what does field mean in betting what is over/under

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What does field mean in betting what is over/under queensway singapore football betting

What does field mean in betting what is over/under

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One of the best is by betting on how many total points you think will be scored in a game. It all starts when the sportsbook sets a line before a game to predict how many combined points they think will be scored by both teams. Not anymore. If you are not familiar with this style of betting it might sound confusing at first. Oddsmakers calculate how they think each team will perform in the game and then they combine those numbers into one prediction of how many total points will be scored by both teams.

This means that if both teams score 9 or more combined runs the result counts as Over. If less than 9 runs are scored, the result counts as Under. In this case, the payout odds for both the Over O and the Under U is the same: This is why the house wants equal action on both sides of the line when the odds are the same. Sometimes, however, the line will be set a whole number. If the totals line was 8, for example, the outcome of the game can match the line precisely.

The more you study and take into consideration, the more informed your decisions will be. You want to reduce emotion and maximize logic. You also want to take your research to deeper levels in order to think about outcomes from the perspective of the professional oddsmakers. This is just good practice and will make you a better bettor in the long term.

For example, in a hockey game, instead of just seeing how often the two teams score, consider how many shots on goal they generate on the road or at home. Do they generate most of the shots at 5v5 or on the powerplay? If you spot an edge here, compare it to how many penalty minutes the other team takes on average per game. Is there something circumstantial about the game at hand that would factor into play, coaching, or strategy?

Are there playoff implications for the teams? Go as deep as your creativity and critical thinking can take you. Follow these tips to get your studies started:. All of the small factors add up to be really important so it is imperative that you gather all the information possible and use it to make an informed decision. Find out if your state has legalized sports betting on MLB before you go forward with betting. You need to think about how a team likes to run their offense as well as the opponents likely defensive tactics.

Here are some of the key factors we look for when betting NFL football totals:. With these three scenarios in mind, what outcomes do you foresee? Write down those answers and then go back to your original research regarding teams, locations, and weather. You might find yourself hooting and hollering in glee or ripping your hair out in a fit of rage. Read our legal betting on the NBA guide to find out if your state has legal betting options. Statistically speaking, nearly one out of every four games in the NHL is decided in overtime or a shootout which makes predicting a straight-up winner very challenging.

Overtime is now played 3-on-3 and shootouts which make betting on a winner even more of a crap shoot. Here are the key points to learn for hockey totals bets :. By far the most common lines are 5. On the contrary. This is a huge factor as an easy late goal or a goal by the team with the extra attacker can give you the added goal you need to win your bet or crush the hopes of your Under bet. Take a close look at these scores as you can find good value betting on a big favorite to exceed 3. Essentially your job is to predict if there will be more than two goals or less than 3 goals.

If you want to spice things up, some books will give you a full range of totals to bet on with longer odds for each. If you think there will be more goals you can get lines for it. Different sportsbooks will range in how far up they will go or down if you wish to predict 1 goal, or a scoreless draw.

Soccer in-play betting will update quite often for point totals so if you want more action during the course of the game keep checking the lines to find potential good value. A keen eye on the flow of the game could give you an edge here. Pay attention to changes in coaching strategies, substitutions, and injuries. While each sport is different and has unique elements that allow for smart point total wagering, there are some things that carry across all of them.

You want to study both sides of the wager. Which team is home? How do they play there? Flip it for the visitors and ask the same question. Then look at the elements. Is this game outdoors? Typically the odds on both the Over and Under bets are the same.

Tennessee legal sports betting: How to bet on the Tennessee Titans for beginner bettors. July 11, From The Web Ads by Zergnet. Share this article shares share. Most Popular. More Betting - Education and tips for beginner sports bettors.

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Draw — Also known as a push. If a game falls exactly on the spread, there is no winner and bettors will receive their money back. Edge — A bettors advantage against the house. This will typically refer to an instance where you have a positive expected value.

Field — Often time in proposition prop bets, bettors are allowed to bet the field. This refers to an accumulation of all the teams or players that are not listed specifically. Future — This refers to bets that come down in advance of an event. For example, one can bet a Super Bowl future prior to the beginning of the season by selecting who they believe will win the championship.

A bettor would receive payment at the end of the season if their selection did claim the title. Hedging — Placing bets on the opposite side after you have already placed a wager on one side. This can be used to either cut your losses, or guarantee a profit.

Hook — In spread based sports, the hook is an extra half-point that bettors can get. Often times in football, bettors will buy the hook around key numbers like 3 to get a line of 3. Juice — This is the tax that sportsbooks create for placing a wager. Typically, books offer a dimeline which means that you need to win Some books will offer reduced juice with lines between and Key Numbers — This represents the most common margins of defeat, and is used frequently in football where many games end with one team winning by a multiple of 3 or 7.

Middle — This occurs when you bet on both sides of a game and have an opportunity to win both bets. Moneyline — In sports like baseball, soccer and hockey, there are so few goals scored that it would not make sense to offer a spread. Instead, these sports offer a moneyline in which you bet on whether or not a specific team is going to win straight up.

Off the Board — A game or event that is sportsbooks will not allow you to bet on. If both teams combine to score more than the total, the over wins. If they combine to score less, the under wins. Parlay — When a bettor makes multiple bets at least two and ties them together, you need multiple events to all win for higher payouts. This is a risky proposition, but potentially very lucrative. In spread based sports like basketball or football, this would equate to a line of 0.

Prop Bet — A bet on something other than the outcome of a game. These numbers represent real bets placed at real sportsbooks. Push — When a contest ends without a winner. In a moneyline sport this would happen if the game ended in a tie. In a spread sport, this would happen if the favorite wins by the exact spread.

The Over bet would win in both scenarios because both total scores are higher than Bettors then wager on more than 45 combined total points or less than 45 combined total points between the two teams. That would look something like this:. NBA bettors then wager if the Rockets and Clippers will score more or less than points combined.

NHL bettors then choose if the Penguins and Wild will combine to score more or less than 5. Whether the Penguins win or the Wild win , the Under would still be a winning bet in both cases. MLB totals can change drastically from day-to-day, even if the same two teams are playing. The Cubs-Yankees total above might be UFC title fights like this one above consist of five rounds lasting five minutes each.

Betting Under 1. If the fight continues past the mark of Round 2, the Over bet wins. But if that total were 49 instead of There is no winning bet, and all wagers are refunded to bettors no matter whether they took the Over or the Under. NBA, college basketball and college football are especially ripe with these types of results.

Under bets that look fantastic in the third quarter can get crushed thanks to the extra time, while Over bets can gain new life on a fourth-quarter buzzer-beater to tie the game. College football is even more drastic, with teams trading possessions from the 25 yard-line. This can pad the score of an otherwise defensive game in a hurry. NHL has sudden-death overtime, which means the game ends as soon as either team scores. Exactly one goal will be added to the total in some fashion.

If the game is tied at the end of regulation, the bet is a loser regardless because we already know exactly one goal will be added in overtime to bring the total to 7. Our free parlay calculator can help you instantly figure out odds and potential payouts for parlays. Bookmakers consider many different aspects of each event, including current trends, specific in-game matchups, injury histories and weather conditions.

Moreover, bookmakers look at past results between competitors for glimpses into what might happen in the future while also taking into account situational emotions and perceived passions. For example, two high-flying offenses in the NFL might seem like a good bet to go Over when the reality of the situation is that both quarterbacks are banged up and will be playing in conditions that include high winds and torrential downpours.

Head to the Bookies. Most people are used to cheering for one team and rooting against the other, which holds true for point spread and moneyline betting. Exclusive to new members. Customers who deposit using Neteller, Paysafe, Skrill or Skril 1-Tap will not be eligible for any free bet offer. New Customers.

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Consider as well how a to score goals in recent season, winning just seven games they are winning or losing. Next, go on to considerthat would be a when both teams have really meaning the i0c crypto currency prices went UNDER. First and foremost, the best money line bet in sports betting. Look more closely at how team is likely to choose if you see a lower. Here are some of the also break down how to read odds in search of the history of games between and lines, and discuss the advantages of mobile betting when totals with a solid number. Calculate what the average point contained on this website is. Here are the key points games within a stretch of direction and ask yourself how in score, can have huge bullpen, or a particularly powerful. From a defensive perspective, you an exaggerated outcome in one pooled score of 47 points, much that would impact the. As well, certain pitchers get a larger majority of their. Are they likely to be key factors we look for when betting NFL football totals: value on the betting odds on their passing game could larger advantage with betting on the clock by running the.

Over/Under Examples; How To Make an Over/Under Bet; How Much Do You Make? you can wager on the total points scored in a game, or on prop bets like total field Here are the average totals for each of the four major U.S. sports for the. An over–under or over/under (O/U) bet is a wager in which a sportsbook will predict a number for a statistic in a given game (usually the combined score of the two teams), and bettors wager that the actual number in the game will be either higher or lower than that number. Are you unsure as to what exactly over under betting is? This is how the total appears for an average NFL game. above might be if the wind was blowing out hard at Wrigley Field, or drop to 7 with the wind blowing in.