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Bet on us election 2016

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Forgotten your password? Want an ad-free experience? Subscribe to Independent Premium. Click Here. The ballots have been counted and Donald Trump visits the White House on Thursday as president-elect. It was a wild election campaign and an even crazier election night as the results came in and showed that the polls, predictions and oddsmakers were not going to get this one right.

As the polls closed and results began to pour in on election night, books continued to update their odds even as official results were incoming. From just before 8 p. Eastern time until midnight when numbers came off the board, here are some of the biggest swings in the odds that OddsShark was tracking. The Presidential odds have been taken off the board. Clinton remains the favorite to be the next president among oddsmakers but by a smaller margin than at the end of October. On the morning of election day, the odds have moved again slightly.

Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming the 45th president of the United States looked pretty solid heading into the final stretch of the campaign. However, reports Friday afternoon that the FBI is investigating newly found Clinton emails have changed that sentiment and drastically affected the odds.

For Trump, the change increases the implied probability from The third and final presidential debate is now in the rear-view mirror and while voting is still a couple of weeks away, the end is in sight. Wednesday's debate , hosted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, was the last time voters will see Clinton and Trump on the same stage together and the candidates did not disappoint.

Most pundits believed if Trump was going to change his odds to become president, it was going to have to be in the final debate. Through questions on abortion, gun control, and the Supreme Court, the Republican candidate was prepared and on point. Moving into the second half of the debate, Trump was more combative with many in the media latching on to his comment that he couldn't say if he would accept the results of the election on November 8.

Bet on the Presidential Election at Bovada. Clinton's performance was similar to the last two debates with an additional effort to push Trump on his position on Russia and his economic plan for America. With two weeks to go as of Oct.

OddsShark will post the updated odds for president after new numbers are back on the board. Tuesday marks only three weeks until Election Day , and in a presidential race as wild as this one, many can't wait to get to the voting booths. Both candidates have one final hurdle before voters make their opinions known: Wednesday, October 19 is the third and final debate. The odds on who will be president remain relatively stable this week with Clinton's odds changing slightly from to The day following the debate, the odds only moved from to in Clinton's favor.

The presidential odds shifted significantly in the days before the debate after a tape of Trump bragging about his vulgar actions toward women became the top story of the weekend. At one point Sunday, Clinton was a favorite, her best odds yet to be president. OddsShark will update odds when new numbers are available. The second presidential debate of the election season is Sunday, October 9 at Washington University in St.

Louis, MO. Heading into the second debate tonight those number have moved even further, giving Clinton the widest gap between her and Trump since both became their party's nominee. The first presidential debate of the election season is in the can. For those wondering who won the debate, it seems the answer depends on whom you ask.

But if the odds have anything to say about it, it appears Hillary Clinton was the winner of her first head-to-head meeting with Donald Trump. That gap has widened since new odds hit the board after the debate on Monday. Tuesday after the debate the hashtag TrumpWon was trending in the United States, so while much of the media analysis, from CNN to fivethirtyeight.

The next presidential debate will take place on Sunday, October 9 at Washington University in Missouri. With the presidential election less than two months away, it seems that Hillary Clinton is holding a steady lead over Donald Trump. However, numbers have started to tighten up in key battleground states ahead of the first presidential debate on Sept.

One of the more interesting numbers to come from this particular poll was that six in 10 say that neither candidate is trustworthy or honest. Looking for more presidential action? Check out the debate props for the 1st debate on Monday, September With the national conventions all over, it is time to look towards the road to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been polling strongly as we move ahead on the campaign trail, which seems to give her a rather solid lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Trump seems to have Texas locked up, which has the second-most electoral delegates. Potentially the most important state could be Florida. Though Clinton has a solid lead in the polls, fivethirtyeight. Both Clinton and Trump will likely be spending quite a bit of time in the Sunshine State to ensure victory. With the Republican Convention in full swing, we are seeing the presidential odds start to tighten.

After an extended period of Hillary Clinton holding a dominant lead — according to the odds - Donald Trump has begun to close the gap. That span has seen Trump name Mike Pence as his running mate — a move that was not even on the radar just a month ago. The Democratic nominee has seen her odds go from to between July 6 and July There is still plenty of speculation as to whom Clinton will select as her running mate.

The Democratic and Republican conventions are just around the corner and Hillary Clinton has been placed as a large odds-on favorite to win the presidential election. With the entire email thing behind us — please, let it be behind us — Clinton has jumped out as a massive favorite to become the next POTUS.

Maybe those numbers will see a drop after Trump openly said that he believes that Saddam Hussein did an effective job of killing terrorists. Wondering who could be the running mates for both Clinton and Trump? We have all the updated odds for you right here. The United States presidential election of now has its presumptive nominees. Donald Trump — the billionaire media mogul — will represent the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton — the former secretary of state — will represent the Democrats.

Though Clinton garnered enough delegates to win the nomination ahead of the Democratic convention, opponent Bernie Sanders vowed to take his campaign all the way to Cleveland. OddsShark will update the presidential odds when they are available.

Clinton has an approximate delegate led on Sanders — not including superdelegates — heading into Cali. With a ridiculous delegates on the line, a win in the state could go a long way to to determining who will be representing the party in the upcoming presidential election.

Bernie Sanders continues to prove he is a worthy adversary and potential threat to what many assumed was a given — Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee for president. Sanders took the Oregon primary and virtually tied with Clinton in Kentucky. The former secretary of state spent a considerable amount of money in a late campaign blitz in Kentucky but ultimately ended up splitting the delegate count in half with Sanders.

The results did little to affect the presidential odds market. The next truly meaningful set of primaries comes on June 7 when California and five other states vote. The Golden State is the last massive primary and could go a long way to determining the Democratic nominee with delegates up for grabs. Can't get enough presidential odds? Click here to see who are the favorites to become the running mates and potential Vice President. Every time there seems to be a consensus that Hillary Clinton will win the democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders comes storming back to win primaries.

The most recent was in West Virginia — a state that saw Sanders win 18 of the 29 delegates. The democrats have remaining delegates to be dolled out with California accounting for of those. Those numbers suggest that either Clinton or Sanders could theoretically earn the necessary delegates necessary to claim the nomination, but with the two virtually splitting every vote it may not happen.

With Donald Trump locked in as the one remaining Republican still campaigning, he has basically ensured himself the nomination at this point. And then there was one. With a win in Indiana, Trump pushed himself over delegates and forced his remaining two opponents to bow out of the running. The Democrats continue to sputter along with neither candidate able to finish off the race.

Many thought that a win by Hillary Clinton in Indiana would basically ensure her the nomination based on momentum, but Bernie Sanders shocked the pollsters and took the state. At this point, it seems more and more likely that Trump will be able to reach the that he needs to earn the nomination outright. This all happened despite John Kasich and Ted Cruz forming a flimsy alliance to try and divide the votes enough to make it to a contested convention. The Democrats saw a slightly closer day at the polls, but Hillary Clinton still walked away with majority of the delegates.

The one state that Bernie Sanders managed to win was Rhode Island, which had the second fewest delegates that day. However, barring a collapse of biblical proportions, Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. With the dominant victories on April 26, Trump and Clinton have both become massive favorites to earn their respective parties nomination. Trump was ahead of his sweep on the 26th, but jumped to within 48 hours of the polls closing.

The New York primaries came out pretty much as expected, with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cruising to massive victories. Sanders had said multiple times that he could win New York, but the Brooklyn-born Democrat got pummelled and lost the state by over 15 percent of the vote, which amounts to roughly a quarter of a million votes.

Clinton watched her odds to earn the nomination double from before New York to following her win in The Empire State. There was little doubt that Trump would be able to win in his home state of New York, but the mogul dominated the competition by claiming 89 of the 92 delegates for the GOP. However, there is still a very realistic chance that Trump could garner the numbers to win the nomination outright.

There are nine states remaining in which the GOP winner takes all the delegates, including California. Those nine states combined equal delegates and Trump needs just to reach the needed for nomination. And those numbers are not including the six other states that will see delegates dolled out on a percentage basis. The odds to become the next president have seen Clinton and Trump expand their gap over the rest of the field, though the potential democratic nominee is still the odds-on favorite according to books.

Primary season keeps rolling when both parties hold their votes in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island on April Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met in, possibly, their most high profile debate just days before the Democratic primary in New York.

The debate was a rather large departure from the usual exchanges, as both candidates took a more aggressive stance opposing one another, especially Clinton who has frequently spoken to Republican candidates more than Sanders in past debates. The Democratic debate could certainly give fence sitters in New York the tools to make a decision as to whom they would vote for in the states primary on April The Republican candidates have taken a bit of a back seat heading into New York, as the general consensus is that Donald Trump will dominate the state.

Wisconsin saw huge victories for Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, which should give the two much needed momentum heading into New York on April Cruz claimed the more urban districts of Wisconsin, dominating the Southeastern part of the state, while Donald Trump took the more rural areas. Sanders won nearly every country outright, but the percentages were still very close with Hillary Clinton. Despite momentum gaining victories in Wisconsin for Cruz and Sanders, the odds have seen minimal movement in all markets.

With Cruz closing the gap on Trump, it seems that a contested Republican Convention could be inevitable at this point. Nine of the remaining 16 GOP caucuses are winner-take-all, but a sweep of each of those states would reward combined delegates, which would not give any candidate the nod alone. Though the Vermont Senator has won the past six caucuses he will need a big showing in New York, which is much more diverse than his previous victory states, in order to legitimize himself as a true threat to garner the nom.

That task will not be easy though as Clinton was the Senator of New York from to Though the campaign trail has been relatively quiet over the past week or so, Donald Trump has seen his odds to become the Republican nominee and the President take some significant hits. All-and-all, Hillary Clinton remains the odds-on favorite to become the next President, a position she has firmly held for quite some time now.

Fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders has seen a small jump in his odds to move into Pennsylvania Avenue. Bernie Sanders swept all three Democratic primaries on March 26 to cut into the ever-dwindling lead of Hillary Clinton.

Sanders won Alaska, Hawaii and Washington all while attaining 70 percent or more of the votes in each state. That means Sanders has now won five of the past six states for the Democrats and has climbed within delegates of Clinton.

With the Republicans taking a couple weeks off between their primaries, there has been no movement in those markets with Donald Trump heavily favored to get the nomination for the party. The month of April is a relatively slow month in the race for nominations with only four states going to the pools within the first three weeks. However, one of those states will be New York, which will hit the polls on April Bernie Sanders continues to make the Democratic Nomination race close, as the Senator from Vermont took dominant victories in both Idaho and Utah on March Overall, Sanders made up some ground on Hillary Clinton, but the delegate counts in Idaho and Utah pale in comparison to the number in Arizona, which Clinton won by nearly 20 percent.

Clinton has seen her odds drop from to following the three state votes on March Though Trump gained 18 more delegates than Cruz, a huge win in the Beehive State has seen the Texas Senator climb in the odds to become the nominee and in the presidential odds.

Overall, Clinton is still a large favorite to take residence at Pennsylvania Avenue with the prevailing thought that she wins the Democratic nomination. The Primary season will see a little bit of a lull to close out March, as the Democrats will compete in three states on the 26th and the Republican Party is finished until April 5. Clinton won all five states for the Democrats, but dominated in Florida where it mattered most.

Trump took three of the four take-all states for the Republican Party with a notably big win in Florida where he took The biggest, most predictable, news from the Republican side came when Marco Rubio announced he was dropping out.

Rubio lost his home state of Florida convincingly to Trump and has routinely watched his support in America plummet further and further into obscurity. Dropping out is different than suspending a campaign because you can technically re-enter the race after suspending, but not after dropping out.


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For the latest business news and markets data, please visit CNN Business.

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Manchester city vs barcelona betting predictions With another dominant performance, Trump has become a favorite to win the Republican nomination. The Presidential odds bitcoins visa been taken off the board. Though Trump gained 18 more delegates than Cruz, a huge win in the Beehive State has seen the Texas Senator climb in the odds to become the nominee and in the presidential odds. It's very early in the campaign, and a lot could change. On the Republican side, Donald Trump has grabbed a firm grasp on the lead and is now the favorite to be the nominee.
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Dubai desert classic 2021 betting tips He started to treat the election just like he would sports. It's flipping madness: 'Startling' amount bet on Super Bowl coin toss. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been polling strongly as we move ahead on the campaign trail, which seems to give her a rather solid lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump. With the presidential election less than two months away, it seems that Hillary Clinton is holding a steady lead over Donald Trump. Despite his recent surges in the poll, Sanders has not seen his odds to become the next President or even win the Democratic nomination move at all. With two weeks to go as of Oct.
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Cryptocurrency conference 2021 design With a win in Indiana, Trump pushed himself over delegates and forced his remaining two opponents to bow out of the running. Bernie Sanders continues to prove he is a worthy adversary and potential threat to what many assumed was a given — Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee for president. However, numbers have started to tighten up in key battleground states ahead of the first presidential debate on Sept. Notable Bets: The remaking of the Saints-Broncos point spread. Want an ad-free experience? The debate was a rather large departure from the usual exchanges, as both candidates took a more aggressive stance opposing one another, especially Clinton who has frequently spoken to Republican candidates more than Sanders in past debates. Super Tuesday is behind us and it appears that we have not lost any presidential candidates.
Bet on us election 2016 Biden, though, has not yet made an announcement that he will be running for President in However, reports Friday afternoon that the FBI is investigating newly found Clinton emails have changed that sentiment and drastically affected the odds. Trading on the older Iowa Electronic Markets, launched by the University of Iowa inhas also been brisk, although a spokeswoman said she could not say if was seeing substantially more volume than inwhen President Barack Obama won re-election against Republican Mitt Romney. Sanders took the Oregon primary and virtually tied with Clinton in Kentucky. He claims to have used a special data analysis system, refined over two decades, to calculate the outcome of the election. With two weeks to go as of Oct.
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