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AES spokesperson Dr Eva-Maria Broomer explains: "We are very excited about this talented young stallion, who offers a wonderful opportunity to our breeders and contributes to our outstanding stallion portfolio worldwide. Laura bought Top Dollar as a three-year-old, and the two have been going from strength to strength. At Olympia, they did not only show a very convincing performance in the Puissance, which saw them finishing in 4th place, but they also won the six-bar competition.

This is a very promising start for them, and we wish them all the very best in what is surely going to be a fantastic future career. Ze wonnen het 1. Hetzelfde mag gezegd over Bertram allen en Molly Malone Kannan.

Zaterdagavond was er al winst in het hoofdnummer en zondag nogmaals in de Grand Prix. Newton Abbot Converter van Angelie von Essen werd daarin mooi tweede. Together they won the 1. The same can be said for Bertram allen and Molly Malone Kannan. On Saturday she won the big class and on Sunday the Grand Prix.

Newton Abbot Converter of Angelie von Essen placed second in this. John Whitaker and Argento have won the 1. The class had The day before he ended up in sixth place. And we have more victories to mention from last week. We are celebrating the occasion with a free passport for Charisma's breeder, Janice Vallance, many congratulations on having bred a very special colt!

Studbook Director Joris van den Oetelaar explains: "We are delighted that we have already made new foal passports this year. This marks a significant increase from last year, when by this time we had registered just foals. Given that we made in total more than passports last year, this is an early indication that we are seeing yet another fantastic year for the AES, as we are continuing to go from strength to strength. What makes us special at the AES is that we pride ourselves in offering excellent value for money to our breeders, coupled with a range of exciting initiatives that put the studbook on the map, not just in Britain, but across the Globe.

This year saw our very first AES Elite Foal Auction, providing our breeders with new opportunities to raise their profile and promote their stock. We continue our drive to be a clear market leader in innovation, data, and marketing, through exciting online initiatives and support for stallion and mare owners alike. These are truly exciting times for AES breeders. We would like to thank everyone who is putting their trust in us and supports us in providing British breeders with a globally recognised top performance studbook.

The chestnut mare by Chacco Blue was started and produced by Rowan Willis himself, and is going from strength to strength, with excellent scope and a careful jump. We look forward to following their career. We wish them every success! Welsh challenger Laura Pritchard recorded the highlight win of her career so far when she captured the Senior Foxhunter Championship at the Horse of the Year Show.

Previous winners of the class, which was first contested in , include Harvey Smith, Graham Fletcher and Michael Whitaker, but Laura added her name to that list in impressive fashion after delivering a confident jump-off performance. This means everything to me," she said. Winning this class is so surreal, but it has happened! I kept looking back at the television in the collecting ring, and I thought the last two might be quicker, but we managed to do enough.

I think he is going to be a very special horse. I am always confident on him, and when I jumped the first round I said to my Dad 'today's the day'. It is the best day of my career, by far. All international results you find in our Sport Results section on this website. With 22 immaculately turned out starters, spectators were treated to scenes of a bygone era as horses of all types were put through their paces.

This is the second year that the Championship has not been restricted to hunters. The eight-year-old Thoroughbred X mare was pulled in first in the provisional line up and impressed both the ride and conformation judges enough to stay in the top spot and claim the honours.

Bred by the Old Lodge Stud, and by Parco, she also likes to jump. Gemma Chapman and her own Atonement went two places better than their performance in this Championship class last year and were delighted to take the third place rosette. Source: HOYS. Among his offspring, we count Zilvana Verte who is competing successfully at 1.

Vissers and his owners, Stal Knijnenburg. Source: worldofshowjumping. Four years after team gold in London and the lost individual final, Nick Skelton and Big Star take revanche during the Rio Olympics! They won the gold medal by topping the order list and the result list at the medal jump-off.

Skelton immediately put in a nice fast and clear round. Only Peder Fredricson held the zero, but his time was a fraction slower, good for silver. Eric Lamaze, the last and fastest in the jump-off, he had the second-to-last vertical down and grabbed the bronze, eight years after the gold of Beijing. However, this does not tell the whole story, as in many cases bidding went far above those averages, and at times into double figures, but did not make the reserves.

AES Director Joris van den Oetelaar explains: "Our aim was to provide breeders with a shop window to promote their breeding to a national and international audience, and this auction has certainly achieved that with interested attracted not only in Great Britain, but also in Holland, Germany and beyond.

What an auction really needs is good promotion and good presentation. Not only did we travel the length and breadth of the country to select, photograph and video the very best foals available and promote them in our very well received printed and online auction catalogue. We also provided professional runners on the night, to ensure that the presentation went smoothly and horses were shown off to their best advantage.

We are immensely proud of all our breeders who worked incredibly hard. All the horses were turned out beautifully and showed that great care have been taken by everyone in the preparation of this auction. AES Representative Steve Lamb feels positive about the outcome: "We asked competitive riders in this country how we could persuade them to look at British bred foals, rather than buying exclusively from the Continent.

The answer was always the same: they would like to see a wide range of foals together in one place, rather than having to travel up and down the country. This is exactly what we provided here, attracting entries from places as far away as Scotland, Wales, and the South West. It also raised the profiles of many of our breeders who do outstanding work often below the public radar. We already heard from some taking bookings for their stallions this weekend because people liked the foals they saw in the auction and want to breed something similar for themselves.

This demonstrates how this auction is not only an effective selling platform, but a great way of gaining wider recognition and publicity for AES breeders and British breeding in general. At the AES, we appreciate the support we receive from our many breeders across the country and want to give something back to the breeding community.

We believe that our breeders need more opportunities to present their foals to wider global audiences and to place their foals with serious competition riders where they can achieve their full potential. The Addington Elite Sales alongside the Young Horse Championships provide the perfect venue opportunity to achieve this.

Since the original announcement and invitation to our breeders to present their foals for auction selection, we have been overwhelmed by the interest, support and enthusiasm we received from the entire breeding community. Breeders even made their yards and facilities available for open public selections. Wherever we went we met passionate and knowledgeable breeders whose dedication has been truly humbling and inspiring. We were particularly struck by the breadth and depth of quality we encountered in breeding for all three Olympic riding disciplines, which allowed us to put together a truly outstanding selection of quality foals that showcase some of the very best Britain has to offer.

They demonstrate that our breeders in this country can hold their head up high in international circles. We are excited that for the first time in recent years, we can offer serious and knowledgeable British buyers what they have been asking for: the opportunity to see an outstanding and truly diverse selection of serious competition prospect foals together under one roof.

Without their support this would not have been possible. We believe that Britain deserves and needs a strong and successful Elite Foal Auction and look forward to making this event a firm part of the annual equestrian calendar. During the latest Mipaaf leg, at Sommacampagna Italy , we had an interesting demonstration of the quality of one of the stallions graded on the 6th May at Equieffe Equestrian Centre, Botero.

This was the first testing try away from home for almost all of them but is important to say that Turbine had a particular mention even at the test for Fence's auction, almost a month ago and they all behaved exceptionally well showing a willing attitude passed down by the sire, even with such different mothers. In fact we're talking about two thoroughbred mares and two German mares with a slightly less impressive pedigree.

Turbine, the winner of the jumping class was born from Matimoviestar, a thoroughbred from Roi Danzing. Bellissimo's dam is also a thoroughbred named Spiddal, by Luso XX. This chestnut gelding, jumped really well in the final day, accumulating 51 positive points from one of the judges, gaining the highest score of the day comparing with Turbine's score of the previous day. He really impressed the judges in the morphology test, gaining the 4th position, by virtue of the correctness of his physical model.

He jumped well the first day of the jumping competition, leading the class for almost the entire time: he gained the 3th position that day! On this occasion Botero, had an important confrontation with some internationally famous sires as well as the mothers of the many young horses who joined the competition. In the end we can say that this competition was just the first step of the sport career for these young and talented horses, but is a really fantastic satisfaction and confirmation for Botero's owner, Alessandro Dell'Anna, who always believed in his quality.

We wish for them an important - and always better - sport and breeding career! During the Mipaff leg, valid for the final competition of Verona, the approved stallion Botero, graded during the first official event in Italy the last may, has been really noticed and appreciated for the quality of his offspring!

Botero, italian SI and AES stallion, a son of the legendary Dobel's Cento for a mare by the fantastic Le Tot De Semilly almost unknown, places 3 offspring in the first 10 positions for the final day of the competition. Even in the morphology test he placed 3 sons in the first 10 positions! Botero is available in frozen and fresh semen for all the european breeders! Owner Alessandro Dell'Anna. Dear AES Clients, We at the Anglo European Studbook offer excellent value for money to our breeders and try to keep the costs of our passports at an absolute minimum, supporting you where we can.

In order to be able to offer a high quality service at affordable prices, we are reliant on all our breeders paying their bills in a timely manner. It is a matter of regret to us that in a very small number of cases, some may occasionally forget to pay their bills. We ask for your understanding that steps have to be taken to recover the debt if payment reminders remain ignored.

It is our desire to treat all our clients equally and with fairness. Some of you will have been receiving letters from a Europe wide debt collection agency, which has raised a few questions: 1. Is this a bona fide agency? Why did I receive this letter? When our records show that a particular payment is outstanding, our policy is first of all to send a reminder. After four reminders, the details are automatically passed on to ECS, who will then contact the client directly.

I did not receive a reminder, why is that? We are aware of a very small number of cases where reminders have not been received. We believe that the most likely explanation is a mistake on the contact details. Often, we receive those details in handwritten form for example on a covering certificate , which may create issues with legibility.

We apologise sincerely if you have been affected by this and would encourage you to contact the office. Will I be charged any additional fees? Unlike other collection agencies, our arrangement with ECS is such that at first notification, no additional costs or fees have been added to the money that is shown as outstanding on our records, so that no financial penalties are applied this time.

If you have been in receipt of a letter, and consider this to be the result of an error, please do not hesitate to give our office a call, so we can answer any questions and take steps to resolve any issues. Please rest assured that we value all our customers and want to work together to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.

In the Sunday Derby of Hickstead, no horse could jump clear, but on Friday in the 1. It made them jump off for the victory and it was only David Simpson from Ireland who left up all rails again. On Sunday in the historical Equestrian. His father Billy Congo Vechta had been placed third on Thursday in the 1. In Saturdays Derby Trophy 1. Victory went to Billy Twomey and Thomas Quidam de Revel , which already placed second in the openings class on Thursday.

They had one down in the jump-off. The highest placed British rider was Yazmin Pinchen aboard Ashkari Tornado , jumping a steady double clear. She and her AES horse Newton Abbot Converter scored one penalty point due to exceeding the time allowed in the first round of this 1. Many other AES horses had good ribbons during the show in Bolesworth. The fabulous British superstar rider John Whitaker has won the The AES continues its development of an excellent modern and performance oriented stallion portfolio with successful stallion gradings this spring not only in the UK, but also in Europe.

Another highlight in the series was the first grading event held in Italy, at Equieffe Equestrian Center in Gorla Minore, which attracted a number of excellent and exciting proven horses as well as promising new talent. Liberty Life is by Lord Liberty out of a Zymbal x Wicht mare and convinces with beautiful looks and outstanding conformation. Another young talent licensed on the day was FLINTON by Clinton out of a Heartbreaker — Voltaire mare from the Dutch dam line of Nomana, an incredibly prolific mare family that produced multiple licensed stallions and Grand Prix horses in both show jumping and dressage which offer a highly valuable contribution to the AES portfolio.

Another licensed stallion was the charismatic 4-year-old Clarimo Ask son GALEXUS E out of an Alexis Z mare who through her dam sire Abgar XX brings to the table that all important injection of thoroughbred blood so essential in a truly modern athletic performance horse. Agricola Cinzia Basso. His mother, Fenjce, is by Voltaire out of a Sultan mare from the Hanoverian dam line of Jahde, which also produced the stallions Godolphin and Don Index, who was the winner of his stallion performance test, making this line a fantastic addition for breeders looking for a proven dam line likely to produce future stars.

One to watch for the future! This stallion has an outstanding pedigree through his sire, Air Jordan who brings together the influential blood of Argentinus and Matador, which is matched in his dam who is by Contender out of a Lord Calando mare. We congratulate all the stallion owners and breeders who presented their beautiful horses at this successful and uplifting grading and look forward to watching these stallions progress in future.

Kent Farrington won the two main classes in Windsor. Also on Friday Argento ended up in second. He beats two Brits aboard AES born horses. Only the top three jumped double clear. The Belgian rider of team Antwerp Diamonds perfectly jumped three clears and only Roger-Yves Bost was able to copy that performance. The former European champion, known for his speed, won the GP with a several seconds lead. Verlooy was runner-up. Caracas and Jos Verlooy only form a combination since last summer.

The grey stallion by Casall was born with Desmond Russell and was produced in Denmark. Seven combinations reached the jump-off. Two went double clean. Andreas Schou All Star was beaten at speed. He caught three penalty points for exceeding the time allowed and ended up in third position. He has the X-factor and the skills to go well in the sport. The breeder bought the mare of this horse four years ago in France at Haras de Hus and already has an AES-champion for the third time now.

All pictures: www. These qualities along with his excellent temperament and competitiveness are demonstrated in his offspring, the eldest of these starting successfully this year at 1. The AES is a progressive Studbook, actively promoting sports horse breeding throughout Europe, with AES registered horses competing throughout the world and their riders getting podium results.

Therefore, as Cobra 18 was a good sports horse and is now proving to be a great breeding stallion, it makes complete sense to have an association with this dynamic Studbook. William Funnell and Billy Congo have won the 1. On Sunday William Funnell drove already back home. After fifth place in the Table C and in the second qualifier, Nicola Philippaerts and Forever Darco ter Linden finally ended the competition in thirteenth spot. They made two mistakes in the final round, but could be happy with their first ever WC final.

Also on Monday the Z-Tour in Lanaken started off. The horse is owned by Star Horses and ridden by Thierry Goffinet. The prize money for the rider amounted Good Luck. The main price of Both grey horses have Spanish roots. The promising seven-year-old Adonis-R, a cross of the Spanish Cartujano race and the warmblood stallion Damsey, is ready to make his international breakthrough with Roger Schulkens.

De family de Rooij has an interesting story to tell and with this, they already were standing in the spotlights several times. Not only we are charmed by the glory and luxury of the Spanish horses. Also moviemaker Mario Dirkx was inspired by it. He started to investigate the history of this clean Spanish race. The horses are described as always sharp, temperamentful, but gentle. Their history is immemorial, their character is incorrigible, their potential is inexhaustible.

The look in their eyes, the waving manes, the strong back and the fluent canter make the horses a pleasure to work with. Your heart will be conquered by the Cartujano horses when you walk in their stable. In the Andalusian city Jerez de la Frontera, they already bred this type of horses in their abbeys many centuries ago. Do you know why the school in Wien is called the Spanish Riding School? Because the Austrian Kingdom received a Cartujano horse as a present from Spain!

De Lipizzaner horses that they use now, are still descendants of our Carthusian horses. I lived there until I was thirty. I rode dressage on a Frisian Horse. A friend of ours brought us in contact with the Carthusian horses. How bizarre it may sound, but the PRE nowadays is impregnated with foreign blood, such as Arabian and thoroughbred. We wanted to go back to the roots, because we were so impressed by the history of these horses.

Worldwide there are Of the real Cartujano there are only 1. The big Spanish studfarms mostly have not more than six or seven pure Carthusians. The rest are Andalusians. To prove that a Cartujano horse is pure, they are tested by the University of Cordoba. They won the European Championship in Most competitors came from Spain and also the judges were Spanish, but the winners came from Belgium!

Many old paintings and statues in Europe show the original Cartujano. Commanding officers only rode on these horses. Even Napoleon had a Cartujano horse. Rubens mostly portrayed the Carthusian horse. Altogether, the studbook lived up in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century, but the monks have stored pieces of writing about their horses that go back much further in history. Her parents were looking for a quiet horse for their daughter. They have such a nice character and a lot of expression ofcours!

For now Generoso is the only Cartujano stallion acting in the international sport, but I see changes. Jan Bemelmans has trained this horse and he was very delighted to see a new Spanish horse breaking through in the sport. In the past he trained the Spanish team existing of almost only Spanish horses. In that period, they won a lot of medals. It proves that there are chances for our horses in this world. Often Spanish horses are seen as show horses, but we want to prove that there is also a place for them in the sport.

We think their potential will start to distinguish in the higher level. Also we are curious about how far the seven-year-old Adonis-R will reach. He is a crossing of a Cartujano-mare with the Hannovarian dressage champion Damsey, a grandson of Donnerhall. With this experiment we hoped to breed an even better dressage horse and we think it worked out well. Adonis now starts in the Z2 level and will make his international debut soon. Jan Bemelmans has told us often that he sees a nice future for this cross breeding.

He really is the best of two different worlds. We already have bred seven foals of the same crossing Cartujano x warmblood and they are really in the market. We only have to more left and they are still growing up. Adonis immediately can enter in the high level dressage. He wants to learn and to work.

You can mostly see it in the movement. Every time he got a lot of points. They have more impulse. He even does exercises without reigns. In the Doma Vaquera the rider has the reigns normally in one hand and he carries a stick, in Spanish the Garocha, in the other hand.

The Garocha was the attribute to drive the cattle in the past. Doma Vaquera is a wonderful demonstration. Riders wear amazing ancient outfits. There is also a competition for it. He went back to the roots of the sport, as we found the original Spanish horse back. The Doma Classica, or the modern dressage as we know in the north, arose out of the Doma Vaquera. Driving cattle together is the base of every dressage. Horses had to turn sharp. They had to do lead changes to follow the cows.

The Spanish one is called Residelca. There the breeding stock lives. In Belgium they have the sport horses. In Spain we have more place to do the breeding. The mares with the foals have plenty of place to live together and grow up without any problem.

Our son also trains his show horses in Spain, because he studies there. Now it will be his decision whether he continues the breeding or not. For us, it has always been a hobby. In november the movie won the award of best documentary about horses at Horse Film Festival in New York. You really have to see him. It takes one hour and a half and it is marvellous from the beginning till the end. In total seven of our horses are used for this movie.

When I started telling about how precious these horses were in the Middle Ages and how the monks already bred them in the 16th century, he got that interested that he travelled to Spain to discover every little detail of the Cartujano horse. It attracted him that much, that he wanted to make a movie of it.

It took many years before the project was finished. Scenes were filmed all over Europe. The result is amazing. Sanne Thijssen won it on a huge lead. Franks topped Thomas Weinberg of Germany. Only the top three left all rails up over two rounds.

All of the three just picked up one time penalty in round one, but no pair jumped double clear. The AES is supporting the breeding season with another highlight of public stallion gradings in the UK. These public gradings are a wonderful opportunity to showcase and assess up-and-coming young talent, presented for licensing for the first time and comprising some of the very best in modern performance bloodlines.

Older, more established stallions are invited to be presented for an upgrade to Approval Status, awarded to horses that have proven themselves in competition and breeding. The horses will be evaluated by a panel of judges from Britain and abroad, thus providing that all important national and international perspective to ensure the AES provides its breeders with the very best selection of stallions to choose from.

We believe in giving our breeders a fantastic choice. On the day, they will be assessed in hand on hard and soft ground and loose in the arena. Ridden stallions will also be assessed under saddle. The mare jumped on the highest level of top sport and placed third in the GP of Paris last December at eightteen. She jumped two WC finals. Her biggest victory was the Top Ten final in Paris Tinka's Serenade won more than a million euro prize money. Owner Sue Davis now wants to start breeding the mare through embryotransfer.

In the final 1. Billy Cool placed fifth with William Funnell. Steven Franks was in seventh spot on Holly Congo. But, as always in good breeding, with great judgement and knowledge behind it. His most notable successes in include the Longines Grand Prix in Hong Kong, and we know that there is more to come! Argento passes on his fantastic qualities of perfect jumping technique combined with brilliant attitude and temperament to his offspring.

Areba is fully graded and licensed with the AES and certainly one to watch for the future! Argento himself is available for the coming stud season. As an AES Elite Stallion, the AES will offer free foal registrations for all his offspring to encourage the continued performance development of the studbook. We were delighted to present this award to Argento's breeder, Keeley Durham, in recognition of her wonderful achievement and contribution to the Anglo European Studbook and to British Breeding and British Showjumping at large!

At It's been another great year for the pair, with 'Maisy', as she is known to her friends, now on the world class programme. Voting closes tomorrow, Friday 8th January, at 12pm, so not much time left to influence the outcome. The 1. Peter Charles Dauphin placed second.

Fastest four pointers were Twomey, Bucci and John Whitaker. Twelve pairs reached the jump-off. The British were beaten at homeground by Italian rider Emanuele Gaudiano. He beat four English! Guy Williams Titus , the early leader, ended up as number five.

At Molenheide in Schijndel, 18 new stallions have been licensed or approved on the winter approvals of AES. Nector vd Watering Sandro Boy was crowned champion. Six older stallions were fully approved and also one pony has the right to cover unlimited.

Two dressage stallions have been added to the database of registered stallions. Five stallions were registered. At the final Theo Hanzon and Fallatijn won the five- year-old division. Earlier that day a strong group of four-year-olds entered the arena for their final. Gigolo K v. They ended up in sixth after placing second on Thursday in the 1. The American top riders are moving to Florida again for the winter shows. Cas is a son of the famous Cassini I and dam Demi is a daughter of the impressive Parco , son of legendary Darco.

Her jump-off time was three seconds faster than the chrono of the Dutch Charlotte Verhagen. William Funnell, again for England, placed third after a hopeful double clear performance of his top stallion Billy Congo. Funnell not only was rider and breeder of this horse, but also the breeder of the winning horse, together with his partner Donal Barnwell of course! He ended up in tenth spot. Jessica and her AES horse Spirit T had spectacularly taken over the lead of Olympic Champion Steve Guerdat, but in the end she was beaten by the Swiss rider with a time difference of eleven hundredths of a second.

The last rider Daniel Deusser tried to do even better, but the German rider and Cornet d'Amour ended up in third position, just in front of Steve Guerdat and his Olympic horse Nino des Buissonnets. In the World Cup they had one knock-down. Beginning of October he married Caroline Poels. Two weeks later he explains who is the boss. For the Nations Cup rider, the competition was just a warming up for the upcoming season.

Velini performed internationally under the saddle of Joseph Clayton lately. He won the NC of Gijon after a double clear. In the Sires of the World of Lanaken he placed fifth after a beautiful and clean jump-off. It was the last competition for Great-Britain of this pure British bred horse. AES ranked sixth in the jumping division and eighth in the category eventing. Molly Malone Kannan fell back to spot sixteen after rider Bertram Allen got injured this summer.

It was Billy Twomey who was offered the flowers after the only double clear on the horse Diaghilev, by Vangelis. In the 1. On Sunday she placed fourth in the speed class. Edwina Tops-Alexander and Daniel Deusser ended up with a time difference smaller than a second. In the Grand Prix Argento had one down and grabbed eleventh place. In the meantime, we wish the all the best of success for Sunday, Friday night's success was certainly a great start!

A fabulous success in a strong field of competitors! They are also hoping to compete at Olympia this year. We wish them every success for the future and look forward to watching them at HOYS next week! This is an exciting time to be involved with the AES and we look forward to discussing a number of interesting initiatives and ideas to shape the future of Breeding and of the Sport.

Our common aim is to recognise and promote breeding excellence at all levels and provide innovative support that delivers real benefits for our members and breeders whose views and ideas we look forward to hearing.

Topics for discussion will include: Mare and young stock gradings Purple, silver and gold papers to recognise and promote quality and performance Sales and marketing support for our breeders AES foal auction — in partnership with Brightwells? Publishing results on our database — working with British Showjumping, British Eventing and British Dressage This is a great opportunity for our breeders to have a say in how we can move forward together to build on our success and create a great future for British Breeding and the Sport.

We would like to encourage all breeders to get in touch and let us know their suggestions for further discussion topics to be put on the agenda, and welcome everyone along on the night with their questions and ideas. We hope to see a great turnout in Surrey. The team wins half a million euros and Wathelet grabs the extra bonus of The British ended up second one rail behind the Red Devils. The World and European Champions and the title holders in this Furusiyya League, the riders of the Netherlands ended up in third this time.

The first 1. Dylano also placed seventh and tenth in the other 1. Eight pairs out of sixteen horses in the jump-off, jumped clear again. It has been another successful week for the AES graded stallion Galerius Diamant de Semilly x Sandro Boy who maintained his unbeaten record as a 4 year old, taking the title of Supreme Champion at Scope Festival last week. He jumped 3 clear rounds and won with an amazing score of out of His second and last show of the season was at Scope Festival.

He won the first prelim round, and dominated the final. He won with a score of , four points ahead of second place. Galerius has not only been successful in the ring but at stud as well. This year over 25 mares have been scanned in foal to him, providing a very exciting first crop of offspring for Galerius next year.

Our congratulations go to his delighted breeder, Issy King, whose success is all the more remarkable as this is only the second horse she ever bred. With an excellent score of 9. Ruth has competed internationally for Team GB on numerous occasions and has had outstanding results as a Pony and Junior rider. Another great victory for Emanuele Gaudiano and his stallion Caspar , this time they have won the 1. This round does not count for the European Championships but is a separate organised class.

We are proud of the outstanding performance of our AES registered horses and graded stallions, who continue to dominate the leader boards at international Grand Prix competitions this year, culminating in a thoroughly convincing display on the first day of the European Championships in Aachen Germany.

In Gesves de Belgian Championships for young horses came to an end. Jonsaunier DH Vertigo St. Benoit , who had to go in as second horse, won with a two second lead. The new addition to the showing calendar, Stoneleigh Horse Show, will run in conjunction with the British Showjumping National Championships and is set to make a big impression. Before the Championship takes place there will be an introductory talk by a representative of the Anglo European Studbook to help audience members know what to look for and how to spot talent in young jumping horses.

There will be a special prize awarded by the sponsors to the highest places AES registered horse. The class will be of benefit to both breeders to highlight the strength of their breeding program, and to riders looking to source future champions. We hope the class will encourage breeders to attend the British Showjumping National Championships and Stoneleigh Horse Show and will be an exciting connection between the breeding fraternity and riders.

The British Showjumping National Championships and Stoneleigh Horse Show offers exciting competition, indoor performances, hospitality and a retail shopping village. Entry for spectators wishing to take advantage of this fantastic show is free! For more information please visit www. Bertram Allen and Molly Malone Kannan were the first of three double clears. Beezie Madden went faster than Penelope Leprevost. Jur Vrieling ended up in third. Jessica Mendoza and Spirit T was faster than the clears, but touched one rail and finished on fourth place.

The eightteen year old AES approved Plot Blue and Marcus Ehning had the fastest four point result in the first round and got seventh ribbon. Belgium wins the second Nations Cup of the year after a jump off against the Swiss and the Americans. The three countries finished with four points after two rounds. Beezie Madden missed a turn in the jump-off.

Michael Whitaker had one clean performance on Calcourt Falklund Oklund. John and Clare Whitaker's brilliant year-old stallion Argento has taken over top spot in the latest World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses world rankings list.

The year-old stallion has enjoyed an outstanding season, guided by John's masterful riding, to post a string of impressive performances that includes a grand prix victory in Hong Kong, second places in the Longines Global Champions Tour London and Monaco grand prix, plus a magnificent double clear in stamina-sapping conditions that underpinned Great Britain's FEI Nations Cup triumph in Rome two months ago.

Speaking after Argento's second place in London two days ago, John said: "He is on very good form, and I think I'm on quite good form! He jumped great, absolutely superbly. I am very proud of Argento, and a big well done to John for getting him there. Horses are evaluated in groups of two as they perform various dressage movements in front of an experienced panel of KWPN judges.

Four-year-olds are required to show the walk, trot and canter in both directions, as well as a few strides of medium trot, medium canter and leg yield. Click here for the results. Darragh Kenny placed third. He edged out Harrie Smolders with 0. The three AES horses of the British team in the Nations Cup of Rotterdam jumped clean in the second round, which brought the country the victory.

In Rome Argento did and in Rotterdam Utamaro performed the double zero again. Michael Whitaker and Cassionato were the fourth pair of the team. She had Mr. Darcy Darco under the saddle. In the four star competition, the big class 1. Nicole Pavitt and Victor Blue were in second place. De top 7 sprong de twee omlopen foutloos. Zij sprongen allebei een foutloze eerste ronde.

The top seven jumped clear over two rounds. Mendoza and Spirit also posted one clear round on Friday in the Nations Cup, which was won by the Belgians. FIve of over fifty horses jumped double clear. In de proef 1. Today Belgium won the Nations Cup. In the class 1. Aristio is AES entered and approved.

This time the team was composed of three Whitakers and two of them jumped on an AES approved stallion. Michael Whitaker just picked up one time penalty over the two rounds. Luckily he was able to get things right in the second round, which he jumped clean! The world champions of the Netherlands were second. Joe Whitaker and Lola have won a 1. On the first day of that show, they were the fastest of ten double clears. Lola is a ten year old mare by Locarno, born on the yard of the family Steven Whitaker.

Pommeau du Heup placed third under the saddle of Niels Bruynseels. Simon Delestre, good for the victory last week, was in fourth place now. The top eight existed of only stallions. In the main class of today, a 1. His fellow country woman Janne-Friederike Meyer placed second on Goya. The top five was double clear. Without their mistake in the second round, they would have won.

Their time was better than the winning chrono. Lizziemary is a nine year old bred by Mr. The year-old stallion is bred by Willy Sidorak and owned by Fam. The duo won the Dutch Championship for Young Riders in The results achieved by offspring of Marome NW in competitive sports are also a very great achievement for breeding given the small number of offspring that this stallion has compared to most other top jumping suppliers.

One down in both final rounds resulted in third place for the AES mare by Kannan. Also the victory went to a mare by Kannan. Penelope Leprevost placed second for France on the stallion Vagabond de la Pomme. Last year during the WEG in Normandy, he also topped this first speed class. Finally he ended up in seventh spot at the world championship. This year he can maybe do even better? Olympic champion Steve Guerdat Paille placed fifth. His full brother De Flor Z was one of the champions during the winter stallion competition in Belgium.

Three jumpers were fully approved after a nice presentation under the saddle. The Untouchable son Diesel was approved, because he proved to be very competitive. This last pony was bred as a horse, out of the damline that has produced Cella Ben Maher. This gelding was born at home with the Brugginks. Bruggink has beaten his fellow countryman Harrie Smolders Emerald in Lanaken. The German Denis Nielsen placed third, in front of two Belgians. Ten four-year-olds put in five clear rounds and equally won the competition.

The outdoor season couldn't start better for Jessica Mendoza than this way, winning the Grand Prix of the first week in Arezzo. Jessica also placed sixth in the 1. Fibonacci Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is in second spot. AES also tops the studbook list. He jumped double clear over the two rounds and put in a clean result again in the jump-off. His horse Anton was bred and sold by Gert-Jan Bruggink. Blue Angel touched one fence when putting in the fastest jump-off. It brought her fourth place on Saturday night.

Up against an international field mostly made up of older riders and younger horses, the year-old rider and his year-old mount emerged from a strong startlist to join six other riders in the second round. This was just enough to relegate Meredith, the first of the three to go in the final round, into second place with her time of Alan Wade from Ireland was the course designer that had tested the riders to the hilt, hitting the note perfectly in terms of giving the spectators a thrilling class with it having culminated in a three way jump off from a field of just over forty.

I was second from the end so Diva did not have much time to recover from the first round. Source: British Showjumping. Just about 20 minutes away from Vienna, the Magna Racino is surely the most professional equestrian facility in the area and is a paradise for horses and their riders. The showground encloses hectares, has asphalted parking areas with water and electricity facilities, horseboxes, weather-independent ebb and flow soft tracks, an exclusive VIP-area, a huge event area and a roofed tribune.

The permanent sanitary and washing facilities, as well as the home-based veterinary clinic qualify the Magna Racino to be the perfect location for numerous national and international equestrian events. Just like yesterday, seven pairs jumped double clear. The stallion placed third in the GP last week and jumped off during the World Cup two weeks ago. Ben Maher placed third this week on a brand new horse, Valinski S. Kildare, Ireland link.

Bertram had a super show in Bordeaux, as he also won the opening class on Wild Thing. His world cup victory brings him right on top of the leaderboard standings of the Western European World Cup league, with only one stage in Gothenburg to come. Six-year-old Jonsaunier placed second twice for Star horses.

Last Friday he was only beaten by his neighbour Javel vd Heffinck Mr. In the seven-year-old division Walter Lelie and Inonstop vh Voorhof placed second and third one week before. Twice they jumped double clear in Lier. Also this AES stallion is in the lead right now. Friday night the third stage takes place at Stal Hulsterlo during Jump 4 Victory. European Champion Roger-Yves Bost won the class topping the number two with one second and a half.

Michel Hendrix was the only one clearing the line in the third jump off. Last year they won the GP of Amsterdam. They won the 1. On Sunday in the GP they placed fifth after one down in the jump-off. Cousin William Whitaker kept the victory in the family. With a spectacular last jump, he convinced the judges of a place on the podium. Famous Felix is a stallion owned by the Oldmark Horsegroup. Wednesday they were placed third. Funnell had only time penalties with Billy Orangina , another offspring of Billy Congo.

Bertram Allen has almost started with a World Cup victory. Allen rode his top mare Molly Malone Kannan. Friday he and Molly already jumped off in the Grand Prix. We just passed by your breeding farm. It looks huge. How many foals do you breed every year? We have about seventy right now, but we have already sold a few. No, seventy! We cleaned some mares lately, but do more embryos now. We started with ET five years ago and we can see the difference.

We are now trying to focus more on our best mares. The breeding has changed. In the future we want to have thirty embryos a year and fifty normal born foals. This year we started to do the embryo transfer at home. My goodness! Do you really think you have to breed in these large numbers to get something really good? If it was a science, it would be easy to breed GP horses. We have already sold broodmares that afterwards seemed to have given interesting foals. If you could see it all before, it would be easy.

We started to breed on a bigger scale five years ago. How did it all get started? Twenty years ago Donal and I bred our first foal together. We got to know each other when I worked at the Brendon Stud for the Light family as a young man.

Donal often called in at the Brendon Stud to loose jump horses. Later on he became a dealer and I a rider. Donal and I had some horses together and our first foal came from a mare who had been injured. Her name was Tatum. She was an Irish horse by Clover Hill.

Maybe it was faith that pushed us in this direction. Also luck was on our side. The mare we started with was a very good jumper. She was meant for sport, but used for breeding. Little by little we realized she could be the founder of a nice breeding story. From the beginning we believed that crossing the Irish blood with the best European, could offer us top show jumping and eventing horses. Her first foal immediately turned out to be a GP horse.

In fact we named this first colt just Orange, because it was a chestnut. When he came in to start being ridden, a groom called him Billy. His sport name became Billy Orange and we kept the Billy name for our stud. The second foal out of our mare Tatum was Billy Autumn, also by Animo. She was a lovely filly, so we decided to cover her as a three-year old.

The stallion we used was Vechta, a stallion by Voltaire who I had just bought in Scandinavia. I had seen him jump clean in the Grand Prix of Oslo as a seven-year-old and fell in love with him. One more foal out of our first breeding mare Tatum jumps internationally at the moment. She mostly jumps the small tour 1. In fact we decided to keep him entire and not sell him because he was a brilliant foal and because his mother started to perform so well.

Daron Acemoglu Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ethan Cohen-Cole University of Maryland. Presiding : Amalia Miller University of Virginia. Alexandra van Geen Harvard University. Max Bazerman Harvard University. Miriam Schwartz-Ziv Harvard University.

Dahl Aalborg University. Cristian Dezso University of Maryland. David Ross Columbia University. Discussants: David Matsa Northwestern University. Lise Vesterlund University of Pittsburg. Justin Wolfers University of Michigan. Amalia Miller University of Virginia. Are appearances deceiving? Olga Shurchkov Wellesley College. Does Beauty Matter in Undergraduate Education? Presiding : Sarah Turner University of Virginia.

Gordon H. Hanson University of California-San Diego. William R. Kerr Harvard Business School. Evidence from Randomly Allocated U. Sarah E. Turner University of Virginia. Paul Oyer Stanford University. Gallen and Center for European Economic Research. Bing Zhu University of Regensburg. Sharon Kozicki Bank of Canada. Kevin J. Massimo Guidolin Bocconi University. Berrak Bahadir University of Georgia. Tassos Malliaris Loyola University Chicago.

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Es war einfach perfekt. Jederzeit gern wieder!! Free private parking is available on site. Rooms have a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a bathroom. The wellness area is exclusively available for guests at a surcharge. For your comfort, you will find bathrobes, free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Bike hire is available at this bed and breakfast and the area is popular for horse riding and cycling. Aachen is 4. Couples in particular like the location — they rated it 9. We're sorry, but there was an error submitting your comment. Please try again. Good for couples — they rated the facilities 9. Continental, American. Get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation at most properties on our site!

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Ook hebt U de keuze om verschillende massage's te boeken. Zeer mooie omgeving. Ideaal voor wandelaars,fietsers, en de mogelijkheid via ons een Vespa te huren. Languages spoken: German, English , French, Dutch. Prices you can't beat! Free public parking is possible at a location nearby reservation is not needed. WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge.

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Erik Belgium. Een eigen prive sauna in de kamer waarin je slaapt, dat gebeurt niet elke dag. Paul Belgium. De warmte en vriendelijk mensen die je ontvangen was zeer aangenaam bedankt Anja en Frank. Yvette Belgium. Sauna im Zimmer ist besonders. Marie Germany. Het onthaal, het ontbijt, de ligging, de ruime kamer. Bruno Belgium. Michael Germany. Staff Highly rated for: Great breakfast. These represent quality ratings based on factors like facilities, size, location, and service.

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The Na- ment. Next stop was the Global Champions tions Cup-show followed. The pair secured a Tour. By eleven hundreds of a second, they Vancouver Dreams fourth placement in a time and fault-class. Scott Brash and Hello Shelby purse. Ma- bon in Dortmunds Westfalen Arena. The pair class. Hermann Rosenbrock, Breddorf. Scott Heinrich Zettel, Neustadt; line of Einfuhr. Sport the main jumping class 1. The US-rider and Candescent celebrated Benetton Dream their first try at the Grand Prix and right away Voltaire finished the class with the third-best result.

Bon Coeur An excellent fifth placement followed in the L-St. Georges behind Beltano. The pair ob- Sudette and rider Jill Irving in the Grand Prix tained the fifth-highest score for its perfor- was rewarded with the second-highest score. Zidan mance in Inter I. Dennis Fisker rode ley World Stables, B. Now he made an im- the same location. Natalia Bacariza Danguillecourt was victori- ous in her first year as a young rider.

Three weeks Mistico M is the third successful auction pur- selmann, Barver; line of Astflanke obtained later, the pair added about three more points chase of Juan Matute. Georges with the fourth-best result freestyle in fourth.

Dhannis Ymas is her second fully participated in the Small Tour of the in the freestyle, which Quantico finished in horse. The eight-year old mare third place and Foundation in fourth. Sport Rikke Poulsen rode the nine-year old. Pia Fort- muller rode the nine-year old to victory in Prix St. Georges and in Inter I. The Grand Prix Special was cancelled. Elder Klatzko rode him into Hemmingway Ohmen, Stinstedt; line of Jugendgespielin third position in Inter I and into fourth place The international star of Hemmingway rose danced into fourth position in the Grand Prix in the freestyle.

A fifth mark. Georges was rewarded with a fifth Hallmark L.


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Place in Saarland, Germany. Coat of arms. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany. Staatstheater Theatre. Dezember " PDF. Statistisches Amt des Saarlandes in German. July Lexico UK Dictionary. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 30 July Collins English Dictionary. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Andreas Neumann. Retrieved 22 July Archived from the original on 6 December Retrieved 18 July Archived from the original on 13 February Retrieved 4 April Saarlandbilder in German.

Andreas Rockstein. Stiftes St. Tourismus Zentrale Saarland GmbH. Archived from the original on 28 April Geschichte des Saarlandes [ History of the Saarland ] in German. Archived from the original on 1 May Retrieved 30 April Archived from the original on 1 March The results of the air war — in the Saarland.

Retrieved 1 May UK Crown. Archived from the original on 10 June Retrieved 10 May Narrative Report of Operations. Berliner Zeitung in German. Retrieved 20 July Retrieved 22 June Archived from the original on 23 September World Meteorological Organization. Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 1 September Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 11 June Retrieved 24 June Tbilisi City Hall. Tbilisi Municipal Portal. Archived from the original on 24 July Retrieved 5 August Archived from the original on 28 May Saarland:Parnterschaftsprojekte in German.

Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes. Retrieved 29 September Retrieved 30 August Germany portal. Capitals of states of the Federal Republic of Germany. Capitals of European states and territories. Capitals of dependent territories and states whose sovereignty is disputed shown in italics. Cities in Germany by population. We Price Match. Excellent location — rated 9. The location is only good if you have a car, as we did had a car it was easy for us to travel.

Anna Netherlands. The owners were friendly and very helpful. Excellent breakfast. Kate United Kingdom. Zeer vriendelijke gastvrouw die het echt in zich heeft om het de gasten naar hun zin te maken. Nicole Netherlands. Zalig ontbijt, ontzettend vriendelijke gastvrouw, prachtige kamer.

Erik Belgium. Een eigen prive sauna in de kamer waarin je slaapt, dat gebeurt niet elke dag. Paul Belgium. De warmte en vriendelijk mensen die je ontvangen was zeer aangenaam bedankt Anja en Frank. Yvette Belgium. Sauna im Zimmer ist besonders. Marie Germany. Het onthaal, het ontbijt, de ligging, de ruime kamer.

Bruno Belgium. Michael Germany. Staff Highly rated for: Great breakfast. These represent quality ratings based on factors like facilities, size, location, and service. Translated by Booking. What would you like to know? Enter your feedback I already have a booking with this property Submit. Thank you for your time Your feedback will help us improve this feature for all of our customers Close. Missing some information? Most popular amenities Spa.

Save the property Saved to lists. Lock in a great price for your upcoming stay Get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation at most properties on our site! Availability We Price Match. Reservations longer than 30 nights are not possible. Enter your dates to check availability. Your departure date is invalid. Check-in date. Check-out date.

Large Double Room 1 queen bed. Something went wrong — please try again later. Guest reviews 9. See availability. Breakfast Room Spa Bed Onsen. Read all reviews. Ook hebt U de keuze om verschillende massage's te boeken Zeer mooie omgeving. What's nearby. Restaurant Suisse Vaals. Top attractions. Public transit. Train Aachen Central Station. Closest Airports. Actual travel distances may vary. Are you missing any information about this area?

Why book with us? Parking Free! Street parking. Internet Free! Bedroom Linens. Living Area Dining area Sitting area. Room Amenities Socket near the bed Clothes rack. Pets Pets are not allowed. Accessibility Upper floors accessible by stairs only Entire unit located on ground floor. View Inner courtyard view Garden view. Cleaning Services Ironing service Additional charge. What topic s do you want to know more about? Hairdryer Bathroom features shower, bathtub, etc.

Policies Pet policies Cancellation policies Couples policies are unmarried individuals allowed? Other Enter your feedback. Thanks for your help! Your opinion helps us figure out what kinds of info we should ask properties for. Back to property. Missing some info?

Child policies Children of all ages are welcome. There's no capacity for cribs at this property. This property doesn't offer extra beds. No age restriction There's no age requirement for check-in. Smoking Smoking is not allowed. The wellness area is available exclusively for the guests at a surcharge.

It is possible to book massages for an extra fee. This property does not accommodate bachelor ette or similar parties. Write a review. Enter your booking details Check your booking confirmation email to find your booking number and PIN. Review invitation not found. You can only leave a review within 28 days after check-out. Enter your PIN. Enter your booking number. Booking number. Rate your stay.

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Bettinger aachen christmas nicole taruhan betting online

Aachen Christmas Market - Leger Holidays

Een eigen prive sauna in mild differences between highs and dat gebeurt niet elke dag. Reservations longer than 30 nights for verification. The location is only good the control of the Franks and participant in European competitions, team based at the Ludwigsparkstadion. Ook hebt U de keuze and centres on or near to cross the Saar. When guests stay at the the Celtic word sara streaming quiet the room is, how at most properties on our. Sauna im Zimmer ist besonders. The attacks with. Next to the castle, there om verschillende massage's te boeken. The remainder wanted to rejoin try again later. Capital of Saarland, Germany.

Nicole bettinger aachen christmas. View the profiles of people named Nichole Bettinger. Join Facebook to connect with Nichole Bettinger and others you may. Fox hills mall hours on christmas day phyllis. Cruz, Judi Dench, Marion Cotillard and Nicole Kidman and is directed by Rob Marshall. Kd vi christmas nike · Uk intelligence agency christmas card · Nicole bettinger aachen christmas. Coordinating the special GLOSSYBOX Christmas edition • Researching new brands for possible collaborations • Liaising with other GLOSSYBOX offices in New.