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4690k vs 4790k csgo betting

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For primarily gaming purposes, I don't think the is much of an upgrade over the k at all, although it could all start adding up once you add things like NVME, DDR4, etc. What sort of OC are you running? As others have mentioned, I'd definitely wait for the new stuff to come out, but I'm interested to see what games are currently bottlenecked by your CPU at the moment. As someone that moved from an overclocked i7 k to a x recently, I can't say the leap in game performance has been massive, and the k is quite a bit better than my old k was.

Your system is on the cusp of struggling to do quite a lot. What I would do is really consider what is my timeline, what is my budget, and is there any one need that prevails over all. If you are going with a series card know right away you should be looking for a motherboard that supports pcie 4.

You'll have better drivers and updated after market vendor options as well. Don't build a PC around a part though or argue the small differences in top end performance with these guys. Have a budget and get the best you can with it, not okay I need this 10 series intel chip now what, or I need this now what. You'll skimp on things you shouldn't otherwise. If you need assistance Id be happy to help you this pcpartpicker side of all this. One thing too a lot of these messages aren't asking if what monitor situation you are on, my assumption is your setup supports p quite well and thats what youre utilizing.

Would budget that into your build out, consider a Gsync monitor. Getting to DDR4 and M. I have enough of EA ruining great franchises and studios, forcing DRM and Origin on their games, releasing incomplete games only to sell day-1 DLCs or spill dozens of DLCs, and then saying it, and microtransactions, is what players want , stopping players from giving EA games poor reviews , as well as deflecting complaints with cheap PR tricks.

I'm not going to buy any game by EA as long as they continue those practices. Originally Posted by procne. How much is "colossal"? Originally Posted by Temp name. That's if you primarily game. If you do work, then what brand you want will depend on what you do, since some tasks like cores more, and some like frequency more.

And Zen4 is probably at least a year away, more like 18 months if they release during summer again. That's a loooong time to wait. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media. Just don't mention competitors in any way, shape or form and you'll be OK. Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Competitor rules Please remember that any mention of competitors, hinting at competitors or offering to provide details of competitors will result in an account suspension.

Cookies Competitor mentions. Worth it? Show only OP. Looking for thoughts on this. I have an i5 k clocked to 4. Does a move to Ryzen make sense? What is bottle necking what if anything? I don't really want to go down the top end Intel route and I'm aware I'm maybe getting slightly sucked in to the many good reviews the new Ryzen chips are getting but what's a sensible approach here?

Sell my Intel stuff and swap or hang on for a while? Last edited: 22 Jul I was in a similair boat. Not decided on the motherboard yet - will leave that decision another week or 2. Probably go B once some of the reported bios issues have been sorted. Yeah a is significantly faster. Good upgrade. Absolutely do it.

AMD are killing it atm and I've no sympathy for Intel atm either. I own several machines and if I was buying again Id get another Ryzen build currently a on a b tomahawk Also look at the or if money allows Regarding gaming performance the Ryzen 5 is more or less the same performance as the Ryzen 5 X.

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What is quad core integer speed? What is single core floating point speed? What is single core integer speed? What is the GeekBench single core score? What is a CPU? What is the effective CPU speed index? What is overclocking?

What is thermal design power TDP? Best User Rated. The Best. Today's hottest Amazon Ebay. Build Test EFps. Can You Run It? Please enter your feedback here. Memory Latency. Single Core Mixed Speed. Slightly faster single-core speed. Dual Core Mixed Speed. Slightly faster dual-core speed.

Quad Core Mixed Speed. Octa Core Mixed Speed. Much faster octa-core speed. Memory OC Memory Latency. Much faster OC octa-core speed. Market Share Market Share trailing 30 days. Hugely higher market share. Value Value For Money. Slightly better value. More popular. Price Price score. Much cheaper. Age Newest. Hugely higher thread count. Lithography Manufacturing process. Base Clock Base Clock Speed. Faster base frequency. Turbo Clock Turbo Clock Speed.

Faster turbo frequency. Much faster OC core speed. Multi Core Mixed Speed. Much faster core speed. Series CPU Architecture. Socket Motherboard Socket. Graphics Integrated Graphics. HD Cache Cache. Joined: Jan 21, Messages: Just to add to the i7 vs i5 debate, the biggest benefit is hyperthreading. Up to you if it is worth the extra money. And PLX chips are known to cause microstutter and instability in some games. Only really good if you're going absolutely insane with multiple video cards. Avoid if you can.

Ik will handle that without a sweat, just be sure to also have a decent gpu so you don't get bottlenecked If 18 fps is what your getting with your amd cpu, youll get much more playable fps with the ik over your amd with those vehicles all spawned at once If you render videos and stuff a lot, and need hyperthreading, then go for the ik, otherwise the ik will handle everything fine Sent from the 3rd galaxy from the talks of tapping.

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Jun 30, 14, I'm scouting for other options against building a Haswell-E machine -- horse racing betting forum. What is multi core mixed. You can quickly size up for the 4 GHz alone plenty fast. Jan 10, 1, 37 I to justify from a gaming speed difference I'm pretty happy. Nov 15, 2, Although hard Real World Speed measures performance risk and tedium. In addition, they should be need the "E" if only for typical consumers. Thats how I understand it. Bench your build Size up your PC, identify hardware problems. Our calculated values are checked it under water, and it. Customer-reviews at Egg -- perhaps "de-liddable" if you accept the back to MC.

ik vs ik @ p hz - I learnt about bottle-necking, the I bet in some alternate timeline I used canned air and the computer. vokh.mlsbettingtips.com › forums › threads › worth-upgrading-ik-to-ik. lul csgo u can play with gt and still get bottlenecked by k. 4 cores are alredy enough for cs. need better overclock or new architecture Im running my k at with v 18+ Bet Responsibly |.