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Cawley Seller: David B. Rachael Ter. Seller: Gerald L. Cruse Seller: Kenneth P. Candiano Seller: Bryon A. Thompson Seller: Lingaitis, Dolores M. Sad news today that Tim Heinrich has passed away. We will miss Tim's stories of his time at the stable. So grateful that he found us online and was able to share so many memories of the stable and the many horses and people he knew over the years. Anyone who spent anytime time with LT after Tim was there heard about Tim and his accomplishments as a pentathalete and professor.

Harris was proud of Tim and shared many fond memories, just as Tim shared with us his memories in this group. Thank you Tim for your stories and your friendship. May you rest in peace, God-speed. David Tromp sent this pic over. What a great shot. I'm sure that this place brought back many great memories for Mr. Harris as it's pretty much right near where his stable was before he moved to the one in Fountain Valley.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Lionel T. Harris on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Ronald K Smith. Standing in our barn aisle I am missing Excelsior Barn today. Thankfully the smoke from the Red Bluff fires are blowing away from us at present. I was standing in our barn and remembering how dark and cool Excelsior was even on the hottest summer days Charmingly dilapidated it may have been, however a wonderful old barn all the same.

How I would love to re-create that old fire-trap. See more. In , I located the Harris ranch in Fountain Valley. I had decide So I went over to his stable and talked to him and told him that I thought a lease would probably help me figure this out. He figured out a horse for me to lease for a month which I did. Have no recall today which horse it was. A chestnut, I believe. All the passion and desire to have a horse throughout my life had come back. I was 30 at that time and was married and had a couple of small children so there was an issue with time.

That lease led me to try to find my first horse to buy, which I boarded closer to my house in Huntington Beach.

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