve their supply chain operations. With tight production and shipping windows, finished goods importers are especially vulnerable when unexpected disruptions take place.

These suggestions can help U. When it comes to logistics, the speed and convenience of e-commerce has led to changing expectations in the business-to-consumer sector. Meeting these expectations requires hitting an exact sequence of strict targets. From resource planning and transportation management to analytics, these top global trade management GTM solutions can help take the stress out of managing your global supply chain.

Global Trade Management , Ocean , Rail. Take a look at the facts surrounding the New Silk Road, which has the potential to act as a high-speed internet connection for transporting goods. Global Trade Management. From tariff and trade wars to new trade agreements and updated Incoterms, is shaping up to be an interesting year for global shippers. Cross-industry supply chain models and innovative ways of monetizing assets help shippers and logistics providers drive efficiencies.

Transitioning to digital payments would allow companies both large and small to streamline invoice and payment collection, enabling them to speed up operations and improve efficiencies across the supply chain. Logistics , Technology. The logistics and supply chain industry will be able to provide continuous coverage for monitoring, tracking and theft detection.

Freight Payment Services , Logistics. To survive in the modern business landscape, the logistics industry must embrace what Amazon has mastered: transparency. Distribution , Logistics. DHL provides Mio with more control over inbound orders from eight countries to reduce detention and demurrage costs while improving intake planning for distribution centers. Logistics , Partnership. Global Economy , Global Logistics. Brazil has catapulted to the front of the international trade frontier, with three key exports in particular shaping Brazilian trade: machinery, sustainable agriculture, and aerospace.

A small change in Inbound Logistics' tag line — from logistics to enterprises — recognizes the massive business shift in the way shippers drive excellence. Automotive Logistics , Logistics. E-commerce , Logistics. Consumers have become accustomed to extremely quick delivery and, as more retailers offer fast, free shipping options, logistics companies will need to adapt to the ever-increasing delivery pressures that align to evolving consumer expectations and preferences.

Reverse Logistics , Logistics , Supply Chain. These logistics challenges will define the remainder of Here's how shippers can determine the best approach to overcome them. Javelin Logistics removed their reliance on manual labor and now thrive in the e-commerce marketplace by partnering with 3PL Central. Here are some top takeaways.

The future is bright as the 3PL starts its 30s with a new facility and innovative new solutions. Logistics , Supply Chain , Transportation. Instead, they need to completely pivot their logistics to remain competitive. Global Logistics , Supply Chain , Transportation. With a cloud-based logistics management platform, BCOs can streamline and optimize their global supply chain with greater visibility into each shipment.

Having strong, accessible data and experienced personnel is essential to managing successful supply chain operations. Careers , Logistics , Supply Chain. Women are steadily advancing in supply chain and logistics. Here's how seven leading women in logistics got to the top of the field. Whether you are a company overseeing an entire supply chain or one piece of the puzzle, an investment in a quality control plan including logistics will generate long-term benefits.

Working at a freight brokerage has become an increasingly desirable profession. E-commerce , Logistics , Supply Chain. Without an in-house delivery option, enterprises are often held back if they rely on external providers. Even if the third party helps them increase their sales volumes, they can end up being order rich but money and data poor. To provide an answer to these questions, enterprises need a platform that allows them to manage an in-house delivery service, while flexibly deploying third-party solutions as needed.

Cross-border Trade , Logistics , Supply Chain. Passage is crucial to maintaining a healthy U. The longer the trade tensions between the United States and other countries persist, the more the U. Logistics , Logistics I.

Inbound Logistics' annual survey highlights key trends in the supply chain technology market and shines a light on the brightest and most innovative providers. China , Logistics , Logistics I. Global trade analysts predicted the sky was falling, but that is not currently the case. How did they get the projections so wrong? Logistics , Supply Chain , Warehousing. Georgia, a leading point of origin for companies to move products to their customers, has an inherent geographical advantage that is enhanced by a superior infrastructure and its status as home to many of the leading logistics companies and practitioners anywhere in the world.

Cross-border Trade , Global Logistics , Logistics. The U. Global Logistics , Supply Chain , Technology. As global trade continues to transform the way companies are producing, moving, buying, and selling goods across borders, it's important for supply chain leaders to know about trade trends that can help them benchmark their company against the leaders and laggards.

Air Cargo , Global Logistics , Transportation. Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Delta Cargo are poised for takeoff to their new home: the new purpose-built dnata City East, London Heathrow's state-of-the-art cargo facility. Retail Logistics , Global Logistics , Retail. What supply chain professionals can do to ensure that the skill set you've cultivated over the years is transferred to the next generation of practitioners.

Logistics , Vendor Compliance , Supply Chain. The rules that keep goods moving across borders are only going to get more complex. The UK leaving the European Union is not an uncertainty anymore. Bexit is a reality that businesses around the world have to face and prepare for. As the impacts of tariffs increase, companies must find new ways to consider and classify their products and supply chains to minimize costs and other risks. The Panama Canal welcomed its 5,th Neopanamax vessel through the waterway, reaffirming the value and impact the route has had on global maritime trade.

Retail , Logistics , Supply Chain. Consumer packaged goods CPG companies are among those most impacted by the proliferation of delivery channels over the past several years. To succeed in this changing marketplace, successful CGP businesses are refining factory operations and developing new distribution and transportation models. Aurora Plastics automates resin off-loading process and avoids costly inventory and quality management errors with RFID reader hardware from Janam Technologies and customized software applications from Quest Integrated Solutions.

Here are a few of the key trends and topics that logistics buyers can expect to hear and see more of in This story examines some of the new models for e-commerce fulfillment that retailers are using today, particularly ones that involve the use of physical stores. Logistics , Packaging , Supply Chain. Customer Service , Logistics , Supply Chain. As pharmaceutical and food supply chains become more global, these two industries are at particular risk for fraud, substitution, and counterfeiting.

Consumers are demanding more transparency and safety adherence as these issues arise. Intermodal , Logistics , Ocean , Supply Chain. This story examines some of the challenges that are slowing the flow of intermodal containers, and also looks at some technology solutions that help to improve the situation.

According to a task force, the USPS troubles stem from providing delivery for commercial entities at below-market rates, lagging volumes of mail delivery and high labor costs, both in compensation and retiree health benefits. Demand Planning , Logistics , Supply Chain. Air Cargo , Global Logistics , Logistics. Distribution , Logistics , Supply Chain , Transportation. Get moving with these actionable tips to jolt your warehousing, transportation, and logistics operations.

Global Logistics , Logistics , Ocean. The global shipping sector has a container problem. In addition to their financial costs, empty containers congest deck spaces and crowd ports. The tariffs President Donald Trump imposed on Chinese goods have caused sharp increases in expenses for some companies, and even businesses that have yet to feel the sting of the duties on imported Chinese goods are taking a closer look at their supply chains to see how they can minimize the damage.

Character is one of the central attributes of a great leader and one of the hardest leadership characteristics to develop. Whether they involve moving endangered animals or perishable delicacies, special projects demand teams that know how to plan thoroughly, collaborate with multiple partners and prepare for every eventuality. Here are ways to reduce freight expense while improving service outside of securing reduced freight rates from LTL, truckload, parcel and expedited services carriers.

Finance , Logistics , Supply Chain. This story examines factoring, supply chain financing, and variations on those strategies that trading partners use to optimize their cash flows. Distribution , Logistics , Supply Chain. Verst Logistics helped an arts and crafts supplies company address peak season challenges and growing sales by expanding its supply chain capabilities. Pharmaceutical Logistics , Logistics , Supply Chain. In the U. MD Logistics navigated the application process to become a general-purpose zone operator, providing customers with significant cost savings and allowing their goods to flow to market with greater ease.

Logistics , Ocean , Supply Chain , Technology. Logistics , Supply Chain , Trucking. Logistics , Supply Chain , Technology , Warehousing. To support this transition, the importance of real-time data and analysis is rising rapidly. Logistics , Supply Chain , Visibility. Collaborative transportation solutions can strengthen logistics operations by helping both shippers and carriers automate manual processes and gain crucial visibility.

China Post and Lufthansa Cargo announce strategic cooperation; LLamasoft survey finds that nearly half of manufacturers are considering alternate suppliers and are concerned about increased operational costs thanks to taxes and duties; Survey finds shipping industry concerned about impact of trade protectionism and cyber threats but mostly optimistic about growth; Global supply chain disruptions continue to grow at an alarming rate and the potential for financial or revenue impacts is the highest in three years; Top UK imports; automated storage and retrieval systems market to witness double-digit growth.

When first engaging in a partnership, shippers and their logistics providers identify a desired outcome and work collaboratively to deliver on those promises. In order to achieve the desired ROI and deliver on the promises made during the sales process, both parties need daily activities to align with that objective. The New NAFTA winners and losers; shippers need larger customs bonds; Panama Canal sets record annual cargo tonnage in fiscal year ; South Korea trade growth remains positive in Q4 ; the EU countries importing the most coffee; Feelunique partners with SEKO Logistics for cross-border growth into China; first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chains.

Global Logistics , Logistics , Ports. For Calendar Year through November, the Port of Savannah has handled 4 million twenty-foot equivalent container units, up from 3. Containers currently booked for December will add approximately , TEUs to the annual total. Customer Service , Logistics. A profile of Lori Fellmer, vice president of logistics and carrier management with BassTech International. Global Economy , Global Logistics , Logistics.

E-commerce , Retail Logistics , Retail , Logistics. Walgreens is striving to become more consumer-friendly in an attempt to compete with e-commerce. To better understand when shippers should send their packages during the holiday season, GrandCanals, the market leader in analytics-driven fulfillment, is launching an AI-powered website at where companies can view holiday ship-by predictions for , updated nightly.

These predictions are determined by artificial intelligence and consider both historical and current shipping trends across the GrandCanals Delivery Performance tracking network. A retailer or manufacturer who has a clear monitoring program in place will have peace of mind going through this holiday season.

When everyone in the supply chain knows exactly what is going to happen if products are damaged, then the groups can work better together to ensure products arrive safely and consumers are happy. Logistics , Ports , Supply Chain. Great Lakes ports and the St. Lawrence Seaway had one of their busiest months of the season in October.

Overall cargo shipments via the St. Lawrence Seaway totaled Last Mile Delivery , Logistics , Transportation. New York City Department of Transportation is keen on collaborating with shippers, transporters, and receivers to rethink their delivery schedule and shift to off-hour deliveries OHD with the goal of targeting business establishments by the end of With proper planning and forecasting, businesses across the manufacturing and logistics industries may reap substantial benefits under the new tax law.

However, it all depends on your unique business situation and how you choose to apply some of the different incentives to achieve your financial reporting objectives. Your vigilance and planning could help you take advantage of some of the corporate-positive changes while mitigating any potential negative effects.

Logistics , Supply Chain , Transportation Management. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, advanced analytics is the key to gaining access to hidden insights about your business that can drive growth and improve performance. The aftermath of the overhaul of U. Find out how it misses the mark in this key area. Any business that imports products should investigate the benefits offered by taking advantage of Foreign Trade Zones FTZs.

For the supply chain and warehousing sector, the burgeoning millennial workforce means an increased need for providing more sophisticated and functional mobile solutions. Nurturing and maintaining delicate flowers throughout the supply chain is not for the faint-hearted.

Here are a few stats showing logistics savvy in full blossom. To leverage rising automotive import traffic in Latin America, particularly in Chile, multinational logistics agency Agunsa has partnered with Japanese shipping firm "K" Line to create a dedicated automotive logistics company. You may see a product name, a PO , and select dates, but the ASN does not contain the details that receiving or warehouse management needs. There is a better way. We all know the best way to approach an unguarded railroad crossing is to stop, look, and listen.

That same advice applies when examining the economy, which will likely roar through at full speed. The continued migration of people to cities and increase in online shopping will generate more freight deliveries to and within urban areas. Global Logistics , Ocean , Ports. Panama Canal welcomes largest capacity container vessel to date through expanded locks; latest research shows a drop in international retailers offering free returns; The global forecast for the refrigerated transport market through ; what does the future of marine technology hold.

Capacity is getting tighter across the board. Some carriers may not be willing to commit capacity in lanes they were previously happy to do so. Should companies use the spot market less? Logistics , Sustainability , Transportation. Businesses are concerned about the impacts of urbanization; Manufacturers embrace IIoT to improve quality and operational visibility; Hurricanes will cost U.

GDP about. Global Logistics , Ocean , Technology. Unmanned surface and underwater vessels will dominate maritime activity in the United Kingdom and across Europe over the next decade. Peek into the future of autonomous maritime systems. Shippers are keeping a close watch on Cuba, and analyzing market and product gaps waiting to be filled. A statewide, coordinated workforce development effort in Indiana has built a robust talent pipeline. Readers share the logistics mementos and paraphernalia they would preserve in a time capsule for people to open in the year Logistics , Supply Chain , Transportation Infrastructure.

Intermodal , Global Logistics , Technology. When it comes to multimodal logistics moving freight by combining two or more transport modes Europe still lags the more advanced U. Establishing a committed team and communicating procedures and expectations is the key to managing the complex web of global shipping. Organizations have already begun to transition the delivery of supply chain and logistics services from an internal model to an external one, says a recent market study by KPMG and HfS Research.

Here's how companies should leverage future trends revealed by the study to create intelligent supply chains. India and Southeast Asian countries—Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan— represent an attractive region for many companies looking to expand and build their global customer bases.

The overall contract logistics market grew by approximately 3. Visibility is a key issue in the management of supply chains. Introducing transparency throughout all aspects of your business will bring about remarkable results. Here's how. This Mother's Day, let's remember all the little things Mom does to demonstrate her love and make our homes and our lives happier, healthier and "fully optimized.

As professional logisticians and supply chain managers, we are in a unique position to assist military service members transition into jobs in the supply chain sector. Here's why it's critical to help them and how to do it. In a globalized economy where finalized products have components manufactured all over the world, effective management of supply chains is critical.

Adopt these habits to reduce and mitigate risks faced by supply chain parties. The strengthening of air freight demand is consistent with an uptick in world trade and a six-year high in new export orders. President Trump hasn't been shy about his desire to put America on more equal trade footing with China, but business leaders have traditionally fought against efforts to force the trade rival into an agreement that's more equitable for both sides. Here's how to avoid rejected shipments and manage the process.

The supply chain is creating more jobs than it can fill. Here's why companies should use technology to change people's perceptions of the field. Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the supply chain. Here's how to protect this invaluable asset and address the driver shortage. Utilizing technology is key to the future of business and IoT has increased the connectivity of all areas of business.

Finding the right candidate for your business is a challenge that requires broad advertising, rigorous interviews, and ultimately some give and take. Here are five hacks for outstanding recruiting in supply chain management. Many companies are finding that value-added logistics services can help to give their supply chain a competitive edge. Use this advice to add value to your supply chain.

Logistics , Supply Chain , Technology , Transportation. Profile of Tom Ciepichal, vice president, operational excellence and supply chain, with Dover Energy, a segment of Dover Corporation. Organizations are looking to technology to help manage the complexities of the transport operation and to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive markets they operate in.

Leading logistics providers are driving change — rather than responding to it — by leveraging modern TMS solutions. Get the most out of a transportation management system by ensuring it provides the following functions. This provides 3PL operators a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships with key customers, suppliers, and retailers of their choice.

Lean , Retail , Logistics , Supply Chain. Predictive analytics utilizes various statistical techniques and models that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future. As consumers demand a greater personal experience and more sophisticated product, the digital revolution will prove a competitive advantage to those who embrace it. Logistics , Supply Chain , Security. As organizations continue to outsource, form partnerships and share data with third parties, a strong vendor risk management program that stays ahead or risks in the information supply chain has to be a top priority.

Manufacturing , Retail , Logistics , Supply Chain. E-commerce impacts not only consumer supply chains, but business to business supply chains as well. From location to infrastructure and from workforce to technology, Georgia sets the pace in the logistics race. In the life science and pharmaceutical area, an inefficient supply chain can cause serious problems. Here are the benefits in adopting innovative approaches to the pharmaceuticals supply chain.

The e-commerce race is only heating up. Here's what small to mid-size retailers should do to stay in the game. The shared economy leverages shared access to goods and services to allow suppliers and consumers to redistribute and reuse excess capacity. Here's why the 'shareconomy' will be a supply chain game-changer and how professionals can begin moving in that direction.

Selecting effective weighing systems can boost supply chain operations. Time to weigh in on the latest developments and what supply chain professionals should look for in weighing technology. Find the right solutions, carriers and partners to drive efficiency in your supply chain operations and enable your enterprise to navigate the twists and turns, ups and downs of the coming year. From basic improvements like streamlining operations and increasing process efficiency to fully automating delivery trucks, technology is enabling much smarter, simpler supply chain management.

Read about the three technologies making the most impact. A YMS can provide significant benefits to your operation. Use these pointers to help select the right YMS. Trump Administration makes infrastructure a priority; top locations and methods for cargo theft, State of the North American Supply Chain survey. Data integration across systems can help optimize the supply chain and enable organizations to provide their customers with the best possible service from order to delivery.

Millennials are expected to make up about 75 percent of the supply chain workforce by To appeal to this generation, companies should follow these five steps during the interview process. A look at six key competencies that university-based programs foster in students to prepare them for careers in supply chain management.

Most companies have insurance to protect their property and equipment, their vehicles, and their operations from disruptions due to natural disasters and other events. For companies with extensive supply chains, cargo insurance can be an important addition to this list. The subscription box industry launched by beauty products curator Birchbox in has expanded to include services for a remarkably wide range of consumer interests.

A behind-the-scenes peek at this new e-commerce model reveals a highly complicated business that relies heavily on logistics pros managing everything from inventory to kitting to delivery and returns. Satisfying that demand, however, poses unique supply chain challenges. E-commerce , Retail , Logistics , Supply Chain. Omni-channel retail supply chains are forging new paths to profitability. Here's what they look like.

Will the coming political change reverse slow economic growth many had anticipated for the next 4 years? Many think so. As the economic rollercoaster trends up quickly, best logistics practices will give your enterprise vitality to scale up quickly without disrupting. A routing guide plays an important role in setting the strategy for carrier selection across a variety of shipments within an organization.

Use these tips to get the most out of your routing guide. He has held this position since Wayne Farms is the sixth largest vertically integrated producer and processor of poultry in the United States. Also: CEOs in the supply chain sector reveal what it takes to be a great leader.

Business to consumer demand is set to outpace supply in the marketplace. Those who can solve that problem will be the big winners in the next phase of supply chain management. An Industry 4. Use these tips to cut costs. As more companies replace legacy technology systems with more sophisticated platforms, the benefits of cloud-based collaboration will increase exponentially.

Another year is upon us and with it comes a new opportunity to do things differently; to do things better. After all, if you are not evolving, you are dying. From a Lean and agile supply chain perspective,an optimally designed supply chain can significantly improve margins,support expansion into new markets,enhance the customer experience,and reduce operating costs. To overcome the challenges that e-commerce presents to the supply chain, shippers need to succeed at omni-channel fulfillment.

Today, we face the slow extinction of independent owner-operators. These self-reliant business owners are now dealing with a myriad of regulations that will soon make the owner-operator model impractical, and its survival improbable. Shippers need to understand the claims process and law since the legal principles are unique to the shipping industry. The flexible supply chain of the future is full of opportunities and challenges.

The emerging specialized parts sector of the automotive supply chain is vast and complex and requires skilled management. Logistics , Packaging , Supply Chain , Warehousing. How powersports manufacturer Monster Moto worked with UPS to redesign its supply chain as it moved its product assembly from China to the U.

As product demand continues to rise, companies in all industries are partnering with third-party logistics 3PL providers to ensure their products are delivered to customers on time and cost effectively. Working with a specialist can smooth the sometimes troubled logistical waters between the United States and Central and South America. This story looks at some of the major challenges and practices found in construction logistics, illustrated with stories from experts who work in this field.

Cruise ship provisions must support a small town at sea for a week or more. Logistics , Risk Management , Supply Chain. How prepared are companies for supply chain disruptions such as fire, a data breach, natural disaster or terrorism? Companies that have reverse logistics processes and systems in place to capture all the value possible can beat competitors coming and going.

As wearable technologies, such as smart glasses and augmented reality, grow less expensive and more accessible, an increasing number of companies are exploring whether wearables could benefit their warehouse operation. Winter provides a great advantage—time. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over and colder weather prevails.

Kowalski Sausage implements a new in-house routing and dispatching system to improve how the piggies get to market. From improving efficiency and productivity, find out how the handheld devices boosted inventory control and customer satisfaction for the wholesale distributor.

Ariens' tailored transportation planning solution from Redwood Logistics has led to efficiency gains, delivery improvements, increased visibility and cost reductions. This story looks at some of the bright spots in transportation, technology, global trade and outsourcing. Visibility into the supply chain is clearer than ever, dramatically cutting the time from order to production and shipment.

To bring the same transparency and efficiency to global trade, we need common sense changes. Find out how shippers can benefit. High taxes and complex regulations create new choices for manufacturers: Nearshore? Sue and settle? No matter what they decide, their supply chains will be impacted. Food producers, distributors, and retailers need to ensure safe handling procedures are in place to protect the food they handle.

New Year supply chain health check; DHL uses penguins to train couriers; Ocean Alliance receives FMC approval; Veterans make better truck drivers than non-veterans; Cyberattacks focusing on weak supply chain links. Here are three areas to start considering. Working with a specialized transportation provider will save you time and headaches while keeping your customers happy and costs down. An organized and well-prepared Request for Proposal RFP can yield a variety of benefits for your company.

Here are five tips to consider before starting an RFP. More accurate forecasts enable better planning, lower inventory and manufacturing costs, and improved service levels. Are you thinking about pursuing a certificate or certification in the supply management profession to enhance your knowledge and improve your career possibilities? A look at the metrics that shippers and their service providers use to evaluate the quality of customer service.

Air Cargo , Logistics , Supply Chain. Get ready for a supply chain paradigm shift. These technologies will cause shippers to rethink cost-cutting measures and rewrite logistics strategies. Take your logistics and supply chain career to the next level by understanding how your skills can impact an organization, networking with other industry professionals, and continuing to develop critical skills.

Supply chain professionals are concerned: Would the new president implement the protectionist measures he campaigned on, or were those statements made primarily to appeal to an audience? Here are four supply chain predictions. Readers choose between cost and customer service as the most important selection criterion for a carrier or supplier. Damaged holiday packages negatively impact brands; Robot cargo pilots successfully tested; Not having procurement department negatively affects bottom line.

Logistics , Supply Chain , Security , Technology. Bureau of Industry and Security revised almost every section of the U. Logistics , Supply Chain , Technology , Visibility. The Internet of Things is about to shake up the supply chain. Shippers need to develop mid- and long-term IoT strategies. More companies are relying on expedited shipping a regular part of their inbound transportation planning. However, intelligent systems are helping reduce the need for the Hail Mary emergency moves.

Working with a single-source third-party logistics provider offers many benefits. Retailers need to come together in support of the trade agreement that will ultimately improve the industry for all. Here are three reasons why they should stand behind the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The expansion of the Panama Canal promises significant changes in trade patterns and increased global trade.

Here are three ways companies can leverage this opportunity. Here's why the Panama Canal expansion is set to spur a realignment in which eastern ports take on a new and larger role in the continental supply chain. Accessing and sharing information on cargo through new technologies will not only smooth flows but it will also secure them.

Some recent experiences provide hope that smart, dedicated and hardworking young professionals will fill the logistics talent gap. South Korean ocean liner Hanjin Shipping files for bankruptcy protection in a dozen countries; Few respondents to a GT Nexus survey say they have a chief supply chain officer on hand who would be equipped to deal with supply chain disruptions; Maersk splits its transportation and oil businesses.

Effectively mitigate demurrage and detention fees by taking an integrated approach to logistics, contract management, and supply chain visibility using a global trade management system. Here's how looking at a past disruption can inform strategies for this current backlog. The business of importing and exporting with the United States reaches a milestone at the end of when the Automated Commercial Environment ACE is fully implemented.

To make its rollout seamless, FedEx developed a contingency approach that can be useful to other organizations as they adapt to this new era in trade. Lean , Logistics , Supply Chain. Logistics , Partnership , Supply Chain. The challenge for shippers considering a new logistics provider is understanding how to evaluate the overall potential of the relationship. Use these key items to ensure success. Manufacturing , Logistics , Supply Chain.

Manufacturers and their logistics service providers should understand the reshoring trend and the resources that are available to assist them with both the reshoring decision and process. Logistics , Partnership , Supply Chain , Technology. The benefits of a multi-tenant software platform are immense. The door to an automated brokerage process opens up when a broker strengthens relationships with carriers and customers.

Rick Erickson of U. Bank explains how to deal with increasing regulations, demand volatility, and shifting global trade currents. As transit times shift and service areas are updated, customers need a reliable source of data that delivers a standard messaging output that can be easily understood. Hiring challenges in the supply chain sector include attracting the best talent, developing leaders, and retaining high performers.

To solve these issues, employers must step up and build training programs that instill passion, share purpose, provide clear leadership and promotion tracks, are authentic, and ultimately diminish turnover. Oregon-based manufacturer Blount International was bleeding money from leaks all across its supply chain.

It found that the correct application of the right data management technology provided and maintained by the right partner was the solution to the problem. Throughout the United States, a variety of cities and areas are arising as major logistics hubs and go to sites for distribution centers. Presidential nominee stances on transportation infrastructure; New truck standards aim to reduce U.

Inbound Logistics talks to carriers and third-party logistics 3PL providers about sure-fire ways to save money on LTL shipments and serves up a list of 18 tips that will help shippers of all types and sizes. Logistics , Supply Chain , Trucking , Transportation. Mexico , Logistics , Supply Chain. Along with ensuring the freight bills are accurate and reflect contracted terms—a key capability—freight payment and audit firms can add even greater value. This story looks at some recent trends affecting retail supply chains, including demand for speed and flexibility, ongoing emphasis on omnichannel marketing, and globalization.

Instantaneous, insatiable customer need runs the risk of forcing people out of the equation. Retail , Logistics , Supply Chain , Warehousing. Maintenance training helps manufacturers battle labor shortage; Can shippers use technology to help meet new food safety mandates? Mexico , Logistics , Partnership , Supply Chain. When a company initiates a nearshoring program, it is critical to have a partnership with a transportation and logistics company that understands the dynamics of logistics in that country.

Supply chain planning systems can greatly benefit from combining artificial intelligence techniques so they become more intelligent, dynamic, and user-friendly. Feeling the supply chain talent crunch? Play a role in growing and developing supply chain programs from leading universities to attract your fair share of the talent. The popularity of meal and meal kit delivery services makes for some very complicated supply chain management. Logistics , Supply Chain , Specialized Logistics.

This story provides a look at what it takes, logistically speaking, to stage various kinds of live entertainment events. On the water and in the air, by road and by rail, the Sunshine State stands out as a logistics superstar. ElectriCities of North Carolina works with companies closely to make sure they weigh electrical service and costs when planning to expand a site or relocate to a new one.

Utilities such as ElectriCities must explore the unique circumstances of each company to help them meet their electrical needs in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible. A lack of route optimization software led to out-of-control logistics costs for Optimum Dental Studio, so the company turned to Maxoptra to optimize routing to serve dental offices and their patients.

When shippers pair an import transport move with an export transport move inland, without returning empty to the port, they get a matchback or street-turn. Optimizing these street-turns can improve supply chains. Using the best logistics IT available, and partnering with world-class carriers and 3PLs, can help you find a better way towards supply chain success. Inbound Logistics editor lists six cool things she learned or just realized anew as she edited the annual 3PL issue.

Logistics professionals explain their jobs in terms a hypothetical five-year-old would appreciate. Social media benefits the supply chain industry in many ways. Companies enhance communication with customers, generate demand, reduce operating costs, mitigate risk, increase productivity, and gain marketplace intelligence through social channels.

With the growth of e-commerce, retailers have identified a potential opportunity to reduce working capital by thinning inventory at brick-and-mortar stores—opting instead to maintain major portions of inventory at distribution centers upstream. Retail , Logistics , Supply Chain , Sustainability. Going green is in style for retailers.

The supply chain strategy shift, from business cost efficiency to customer purchase location flexibility, is similar to the Copernican Revolution. A recent ranking highlights logistician careers as among the best — yet manufacturers still face a shortage of qualified workers as the demand for skilled logistics professionals grows.

Keeping cargo secure requires visibility and the automation technology to enable this view into your shipments. Additionally, immediate access to rapidly changing requirements for import and export activities plays a key role in light of new security concerns. Outsourcing trade compliance activities does not mean outsourcing trade compliance responsibilities.

Success in the secondhand phone market requires the ability to spot and adapt quickly to market trends. The right supply chain partners can help maximize earnings and navigate the uncertain terrain ahead. Technology can make the difference between profit and loss in a low-margin environment. As margins squeeze ever tighter, staying current with technology can make the ultimate difference ultimate success or failure. With schools across the country rapidly increasing the use of technology in the classroom, recent graduates entering into the logistics workforce expect similar atmospheres.

A more comprehensive approach to supply chain management can help provide a great omni-channel experience that encourages customer loyalty and optimizes profitability. Searching for capacity is sometimes a tough job, but there is always somebody driving where you need to go. Freight location and status updates, along with advanced predictive analytics capabilities, are making load tracking a valuable tool for shippers, brokers, 3PLs, and carriers.

An acceleration of mergers and acquisitions is causing dramatic changes to the supply chain. Are you prepared to manage through this changing environment while managing cost? Competitive agility and adaptability help shippers win the multi- and omni-channel race to the customer. When you break down big data, new types of data is found that can be used to benefit customers and build a stronger advantage competitively.

Use this advice to determine if a managed service provider will deliver greater value than developing an in-house team. How do industry leaders plan to keep up with these unprecedented demands? The short answer is technology investment. Healthcare organizations are transforming how they source supplies and connect with manufacturers and service providers to meet emerging patient demands, address healthcare legislation, support an overall focus on improving patient care, and lower healthcare costs.

Cold chain management and proper sanitation are key ingredients. Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, 3-D printing, collaborative robotics, self-driving trucks, drones and the Uberization of deliveries are poised to be disruptive influences on logistics in the coming years. This story examines the secrets behind a successful shipper-3PL relationship, as seen through the eyes of four pairs of successful business partners.

New technology abounds inside the four walls of a distribution center. From narrow aisles configurations, specialized rack systems and lift equipment to optimize stacking capabilities, WMS software that integrates with automated sortation systems, and self-guided intelligent robotic vehicles, innovations in materials handling products are transforming the supply chain.

Supply chain logistics companies view veterans as a crucial pool of potential employees, and consequently they are using a range of methods to recruit and hire former members of the military for their workforces. A new app helped a coffee merchant digitally transformed its retail sales and distribution processes. Bedoukian Research improves forecasting, demand planning, inventory management, and logistics processes with the help of Smart Software.

The Panama Canal expansion, completed on June 26, , will have an ever-widening impact on cargo flow across North America. Here's how the culmination of this decade-long expansion project will rewrite the rules of shipping. Global Logistics , Ocean , Supply Chain. It recently issued a memo on how to enforce the requirement for three months after July 1, when it will go into effect.

How should shippers interpret this update? What do food companies need to do to adapt? When used effectively, data can help retailers improve customer service, website experience, and overall supply chain and shipping processes. As the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals become more prevalent, the logistics industry will reap the benefits of increased, streamlined trade.

Your TMS is the perfect place to start making sense of IoT—giving you the ability to make smarter decisions faster. Thomas Griffin of DLS Worldwide explains the most important aspects in good vendor management and how manufacturers can deal with increasing regulations and security concerns. When inclement weather affects visibility or traction, commercial drivers must reduce speed and cease operations when those conditions become sufficiently dangerous.

When it comes to attracting millennial job candidates, the supply management sector has a decided advantage, but how can companies retain them?

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